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Coyotes & Wolves Discussion and images of the Eastern Coyotes, and how wolves fit into this region of the Catskill Mountains.
White Tailed Deer Discussion and images of the white tailed deer in the Catskill Mountains.
These circumstances may be a result of getting lost in the Rain Forest when opening trails or simply by entering the Rain Forest, since it is much easier to enter the Rain Forest than finding your way out of there. The physical properties of many substances change in low temperatures, and it is essential to prepare for these occurrences.
So it is important to know how to survive in this type of seemingly impenetrable, endless jungle if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself stranded there for an extended period of time.
Water Considerations While it is a rainforest, which by definition means it rains regularly, it is still rather difficult to obtain water which is not contaminated and is safe for you to drink. The monsoon trough, alternatively known as the intertropical convergence zone, plays a significant role in creating the climatic conditions necessary for the Earth's tropical rainforests. Deep in Brazil’s tropical rainforest, the most endangered tribe on earth survives in the mysterious depths of the Amazon, almost entirely isolated and unchanged by the modern world. But the invasion of illegal loggers is having a severe and rapidly growing impact on the rainforest and is becoming an increasing threat to the existence of the Awa community. In a symbolic act of defiance, an unlikely collaboration has been struck between the indigenous tribe and the army, military police and air-force of Brazil, with the support of campaigning group ‘Survival International’, who are all working to protect and maintain the Awa lifestyle and habitat.
At cazenove+loyd we endeavour to get under the skin of our destinations and to celebrate the beauty of the undiscovered. Of course the chances of actually coming face to face with one is very slim but if you do then it would be your worst nightmare come true. If you’re unfortunate enough to spot an anaconda in your space or, worse, see one coming towards you, the best thing to do is move away. If you’re awake when you spot an anaconda, chances are you’ll run away as fast as you can and any concern about being eaten will be obliterated. These snakes don’t have venomous teeth, but once they stretch their jaws around your head, your waking seconds are numbered. When Ira Rifkin traveled to the jungles of Ecuador years ago, he discovered that though he was far from home, he had come closer to experiencing an authentic human connection.
My destination became the Upper Amazon rainforest of eastern Ecuador, home of the Waodani people, a historically nomadic and violent tribe I first learned about in the pages of Life magazine as a boy in the nineteen fifties.
To get to Waodani territory I traveled as a journalist with the same organization to which the five murdered missionaries belonged, the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). SIL officials in Quito allowed me to hitch a ride on one of their rickety DC-3s to Limoncocha, their Ecuadorian jungle base camp. So it was one day that he and I entered a small clearing in which an extended family of a half-dozen or so men and their wives and children lived in a temporary thatched-roof communal structure.
One minute you could be getting up close and personal with some of the 4 million species of plants and animals that exist in the Amazon Rainforest and the next, sipping Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha, while enjoying its infamous night life. If you want to immerse your self in the multifaceted culture of this legendary South American country then start practicing your Samba and get on your way to Brrrrrrazil!
The Iguazu River is on the border of the Brazillian state of Parana and the Argentinian province of Misiones, and is home to the spectacular water falls known as the Iguassu Falls. It takes a couple of days to explore the different falls, so go with the intention of spending at least 48 hours in the area, or better yet, book a trip such as In Search of Iguassu and prepare to embark on the age old debate about side which is more beautiful! If you’re looking for a place to relax, catch a tan, enjoy the Brazilan sunset and the magic that Rio de Janeiro holds, then definitely check out trendsetting Ipanema beach.
Ipanema is a southern district of the city with breath taking views of the surrounding mountains and city, which quite spectacularly frame the ocean and golden beaches below. The Escadaria Selaron, also known as the world-famous stairs where Pharrell and Snoop Dog filmed the music video for their song Beautiful, was crated by Jorge Selaron who has since dedicated his life to updating his magnificant piece of art with new tiles.
You can climb the stairs for free, and if you are lucky enough, you might bump into Jorge Seraron himself and be able to get cheeky snap with him… definitely one for Facebook!
If it’s an adventure you’re craving, then a visit to the Amazon Rainforest is a must, and let’s be honest, what is a trip to Brazil without a trip to the largest and most famous eco-system in the world?! This magnificent rainforest covers 1.7 billion acres of over nine countries, and is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, as well as indigenous tribes. Take a canoe ride through the small, winding creeks, trek through the lush jungle, go finishing for piranha, sit in on a few medicinal plant lectures, take a survival course, or jump on a sunrise tour.
