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Castaway Island was one of the first actual videos that Meaty and GUNNS played that wasn't on a server. YouAlwayswin has been playing Divine RPG since July 22, 2013, and finished on August 25, 2013.
Attack of the B Team was a long running series on which they did about the official mod pack. Minecraft Super Hardcore was a series on YouAlwaysWin that debuted July 31, 2013 and ended on August 6, 2013. On April 10, 2013, Episode 5 of the series called Rugged Horizons, A phrase came because of Gunns Ironic death. A finished series because they did defeat the "King" but not the "Queen" because it was not released yet or because their mod pack was a little bit outdated. Both BrotherGUNNS and Meatwagon22 have Facebook and Twitter pages, where they update often on what videos they are doing or are going to do.
A must have for any true Marley fan, thanks to the Marley family opening up their private vaults, this amazing and historical never-before-seen live concert video from Boston’s Music Hall during the 1978 Kaya tour is available today worldwide! Click here to get to the official Bob Marley browser theme for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & I.E.!
Marley archivist and biographer Roger Steffens documented Marley’s 1979 tour through California in Bob Marley: Spirit Dancer, a book he co-authored with photographer Bruce Talamon. As Bob himself described in an interview with the LA punk zine Slash during his stint in California, his performance on stage during the Survival tour was more subdued than on previous tours. His shows at the San Diego Sports Arena, Santa Barbara County Bowl, Roxy Theatre, and Oakland Coliseum received great reviews. One thing that Bob really took note of on this tour through California was the number and location of liquor stores, many of which were located in low-income neighborhoods. The grinding tour took its toll on Marley and it really began to show during the California leg.
In an exclusive interview with Neville Garrick – Bob’s art director and former director of the Bob Marley Foundation in Jamaica – we hear his first-hand account of the California leg of the Survival tour! Their other group name is called Dumb and Dumber, even though they're actually able to figure out most puzzles and of course Meaty can make complicated machinery.

The objective of the game was to go into a new hub, where it would branch off into two different areas. On March 31, 2013, they began to play Dr.Evil's Lair, and they ended the series on April 24, 2013 with only 10 episodes. They started the ULTIMATE POWER series on April 26, 2013, and ended playing it on June 20, 2013 with a total of 24 episodes. SurvivorCraft is sponsored by ASUS North America, which makes it possible for them to sponsor the seasons and prizes.
However, they could not access the final dimension, Vethea, because for some reason a bug happened, forcing them to discontinue the series after, ironically, 22 episodes.
Meaty and Gunns started playing on a hardcore world, and had decently established themselves on an island with a farm, a nice house, and 6 diamonds. He was fixing a bridge in front of Meaty and said "I'm making this safe." and walked forward and fell out of the world because he missed one block. The show was held at Boston’s Music Hall during the 1978 Kaya Tour, and was filmed by a single cameraman whom Bob allowed to shoot from the front row. Walker was Bob’s publicist at Island Records at the time, and Bob had yet to see any of the footage.
They often do Minecraft videos, playing mostly Hexxit, Tekkit, Feed the Beast, Castaway Island, Attack of the B Team, and many other smaller series. You have to explore those new areas in order to find two enchanted diamond pickaxes which only has one use left on them. They started playing Feed the Beast on December 4, 2012, and went on to the March 28, 2013, ending suddenly on the 52nd video. Within Hexxit, there are about 60 mods mixed together, giving the ultimate fighting and playing experience to those who play it. They also experimented with the Fossil Archaeology Revived mod, and had fun with the Flan's Mod guns by shooting each other a good deal.
Food, wood, and animals are scarce and to add to the difficulty, they set the gamemode to Hard.
Then in episode 4, while Meaty and Gunns were on a mining trip in the Extreme Hills Biome, Gunns was blown up by a creeper from behind, thus ending the series.

With the pickaxes, you are supposed to break two obsidian blocks that block you from going to the next hub. You are stranded alone (unless you play with a friend) on an island, having to complete many objectives and to just have fun. Later, they do say that they stopped Feed the Beast because of complications with crafting things and different recipes, and because of GUNNS who was not experienced enough to help Meaty craft items. It mainly has better dungeons, more and better weapons, and the whole point of Hexxit is to battle against all of the bosses in the dungeons. Gunns is banned from the server, and Meaty finishes the episode next to his beautiful house with a diamond chestplate in his hand. Like there is something like a problem, and you can’t get the thing straight, well you take a drug and you go right into meditation.
Both of them often tend to mess around in their videos, singing, randomly punching each other in the face when they get bored, or just having fun.
There was a island area, a lava area, a hub in the Nether, and other sorts of areas in which you needed to gather supplies and find the diamond pickaxes. Eventually, YouAlwaysWin did do a revisit of Castaway Island, starting the revisit on December 22, 2012, and ending on January 7, 2013, having a total of 17 videos for the revisit. The ending was funny, as they has an epic gun battle and had fun with Flan's mod titans while exploding their house. So, I find no use for alcohol, because like man get, smoke shit, and can get good vibration, good meditation so (waving his spliff) them ban this.
YouAlwaysWin started playing Quest for Glory on October 26, 2012, and finished it on December 2, 2012, playing a total of 36 episodes. Which, the real thing, when come, earthquake, lightning and thunder mixed with it, ya know. They do plan on making another season, although what it is going to be called and when it is starting is classified for the time being.

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