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Our team makes sure that you have the best experience and you get the highest quality of service in the least amount of time possible. I purchased the guild charter and luckily got 4 guildless souls to sign my charter, one was Liddy. She will cook for you, fish for you, store your goods, organize your bank for you, run to the store for you, etc. You can still put Enchanting and Engineering on her.  She will have access to higher profession levels which is especially useful for disenchanting low level mats.

If you level the bank alt higher you will get access to unique but useful traveling abilities. Path of Frost – An ability which will allow you and your raid members to walk on water. Please learn and treat our female gamers as you would treat your bros with respect and love! If you have any doubts please don't hesitate on contacting us as we will answer any question you might have regarding our services..

If you subscribe you get the added benefit that provides the Anime episode the day of or the day after it is released in Japan.
She already comes equipped ready to bandage you with First Aid at level 270 and unlocked recipes.

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The survivors club book


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