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We’re looking forward to watching Brad Pitt kick some zombie butt and to kick off the Summer movie season we’re going to give away a WORLD WAR Z prize pack with tons of goodies for you! That’s right, the end of the world is nigh and a zombie apocalypse is getting ready to unfold. At The Sale Rack  it's our mission to help you save money by finding you the best fashion deals on items like designer handbags and sunglasses to fab footwear from your favorite brands. Offered by Bonhams, this is one of only 33 Corvettes delivered with automatic transmission and fuel-injected engine in 1957. By this time, the end of the 1950s, Corvettes had begun to establish an enviable competition record for the marque. ABOUT MEGADELUXE: Launched from a semi-secured bunker in 2011 – with over 1,000 posts to date – Megadeluxe scours Web-Landia for stories and ideas that hypnotize. In my original essay I suggested having drills which would put your preps to the test during a simulated emergency which required evacuation.
They have yet to return home even now and the evacuation order has since been expanded to a 25-mile radius. Evacuations due to flood have also occurred many times in the past in towns located along the Mississippi and other rivers. To make an evacuation drill more tolerable as a learning experience I would suggest a camping trip during a three-day weekend. Why a camping trip when heading for the woods is not really a good long-term strategy for survival? During an evacuation delays caused by traffic jams, detours, car accidents, and empty gas tanks will slow us down. 1) There can be a set date and time for the drill (especially important if family members will be joining you), but there cannot be any special planning, packing, or preparation for it. 2) The “safe zone” destination of your choice has to be more than 60 miles from home and the primary goal is to get there as quickly and safely as possible.
3) Nothing can be purchased from retailers along the way, although buying from stores is acceptable after travelling to a “safe zone” which is more than 60 miles from home. On a side note, this article cannot begin to cover how best to prepare your home before an evacuation. One thing I quickly learned to appreciate right off the bat was the value of having a clean and fueled vehicle at all times. If in doubt about whether to take an item or leave it behind, remember your priorities: Material possessions can be replaced, but lives cannot. While on the road take breaks and help others learn how to use a compass and read maps to improve their navigation skills. When conducting evacuation drills more often than not my intended destination (a commercial campground) was already full and I was out of luck because I (purposefully) did not have a reservation. After you arrive at your campsite the evacuation drill takes on a new form, one having deeper roots in true survival skills.
One of the things I quickly learned is that I use far more water when camping than I originally estimated.
Unfortunately, that stored water will also become hot from the sun unless you make some effort to keep it cool by natural means. Speaking of the summer heat, little else will tire a person faster than being exposed to constant sun and humidity. Take care to plan for the prevention or treatment of medical conditions such as body aches and pains, minor abrasions and cuts, allergies, intestinal problems, sun burn, and insect bites.
One can go overboard with too many comfort-related items, but don’t feel bad packing some of them in a vehicle if they really help you endure a survival situation.
In my own experience, I initially found it to be extremely difficult to make a fire without starting fluid but it wasn’t hard to graduate to using only newspaper as tinder. Although they don’t work as well in storms or cold weather, the manufacturer claims each lighter is good for a minimum of 3,000 strikes (both in terms of fuel and flint usage). Boredom won’t happen too often for most campers, but it does rear its ugly head once in a while. In Arizona, the most likely reasons for evacuations would be wild-fires or if the nuke facilities had a melt down. It would have to be a true life-threatening nuke melt down to get most urbanites out of the cities and into hills here. Yeah , gotta figure that if it takes X square of territory to support a big predator like a mountain lion in nature out here , should give you an idea of how hard it may be for a human to try to live off the land . Actually, another thing that might help here in situations where evacuations are a semi-normal part of life is to pre-position some items at your remote BOL, assuming it’s that of a friend or relative and not just a motel. Always the plan was when my husband said we were going camping, I would load the camper while he was at work. The only problem was the storage and as I say I cannot remember where we put stuff but we always had whatever we needed packed in the thing.
A cheap, modern digital watch with a new battery in it will run for a couple of years and be absolutely accurate. I ended up in Omaha, NE with no job, only the cash I had on hand and all the food and supplies that I had grabbed.
For the end of the story – my ex moved to El Paso, TX during the year we were in Omaha, and as soon as I was sure he was gone, I returned to the house that I did not sell while I was gone and moved right back into our life.
You did a needful thing and it was at the time hard on you, but now it is remembered fondly.
I admire you for not staying where there was danger and chose to be resourceful and not give up.
Been on some amazing camping trips in my life but the best was a b-day present from hubby when we lived in the canadian north, It was summer and hubby said pack for a two week long trip, including the dogs, I figured we were driving till he took me to the dock and we loaded a float plane and just headed out, he said..
