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If you live in a part of the world that has severe winters, you should consider having 4 season tents for emergencies.
A  4 season tent (also known as a winter tent), is a piece of equipment that can save your life during a severe winter storm. Any tent, whether it’s meant for all four seasons or not, will keep light snow off of you for a while. Because a four season tent is built for all seasons, the tents material is designed to withstand bad weather better than the material used in other tents. Because four season tents are more durable and are better built than 3 season tents, they are better for survival. Double wall tents provide more layers between you and the elements and are generally stronger than single wall designs.
As a general rule of thumb, when you stock your survival kit or when camping and hiking; you should include a tent that will handle the worst weather conditions that you might encounter.
Even though four season tents may weigh more and are generally more expensive to purchase, they are often the best choice when deciding on a tent.
It’s worth the extra weight to to with a 4 season tent, especially if you are traveling into areas or camping in areas where the weather is very capricious, or can take an extreme drop in temperature, snow, wind, etc. You can take any kind of straps, like paracord or leather strands, and weave them into nice designs if you want, to make a Baldric Rigging. If you live in an area that experiences severe weather, purchasing an emergency radio that will keep you abreast of weather conditions is a great idea. For those who live in areas where the weather systems can quickly change, an emergency radio can be a lifesaving device. If you are living in the pacific Northwest then you need not worry about water at all, it is everywhere and it is drinkable right out of the streams. Woodland Survival Flipper - 9,213 views50+ Canning & Preserving Recipes That Are Better Than Store Bought Food!
Don’t expect to survive a tornado or a category 4 hurricane while sheltered in a tent!
Three season tents don’t insulate as well as a 4 season tent when dealing with a cold, windy environment.
Four season tents are designed to shed heavy snow, insulate well against cold weather, and are generally much better suited to handling windy conditions than other types of tents. 2-wall shelters have an outer waterproof layer and an inner water resistant layer that breathes. Tents that pitch from the outside are better when their is inclement weather because the snow and rain will be kept out. For this reason it is important to know the weather conditions of the area you travel in; no matter whether you’re in your vehicle, hiking, or camping. It is much better to have a durable tent that will serve you during any season than to be stuck with one that is inadequate during extreme weather. The following tips on how to choose an emergency radio will help ensure that you get the information you need when you need it.

As these events can come at any time, day or night, it is important to select an option that will wake you if you are asleep, or be attention getting enough if you are otherwise engaged when an alert is available.
Such radios are available both in most electronic stores as well as through a number of different outlets online. If you are in the city then yes you need to bring some water, but not as much as I would in the desert southwest. Four season tents are meant to function well in the worst weather nature has to throw at us.
If the tent doesn’t shed the snow off of its sides quickly enough, the weight of the snow will make the tent bow inward and can even snap poles causing the tent to collapse from the weight. These tents are great for survival whether you are camping, hiking, or participating in any other outdoor activity.
This inner layer allows condensation from inside the tent to pass through to the outer layer where it condensates and drips down in between the two layers.
If you are wet and muddy you can climb into the vestibule to change before you enter the main part of the tent. For example, if you are hiking in the mountains during late autumn, you may think you can make do with a three season tent since autumn weather rarely goes below 50 degrees.
However, if your life depends on a sturdy, durable shelter that will keep you out of the harsh winter elements; they are a great choice. With enough cord to wrap over your shoulder, tie one end to the top of the sheath and the other to the bottom of the sheath. While these radios are small objects, they can give you life saving information as soon as it is available. Some use back up rechargeable batteries that will get them through periods when your power goes out. Some emergency radios, like the CC Observer emergency radio,  come with light up displays as well as more traditional alarm systems, making it easier to see and understand what it going on at any time. In selecting the one that is right for you, make sure that you consider its power sources as well as the alert methods that it employs. In the Pacific Northwest, the room you save from having to carry water can be filled with some high quality rain gear, you will need it. If you live where water is plentiful, there is no need to pack a bunch of water purification material, you just don’t need it.
This means that they are a good choice for shelter, no matter the time of year, and no matter the weather conditions. However, because you are traveling in the mountains, you are more likely to encounter colder weather and perhaps even a early snow storm—making a 4 season tent the better choice.
Remember, the more alert methods that they offer, they better off you will be if you need to get vital information quickly.
Well all good information, but the truth is bug out bags must be tailor made for you and where you live, and the time of the year. If you are in Minnesota and it is spring time that is one thing if it is winter you better have some seriously warm clothes or you just wont make it. I am saying go somewhere close by in good weather, when temperatures are mild and give it a try.

It depends on your climate, but they all change enough to warrant a change in the contents of your bug out bag. Four season tents are designed with snowfall in mind, and will withstand heavier snow weight while continuously shedding snow off the tent to avoid collapse or bowing. Vestibules are usually an add on that must be purchased separately but some tent manufacturers include them with the tent design.
When choosing the ideal model for you and your family, make sure that its power capabilities fit in with your lifestyle and the likelihood that you will lose power in the case of an inclement natural event.
Yes there are of course basics, lighter, fire starters, water, space blanket, knife, saw, clothing, flashlight, dry clean socks, plastic sheeting, well then the list can go in any direction from there. You are much safer having winter tents on hand in case of heavy snow, rather than trying to cope with a three season tent and hoping for the best. Even if you never plan to carry, or don’t carry often, at least once you get your permit you have the option to protect yourself. The seasons change and what you need in summer is vastly different than what you will need in winter.
And, if you happen to be one of the poor souls who lives in a state that has unfriendly gun laws and you can’t get your CCW, then move. Even in the desert southwest it is late October and we are down into the 50’s at night. I’m very serious about that.One of the blessings we have of living in the USA is that we’re free to live wherever we wish.
Of course people make excuses like “my job’s here” or “my wife wants to live here” but at least realize you choose to live in that state and if you truly wanted to move, you could. You will understand them far better than you do now, might be fun and if it is a disaster just get in the car and go home. I can think of few things worse in life than not having a gun on me to defend my family because I chose to live in California or Maryland or New York.However, once you’ve got your permit for the state you live in, many people often wonder if they should get additional permits. Right now in my wallet I have my Virginia permit and my Utah permit, which combined allow me to carry concealed in 33 states.Why do I have multiple permits and why do I think you should too?Well, the first and most obvious reason is because different permits provide coverage for different states. Also, Utah has reciprocity with both Alabama and Georgia and Virginia does not.Another reason I carry multiple permits is because it’s kind of like insurance. You never know what foolish politicians are going to do even in gun friendly states like Virginia and Utah. So, if something happens where one permit loses coverage on a lot of states, or becomes much more difficult to obtain at least I have my “back up” permit.Plus…Not only do you have to worry about the state which issues your permit, you have to worry about all the states that grant it reciprocity.
He’s also an NRA Certified Instructor, a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor and an Eagle Scout. Jason believes there are few things in life as important as being able to protect yourself and your loved ones. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home.

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