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This guide will help players to discover the locations of all 24 Survival Guide Pages, unlocking the Survivalist trophy, as well as the Meadow Jacket cosmetic item. Note: To use this guide effectively, know that images for each Survival Guide Page in The Division are posted above the description of where to find it. Most Survival Guide Pages are found in abandoned apartments, and there are often other bits of Intel in the area. If you aren’t seeing the Intel that you’re looking for on the map, try zooming in as far as you can and slowly going over each district. Survival Guide Page 08: Find this Survival Guide in Tenderloin, between West 29th Street, West 26th Street, 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Survival Guide Page 09: Found in the Garment District, between West 29th Street, West 31st Street, 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Survival Guide Page 10: You’ll find this page in Hudson Yards, near 10th Avenue, Dyer Avenue, West 36th Street and West 34th Street.
Survival Guide Page 11: This Survival Guide Page is in Hell’s Kitchen, between West 40th Street, West 41st Street, 10th Avenue and Dyer Avenue.
Survival Guide Page 12: Players can snag this Survival Guide Page west of 12th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.
Survival Guide Page 13: This Survival Guide Page is in Clinton, inside a Tools location near West 53rd Street, West 52nd Street and 9th Avenue. Survival Guide Page 18: Head to Gramercy and look between East 17th Street, East 20th Street, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Survival Guide Page 19: In Gramercy, this Survival Guide Page is found on the floor of an apartment. Survival Guide Page 46: In Stuyvesant, this Survival Guide Page is in a building west of FDR Drive.
Survival Guide Page 48: Located in Kips Bay, this Survival Guide Page is near East 33rd Street, East 34th Street and 1st Avenue. Survival Guide Page 50: Make your way to Turtle Bay, searching between East 46th Street, East 47th Street, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue.

Survival Guide Page 52: Still in Turtle Bay, search between East 45th Street, East 46th Street, 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue. Survival Guide Page 53: Your third page in Turtle Bay is found near East 43rd Street, East 45th Street, 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue.
Survival Guide Page 57: This Survival Guide Page is in Midtown East, near East 47th Street, East 49th Street, 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. Survival Guide Page 59: Your final Survival Guide Page is in Midtown East, near East 53rd Street, East 55th Street, Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. If you've followed along and gotten all 24 Survival Guide Pages, you'll now have the Meadow Jacket in your Inventory.
Kudos to the Chamber and the Small Business Advisory Council for the creation of the Road Construction Survival Guide.
My small business has a voice in local politics with the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, I have a voice here. The Chamber has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of the local business community, and to create and preserve the conditions that allow businesses to thrive, for the good of the entire community. The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce has been an excellent resource for my small business. There are in total 17 collectibles in Tenderloin in which includes Phone Recordings, Echos, Survival Guide and Incident Report. Actor Devon Werkheiser of 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide' speaks with the press at the TCA Tour Cable at the Century Plaza Hotel on July 23, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. Along with Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents and ECHOs, Survival Guide Pages make up the game’s Intel, of which there are 293 total pieces. If you’re still grinding to Level 30, make sure you are snagging every bit you come across.
Search southwest of the Post Office, in an apartment between West 31st Street, West 29th Street, 9th Avenue and 8th Avenue. Search in an empty apartment between East 31st Street, East 32nd Street, 3rd Avenue and Park Avenue.

Search in an Electronics store near East 34th Street, East 36th Street, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue.
There's a lot more to do, so to keep you busy, browse through The Division Walkthrough and Guide.
It connects the affected businesses with the city departments and the construction company in charge.
I can think of no organization that is better equipped to guide us through this time than the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, and we all owe it our full support, to our mutual benefit. The Chamber provides multiple channels for business awareness, networking opportunities and helpful educational programs.
There are total 293 items to be collected in the Division and they are Phone Recordings, Survival Guide, Echos, Missing Agents and Crashed Drones. An easy map with a difficulty level of 09 - 12 so make sure you are ready to take on the challenges. Use our in-game map images to pinpoint the location of each Survival Guide Page, setting yourself a waypoint to travel to. The regular meetings and contact with the correct people makes a huge difference in coping. The return on investment from my Chamber membership and the advocacy it provides is far above what I get from other organizations. Being a member of the Chamber has really made a difference in helping expand my business visibility, growth and development in Dane County.

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