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Here’s a story that will make all you octane-lovers sob like a kid who dropped his ice cream. Living in an apartment in northern NJ, you might think I am a little wacky, and honestly I currently have nowhere to park it. I need to preface, that if I were to look into purchasing one of these units that I certainly would use it for both a Bug Out Vehicle and for the camping experience that it might be able to provide. The pros to this are that camping and boondocking do not have to always happen at a campground only. Another reason, or so I thought, for looking at a small trailer option for camping and bugging out is cost.
There are a few companies to look at if you are looking at if you want to look at any of these trailers.
Wells Cargo:  Wells Cargo is a trailer manufacturer that I found online that seems to make a good trailer if all you are looking to do is haul your gear.
The most interesting thing I found, however, was a website by a gentleman named Scott Chaney.
For the record, the drawings are very detailed and augmented with clear black and white images. The plans I purchased for this trailer are $29.99, and were delivered to my home in two or three days tops.
My brothers both have trailers for their SUV’s and they can go almost anywhere with them. In hind sight (five years ago) if I had given it more thought a four door pick up truck with a bed and cap might have been the better choice, both for utility and fir the concept of bugging out.
I built an off-road trailer topped by a 3-person roof top tent and a lightweight 950 lbs capacity sailboat.
This recent cold snap in the Northeast got us thinking about how dangerous it can be to spend too much time in cold weather.
The first thing you need to know is that there are many health hazards that come along with the cold weather.
Frostbite is recognized when the skin begins to turn gray or white and takes on a waxy texture—it may even look frozen. Important tip: DO NOT pour hot water on frostbitten body parts or expose frostbitten skin to heaters, fireplaces, etc. Hypothermia is indicated by drops in body temperature, uncontrolled shivering,confusion and delusion. Bonus tip: Try to have a change of dry clothes ready at any given moment during the cold weather. In an in-depth interview, Truck Camper Magazine writer Angela White talked with Jim DeLoziers, the driving force behind the ultimate Survivor Truck bug out vehicle. A professional security consultant, DeLoziers “wanted a vehicle that could quickly evacuate his family in an emergency situation, and keep them safe and comfortable for weeks at a time, no matter what.

Trek Lighter - Windproof Double Torch by Solo LightersTwo flames that can withstand even the most extreme winds and outdoor conditions. Nunavut is one of the world’s great wildernesses, vast, wild almost entirely empty, exploring it is a once in a lifetime experience. The problem with this emptiness is that there is very little infrastructure, very few tourists visit the area and there are barely any roads.
We think the best starting point is Cape Dorset, it is well and truly in the middle of nowhere, but there are archaeological remains showing traces of Inuit habitation from as long ago as 1100BC. As they are representative of the local population you can also discover a huge amount about their customs, hear traditional throat singing and share a meal in an Inuit home. The following day, we review participants’ gear, load the boat and set sail down the south Baffin coast to Saqpak Bay where we will camp at our favourite summer fishing spot. Nature will decide if we overnight en route at Iqalugaaqjuk Camp, as the tides and currents at various passages determine travel times. We usually take a boat trip into the deep inlets of Saqpak Bay, past rugged untouched coastlines searching for wildlife.
Huit Huit has the local knowledge to organise a great adventure in the Northern Territories. We are happy to offer the fantastic Trademark Games 9 Piece Bocce Ball Set With Easy Carry Nylon Case. For this great price, the Trademark Games 9 Piece Bocce Ball Set With Easy Carry Nylon Case is highly respected and is a regular choice for lots of people. They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps. The entire rig weighs less than 1000 lbs and is low enough to store in an underground parking garage. Frostnip involves white patches of skin that are numb. Other symptoms can include blistering, swelling, and deep pain the rewarming process. When your body drops below 95 degrees F, it becomes incredibly dangerous and damaging for your body’s systems. When he couldn’t find a vehicle that satisfied his requirements on the market, he made one,” reported White.
To get some idea of its size and sparseness, it is eight times larger than the UK but is home to just 33,000 people, most of whom are Inuit, the indigenous people of the high Arctic. Making an effort to travel here though is an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn about Inuit culture. It is also the base of Huit Huit, an Inuit-owned company whch can take you out into the wilderness to camp, fish, dog-sled or just watch the wildlife. It will be followed by an intimate and relaxing home cooked dinner, featuring delectable northern fare. Located 160 kilometres east of Dorset, this remote fish river abounds in arctic char that swim along the coast and at the river mouth during the summer season.

Russ Malkin's book "Big Earth: 101 Amazing Adventures" guides you through 101 ways to set off and explore our extraordinary world for yourselves. The Trademark Games 9 Piece Bocce Ball Set With Easy Carry Nylon Case is certainly that and will be a great purchase. Gets your floor above grade to minimize dirt and rain intrusion, and gives you an area where you can set up poles at corners for a bug net if you camp in mosquito country. Here at Patriot Surplus, we have a variety of warm and durable winter gear items to help you brave the cold this winter season. To treat, the first step is to get out of the cold, then, gradually warm the body back up, starting with your trunk – not your hands and feet.
You can hike with Inuit guides and search for caribou inland or cast for char along the coast.
The SUV and Trailer is WAY more convenient, since you don’t have to haul the trailer unless you need it. Since I’m by the coast, I carry a hand-operated water desalinator, fishing poles, as well as sleeping bags, rain gear, first aid gear, woodgas cooking stove, rechargeable lanterns, solar charger etc. Wool is a great insulator, and you can find the ideal wool garments right here at Patriot Surplus. To gradually warm frostnip affected fingers, put them on your stomach or under your armpits. Wrap your body in blankets – do not take a hot bath or hot shower, as the shock can cause arrhythmia.
Make sure you start off with base layers that can wick moisture away from the body while also preserving body heat.
The Solo lighter company has truly lit a fire under this design with an incredible dual torch windproof flame.The patent protected fire lighter has a nickel plated finish to top off the product with a sleek design. The key to dealing with frostbite or frostnip (its precursor), is to rewarm the affected areas slowly while avoiding rubbing.
Proper footwear, outerwear, and accessories are going to be key – you need to keep your body warm and dry.
As they always say, "Get Lit!"This unit is ultralight, making it a great addition to your go bag. Lighters should always remain the primary method of fire starting, since they are the easiest, least time consuming and most energy efficient means of birthing a fire. If you ever wondered how much are lighters going to contribute in a survival situation, then the answer is simple.

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