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A member of the weasel family, the sea otter is the smallest marine mammal in North America. Sea otters play an essential role in the health of Monterey Bay's kelp forest and estuary ecosystems.
Sea otters once thrived from Baja California and around the Pacific Rim to Russia and Japan before fur hunters nearly exterminated them in the 1700s and 1800s. The Aquarium partners with state, federal and academic researchers to study otters in the wild. Unlike the sea otters found in Alaska, sea otters on California's central coast don't eat fish. The mission of the nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the ocean. Read on to learn how that works, along with some basic survival tips and others bits of knowhow that should help you stay alive just a little bit longer. Wall weapons and doors can be accessed at any time, provided you have the points, but the 3D Printer and a handful of other elements in Outbreak require power.
One new feature of Outbreak: All throughout the map are little control boxes on the walls that can be interacted with. Weapons work much the same as they always have, with a limited assortment of firearms available for purchase from wall slots and a larger selection of random drops from the 3D Printer, which is the new Mystery Box.
Finally, grenades get a new life in Outbreak thanks to some under-the-hood changes to the way they work.
Hyper Damage is the same as Insta-Kill from past games, giving all players one-shot kills on zombies for a limited time.
Hellhounds return from previous games, appearing in rounds of their own just like the infected zombies.
The second easter egg is much more elaborate, and it’s in the same vein as the multi-part, story-driven easter eggs that rules past zombies maps.
You will enjoy spending days working and socialising in your woodland, but if you go frequently, you will soon find that there are some basic tools and bits of equipment that you would prefer to leave there. In our recent survey of about 150 owners of small woodlands, we found that about half had installed some shelter or storage in their woodland. It is also possible to bring a mobile caravan into your woodland and use it for storage, and if you like for overnight stays.
The southern, or California, sea otter ranges along the coast from San Mateo County southward through Monterey County and down to Santa Barbara County.
To stay warm in chilly ocean waters, they wear the world's densest fur—at its thickest, this two-layer fur is made up of more than a million hairs per square inch.

They're often spotted floating and foraging among kelp forests along the outer coves and bays but can sometimes be seen off sandy beaches—and even local harbors. They eat sea urchins and other animals that graze on giant kelp, keeping them in check so the kelp forests can thrive and support a rich community of plants and animals. The California population has grown from a group of about 50 survivors off Big Sur in 1938 to nearly 3,000 animals today.
The more we learn about sea otter behavior, biology and health, the better we can protect these threatened animals. An otter uses them to stash prey during a dive, which leaves its paws free to hunt some more.
While many of the classic mode’s familiar elements get new names, basic strategies, design concepts, even easter eggs remain the same.
There’s a handful of power stations around the map that you need to interact with, and turning one on activates any powered machines in the vicinity.
You start with a weak-ass pistol and some grenades, you spend points to improve your situation, and leaving one zombie (or, better, a legless crawler) around at the end of a wave gives you the freedom to explore a bit.
There are four possible rewards from these: Sentry turret, aerial assault drone, camouflage (makes you temporarily invisible to the zombies), or credits. Much like the earlier boxes, the 3D Printer appears in several locations, but only one is active at a time. Thrown explosives now scale in damage as you get to later waves, so they’re always effective.
Zombies drop them occasionally (and Hellhound rounds always end with one appearing), and they can be collected for a variety of benefits. They give off a cloud of green gas and pass whatever funk they’re carrying onto any players they come into contact with. They’re fast-moving targets that run low to the ground, so they can be tricky to take out. In previous zombies maps, you could get a song to play over the game by interacting with an assortment of not-at-all-obvious locations. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. And with the British climate, there will inevitably be visits when you need to shelter from a rain storm, if only to eat your sandwiches.
The regulations allow the construction of buildings that are necessary for forestry purposes as “permitted development”.
There is no need to apply for permission beforehand, but you may not be allowed by the local authority to leave it there permanently, and there is a regulation that you are not allowed to sleep there more than 28 nights in the year.

Sea otters are a frequent sight off the Aquarium's ocean-view decks and occasionally even pay a visit to our Great Tide Pool. Although their numbers have increased, sea otters still face serious risks: oil from a single tanker spill near San Francisco or off the Central Coast would threaten the entire California sea otter population. Sometimes you face down special zombies, such as Hellhounds, EMP zombies (which temporarily short out your Exo suit), and gas-spewing infected that, if they get a good hit in, require a trip to the map’s lone decontamination shower.
Instead, each discrete location has a power station of its own, and turning it on gives you access to the goodies in that location.
Each one recharges after some amount of time, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the green panels. Instead of one, big change after you upgrade a gun, Outbreak upgrades span 20 levels, with more incremental improvements for each level. New contact grenades, one of Outbreak’s wall weapons, are very handy to have in later waves. They crackle with blue energy and have the ability to temporarily deactivate your Exo suit abilities if they score a hit on you. Note that we haven’t had the opportunity to tackle either of these personally just yet, so thanks to those credited below for doing the heavy lifting.
If you plan to do forestry work yourself in your woodland, you can reasonably claim to need some storage for equipment and shelter for yourself and those who are working with you. If you are doing a lot of work, and need to stay more than that, you can get permission to do so as a “seasonal worker”. Such good grooming coats their fur with natural oils from their skin and fluffs it with insulating air bubbles. This in turn allows sea slugs to thrive and eat algae that would otherwise coat and smother the eelgrass that fish need for food and shelter. You can build up a big group of zombies behind you and wipe a large chunk of them out with just one well-placed grenade toss. You will need to apply for this permitted development, which is not as large an issue as planning permission, nor as expensive. And Power Surge is Outbreak’s Fire Sale, which activates all 3D Printers temporarily, reducing their cost to just 10 points.

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