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Not sure if I want to spend money to buy what would have been in the instruction manual years ago. As some reviewers have said the paper is a little on the flimsy side, you just have to be careful. As others have said, unfortunately it's always easier to just google something.Reply7 months, 1 day ago#10ReplyI remember when my parents were less than happy after I racked up a massive phone bill calling a Super Metroid hints hotline!

The book is very useful, and I prefer it to Googling the answer.Reply7 months, 1 day ago#13ReplyYou get a nice set of Vault boy cards with this one as well which are really nice framed. I like this manual and after I finished the game I used it to find quests I hadn't stumbled upon. Please click here to download a PDF copy of our Parent Information Package, including books and websites often useful for parents and teachers. Definitely worth it if youre a fan.Reply7 months, 1 day ago#14Replyukcobra I paid less than ?9 from Amazon in a non-Lightning deal, so the price chart appears to be a little in-accurate.

Mine also had a little scuff on one of the corners but I couldn't be bothered returning it.Reply7 months, 1 day ago#9ReplyI still would of got it either way, as I love the game (120hrs in) but it's a shame the sleeve shows off any (and all) fingerprints. There's a handy list of all locations in the appendices, listed alphabetically with all items at the location showing across a chart.

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