A tour of a favela will open your eyes to how the less fortunate live in Rio de Janiero, something which is important for understanding the ‘real’ Rio and the life many Brazillian’s actually lead. You will quickly find that, shockingly, most favelas are like a mini cities within Rio de Janiero. You will get the chance to see how ordinary people have come together and built there own city within a city, even ensuring electricity runs throughout the favela to the local businesses. Long discussion of the controversy with the NY State DEC and the public over the alleged existance of Cougars in the Catskill Mountains and New York State. Many believe that gray wolves still exist, and this article will discuss the particular circumstances of these beliefs.

The primary part of the article discusses the two poisonous snakes in the Catskill Mountains.
The first recommendation that should be given to any worker when starting to work in a Rain Forest area should be that he should not enter the Rain Forest without a real reason, because he is exposing himself to what is a difficult experience, even for locals from the area. Arctic Survival Survival in Arctic conditions requires specialized preparation Surviving in temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius depends on more than just staying warm.
Butane and propane, for example, cannot be used for cooking as they will remain in a liquid state. Living and traveling for extended periods in temperatures -40 degrees Celsius or colder is an experience far removed from the familiar. While access to food and water are the first concerns, keeping yourself safe from wild animals and knowing what not to consume is also important.
Drinking bad water can make you very sick and lead to parasites growing in your stomach which can sometimes kill you, among other unpleasant things. The Awa is a nomadic tribe, around 350 people strong and one of only a handful of hunter-gatherer tribes left in the Amazon basin.
They are now keeping vigilant watch for illegal loggers and enforcing the law to evict farmers who have moved in without permission. The Brazilian Amazon is one of our favourite regions for experiential travel and satisfying naturalistic intrigue. Well in case you are thinking of exploring the Amazon Rainforest doing your trip you should be aware that Brazil is home to the giant Anaconda snake. Now you can learn how to avoid, evade and fight the mighty anaconda off with our trusty anaconda attack survival guide. If you’re camping out, that means setting up your tent far away from the murky shores of river water – an anacondas’ natural habitat.
While merciless in their feeding routine, these predators are not known to be speedy slitherers – walking at a pace faster than a mile or two an hour is enough to evade capture. If you’re asleep, however, the plot thickens and so may the beastly reptile’s body if it exacts its grasp and begins to swallow you whole.
No predator wants to struggle for a meal, so make this snake work for it by battering it with any blunt objects you can find.
This will cause the snake to squeeze tighter, and the most common way these exotic beasts kill is by crushing their victims lungs or internal organs. I remembered being fascinated by the story of how the Waodani had killed five American Christian missionaries who had tried to lure them from the safety of their jungle cover with plastic buckets, machetes and the like. All outsiders were presumed to be a threat—as most were, in one way or another, including culture-altering missionaries. The group’s stated purpose was to translate the New Testament into every spoken language. From there I went by single-engine plane to Tiwaeno, a Waodani village and advance missionary outpost. The women and children scurried to the rear of the hut just in case as the men, wearing an odd assortment of old bathing suits or leaf-and-bark genital coverings, offered bowls of masato, a soup-like drink made from boiled and fermented manioc tubers flavored with palm fruit. I remember being transported into an altered state of consciousness, feeling less self-conscious, peaceful and in the moment than I ever had. I said I lived by myself beyond the mountains, leaving out all details about a son living with an ex-wife and a family as perplexed as Cawaenae was about what I was up to. The falls drop with such a force that there is constantly a 100 foot cloud of water spraying overhead to keep you cool – keep an eye out for the rainbow! The Ipanema is a little less touristy than the main Copacabana beach, but just as beautiful – and a great place to mix with the locals. As you’re climbing up, stop to take a closer look at the thouasands of tiles as some of them are pretty incredible! The number of the ways you can explore the Amazon is endless, there is something to match everyone’s idea of an adventure, a trip such as Wonders of Brazil will take you into the heart of the jungle. If you do decide on a visit make sure you do it with a recommended tour guide or sign up to a volunteer project such as Volunteer Brazil. Colourful, vibrant and practically pulsating with life, it’s no surprise that many of the samba schools that participate in the famous Rio Carnival parade are in fact from the surrounding favelas.
