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In a recent post on Xbox Wire, Studio Wildcard co-founder  and co-creative director of  the game Jesse Rapczak gave a few details and stats about the Xbox One version of ARK.
Keep in mind that some people might be thrust into a survival scenario if they are unfortunate enough to be stranded in a plane crash or a shipwreck.
As a rule of thumb a larger sized knife will always be a more practical tool that a smaller sized knife when it comes to survival. The handle of a survival knife should be made out of a durable rubber or leather covered wood.
Most people might not have to use a survival knife for the purpose of surviving in an emergency situation or for venturing off into an unknown environment. The caveman of old lived in fear mode the predominate factor in the duality of our reality love being its polar opposite. There is a scenario in the grids about aliens coming here in the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, which is a dried up river bed today.
Humans came out of the caves millions of years ago and slowly started their way back to en(light)enment.
No matter what we think about our government and its leaders, the average person used to feel it would always be there to protect us - the patriarchy - father figure - leader - who protects. In the so-called matriarchal years, now in play, we move toward balance and self empowerment. For starters, within the first week of it being released on the Xbox One Preview Program, the game has been downloaded over 1 million times, with Xbox One players spending more than 200,000 real life days fighting dinosaurs and surviving the wilderness.
The best way to answer this question is by explaining why a person would need a survival knife in the first place.

This type of circumstance could also happen to people when their vehicle breaks down while traveling through a remote area.
The primary function that this type of knife would serve is to provide heat, shelter and food to a stranded individual.
A survival knife will also help a person to create shelter from the available resources within an environment.
Steel blades are harder than carbon steel, have a greater resistance to rust and can be used more effectively in saltwater environments. Individuals who have to experience these types of situations will be better prepared to manage their time out in unfamiliar territory when they have the right type of ultimate survival knife at their side.
If you are paranoid, fear will take over, and you will be reconciled into consciousness source.
Gradually we left behind the caveman mentality, survival, fear base emotions yet are programmed as survival instincts should we need them. Most of souls were in a state of 'suspended animation' especially those who were there, for weeks after the event as our frequencies adjusted to this program insert. For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! A survival knife should be strong enough to cut small or medium sized branches for firewood. Carbon steel blades are sharper, stay sharp for a long period of time and could be used to start a fire in a relatively short amount of time.
In addition, with plans to release the game on even more major platforms, Rapczak hints at some future updates that Xbox One fans can look forward to, including an update to the UI, split screen multiplayer, controller customization, and more.

Many people who engage in these activities do them in the wild where emergency assistance and local rangers might not be readily available.
A knife that is at least 8 to 11 inches long are the perfect sizes for eliminating brush, cutting twigs and removing small sized trees. Also, a person can become lost or injured while they are out in the woods or some other type of harsh environment. A survival knife could also protect people from wild predators if they happen to encounter them during their time out in nature. They will need a survival knife in order to increase their chances of survival until help arrives.
A good survival knife will have a full tang which allows it stand up under heavy use and wear. This fear has created a strong pulse of paranoia unlike anything I have seen in the US for years. The blade of this rapier is forged with stainless steel and it has some medieval German writing.

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