MD, I have included a link to the park to give an idea of how different it is compared to what most folks think of now as a park with public campgrounds. Just heard on the news that the draught conditions in the south are bad and no end in sight. Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. What you have on hand for emergency supplies can and will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits. From the beginning of time we have experienced natural disasters of unimaginable magnitude and loss of human life. These occurrences continue, no matter the preparations we make to protect ourselves, and many disasters can strike unexpectedly.As the saying goes, history repeats itself. Loss of life: 1 – 4 millionIn Central China, a two year drought was followed by markedly abnormal precipitation and weather. Loss of life: 900,000 - 2,000,000The Hwang Ho River, known as the ‘Yellow River’, travels over 3,395 miles from the Bayan Har Mountains to the Bohai Sea. Loss of life: 830,000Shaanxi, China still holds the record for the deadliest earthquake in history. Loss of life: 500,000The Bhola Cyclone struck November 12, 1970 in East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh) and India’s West Bengal.
Loss of life: 300,000Coringa, once a lively international shipping port in Andhra Pradesh, India, was essentially made desolate in 1839. Loss of life: 300,000Haiphong, located in North Eastern Vietnam suffered terrible flooding and destruction on October 8th, 1881.

Loss of life: 36,000The eruption of the Indonesian volcano, Krakatau, was so powerful that it was heard over 1,000 miles away in Perth, Australia. You’ll get World War Z movie posters, a World War Z t-shirt and hat, plus a WWZ first aid kit, glow sticks, temporary tattoos, and cell phone stickers!!
Corvette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov was a big fan of auto racing and it was he that was responsible for unlocking the car’s innate potential and development it into a genuine race-winner. After all, both an evacuation drill and a camping trip involve many of the same activities such as packing the car, a road trip, and living elsewhere in temporary housing.
If we’re among thousands who are also needing lodging and travelling at a slower pace than the posted highway speed limit chances are we will be doing some primitive camping as we make our way towards safer places. Of course, participants will be thinking about it in advance, but that mental exercise is good training. Conducting the evacuation drill during a major holiday weekend such as the Fourth of July can add a bit more realism (e.g.
After all, everyone else in town will be emptying shelves and lining up at every gas station, grocery, and retail store. That’s a good starting point, but it would be an awesome accomplishment to hit the road in 15 minutes or less.
There is nothing more frustrating than having to clean out miscellaneous stuff from a car at a time when you’re supposed to be packing it in a hurry. I expanded mine to include absolutely everything I would need for a three-day drill, including a solo bivy tent. If you wish to take fishing gear, for example, you won’t have time during an evacuation order to detangle a knotted mess of fishing line from a dozen separated two-piece rods which were carelessly stacked in a basement corner.
If the item in question has no legitimate survival purpose chances are you should not take it with you, but do be reasonable.
Teach them how to find north using a variety of natural means involving the stars and shadows from the sun.
Sometimes I had to travel additional miles to locate a National Forest or other suitable place for camping. It is a great time to practice building a fire, experiment with various fishing or hunting strategies, prepare dinner without having the luxury of a stove or microwave, etc. During hot summer months most people live fairly comfortably in their homes with air conditioning units, fans, roofs which provide shade, tap water, bath tubs, swimming pools, etc.
Ice in the cooler won’t last long, but burying a two-liter bottle of water a few feet deep in the earth or submerging it at the bottom of a deep lake can keep that water cool and refreshing. As if that were not exhausting enough a camper will also be required to perform more physical labor than usual, such as hiking everywhere, fishing for dinner, gathering firewood, hauling water, etc.
If possible and practical, also provide yourself some minor comforts to minimize physical exhaustion such as a sleeping pillow, air mattress, lawn chair, etc.
In my own case, I cut a standard pillow into fourths and sewed them up tight to create an extremely compact yet comfortable camping pillow which stores under a vehicle seat. Yes, I can now make fire “caveman-style” if you don’t mind hearing some new curse words while I do it, but I simply do not ever want to be without a means of instant fire again. With this estimate in mind I have enough BIC lighters in my GOODIE bag to start 30,000 fires, which is equivalent to three fires a day for 26 years. Regardless if the game is solitaire or involves the entire family, I found a deck of playing cards and five dice can offer hundreds of hours of numerous entertainment possibilities for just a few dollars.
Less liklihood of wildfires in these NW quadrant areas of AZ because their rainfall has been much better in the past 2 years than other AZ areas.
When you get in a line of traffic that goes for miles and miles and its hotter than all get out, and tempers are flaring.
Their lawn had been so wet up until this past month that they couldn’t mow for the standing water.