The government controlled favela tours run on the basis that some of the ticket money is inserted back into the favela, so your visit will benefit those that live in the favelas. Plastic becomes brittle, grease becomes thick, friction of rubber diminishes, condensation in clothing dramatically increases, and potable water becomes scarce.
Many have been forced to flee to villages for safety, but a number are standing their ground in an effort to protect their homelands and preserve their way of life. This is a huge step forwards in the fight to protect the rare wildlife of the Amazon and to preserve the history and traditions of indigenous communities that deserve to be both respected and safeguarded from that which threatens their survival. Discovering its secrets first-hand, be it through an adventure staying with a local tribe that we have special access to, or a private boat trip with a local guide along the river, is beyond all expectations.
Romantic that I am, I decided I needed to put myself in an alien and dangerous environment.

The Waodani acted on this belief by making the concept of first strike a cornerstone of their survival plan; hence the killing of the missionaries. If a language lacked a written form, the SIL’s skilled linguists set about creating one, spending years in the process.
By 1974, when I turned up in Tiwaeno, the Waodani who wanted no part of the outside world and who remained fierce had separated themselves from the rest of the tribe by retreating deeper into the forest. Jim translated my words into Waodani, and as he did the smile disappeared from Cawaenae’s face.
Hearing it unleashed my vulnerability, and I became tearful, as Cawaenae continued staring at me.
This section of the Adventurera€™s Handbook provides information on how to survive in extreme cold conditions for extended periods of time. Don’t be heartened by a river scan that doesn’t yield any sightings, as these camouflage masters are very difficult to spot. Only there, I believed, in a place where I would be forced to reach out to others for basic physical survival, could I fully experience the authentic human connection I so craved.
That allowed me to accompany a missionary named Jim on his jungle visits to Waodani families open, to varying degrees, to outsiders.
Another fingered the stitching on my clothes, perhaps trying to figure out how they were made.
Every person that works in the Rain Forest, especially if not native from the area, is subject to a series of circumstances, which can sometimes even lead to his death. But he and his people also understood the importance of kinship and communal responsibility to a depth that many of us moderns have lost. He wondered who hunted for me when I was sick or injured, who fought alongside me when I was attacked, what children would take care of me when I became old?
Most of the Amazon lies in Brazil, though several other countries, including Peru and Ecuador, also hold large sections of this massive jungle. The Amazon's natural beauty and immense biodiversity attract tourists in search of exotic adventures.
Visitors should know about the primary dangers of the Amazon rainforest prior to travel in order to plan for a safer trip. According to Goparoo Travel Guide, the biggest threat comes from mosquitoes carrying malaria and yellow fever. These are both serious illnesses, so get the appropriate vaccinations before you go to the Amazon. Even relatively clean food and water sometimes contain different strains of bacteria and microorganisms that foreigners' immune systems are not used to dealing with. Only drink bottled water, and make sure your food is fresh and properly washed to reduce your chances of getting sick.
Contrary to Hollywood depictions of the Amazon rainforest, most animals do not go out of their way to hunt down humans.
Images of jaguars, alligators, anacondas and piranhas come to mind when thinking of the most formidable animals in the Amazon.
In addition, the rainforest houses numerous species of small, venomous creatures like snakes and frogs.
However, the most common problems arise from encounters with blood-sucking leeches as well as the aforementioned health issues involving disease-carrying mosquitoes.
Fodor's Travel Guide recommends wearing sturdy boots and pants when hiking in the jungle to protect yourself from bites. Always check your boots or shoes before putting them on to make sure no creatures have crawled inside. Fodor's also recommends packing plenty of insect repellent, anti-itch cream and a mosquito net to keep out pests you when you sleep. According to Frommer's, the height of the wet season in the Amazon lasts from October to May with especially heavy rains in March and April. Rains wash out roads and cause the water levels to rise dramatically in the Amazon River and in the hundreds of connecting tributaries.
This leads to flooding as well as extremely powerful river currents that have been known to sink boats. Goparoo Travel Guide recommends traveling to the Amazon between June and September when weather conditions are more favorable. Thyberg holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh Honors College with a certificate in Spanish and Latin American studies.

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