As you go through each day knowing that something terrible could happen, why not have them on hand? Christianity, one of the largest faith movements on Earth, believes that our entire civilization faces the worst natural disasters (and wars, famine, and disease) in future years still to come, warnings recorded in the Bible.Whatever is going on, let’s take a look back, both historically and in our modern day, at the top floods, earthquakes, fires, and other deadly disasters that have taken the lives of countless people and wiped cities, towns, and populations completely from the map. With most people tucked in bed, many were crushed by their own homes before they could react. As the powerful tropical cyclone hit the Gulf of Tonkin, tidal waves made their way to the low-lying coastal town. I was going to resubmit it, but in all honestly, the content may have been too simple to be published and it was a fairly short article. In May of 2011, all Japanese citizens within 12 miles of the Fukushima nuclear power plant were given 2 hours to leave their homes. In June of 2011, more than 12,000 people were evacuated from Los Alamos due to a 61,000-acre wildfire which threatened the nuclear facility located there. A day may come when an earthquake could result in massive evacuations too, for a full 39 of the 50 states have moderate to high seismic hazard risks.
The difference is the amount of planning involved, for virtually no amount of planning time is allowed for an evacuation drill whereas a camping trip is usually planned weeks in advance. First, most people live near friends or relatives who could shelter them, but during a real crisis they may be evacuating also. Camping also gives us a chance to practice little-used survival skills such as fire making, outdoor cooking, navigation, fishing, etc. During a real evacuation we would do well to avoid wasting time, as well as to stay away from places where desperate and unruly mobs can become violent looters or dangerous rioters. Winter drills can offer additional challenges as can week-long drills in any season, but I would recommend a warm-weather drill during a three-day weekend to start. Just as irritating is having a car that is running on fumes at a time when you need to be travelling far and fast while avoiding long lines at fueling stations. It is virtually the only thing I have to take with me and I could evacuate in a literal minute. Load the big items into the vehicle first and fill in the surrounding spaces with smaller items.
One does not really need shoes to survive, but having a few pairs of sensible shoes is desirable whereas packing a dozen pairs is a waste of vehicular storage space. I have even slept in the vehicle on occasion, so be prepared for minor setbacks and have backup routes and destinations planned in advance. Yes, this time can be fun and relaxing too, but remember it is supposed to be a learning experience above all. Sleeping in such hot conditions on hard ground is not truly restful either and an exhausted body can quickly become vulnerable to various accidents, injuries, ailments, and illnesses. A small packable hammock can provide a comfortable place for afternoon naps in the shade of two campsite trees. It’s just not worth the hours of frustration given the fact instant fire is so affordable so I keep plenty of BIC lighters on hand.
Accounting for accidental breakage and other incidentals, ten good quality BIC lighters should be more than enough for a few years of instant fire and I consider that to be a well-spent $15. Around the end of September, 1887, the river overflowed the dikes located in China’s Henan Province. The majority of people in the area up to the time of the quake resided in man made caves dug out of silt-like soil in the hillsides around the area, called yaodongs. A large industry in the area is mining and, ironically, only those deep in the earth working, resurfaced unharmed.

Survivors took to the streets, moved into cars and created shanty houses, fearful of the stability of any remaining structures. Two thirds of the island was destroyed, annihilating 165 towns and disabling an additional 132.
Since I cannot locate my original draft of the essay I decided to rewrite it to include some lessons from my own past experiences. Also in June of 2011, the entire town of 40,000 in Minot, North Dakota was forced to evacuate immediately due to flooding of the Souris River. Hundreds of thousands of people can be subject to mandatory evacuations at virtually any time.
Those who have relatives living far away will likely camp for at least one night when travelling to those safe destinations.
For sure we should know how and when to best secure, protect, and safeguard our home during a real crisis; but for the sake of brevity this article will focus on the evacuation drill as it relates to packing, fleeing to safety, and making the most of our survival camping experience. Keep all vehicles in ready-to-go condition at all times and never let the fuel tank level fall below half-empty.
However, in a real evacuation I would also take a few more moments to fill the car up with some additional gear and tools, extra clothes, and more emergency food supplies.
Keep important gear and supplies readily accessible, not in hard-to-reach attics or buried deep in the back of a messy storage room. As space allows, permit reasonable exceptions for each person to bring a few personal items. However, camping outdoors subjects a person to constant exposure to the sun and sometimes high humidity too. This drill is also an excellent time to practice purification techniques using water collected from rain fall, lakes, streams, and other sources. Further, nature can inflict other bodily damage through sun burn, allergies, and various plant or insect toxins such as poison ivy and mosquitoes.
They take up a little valuable space but your body will thank you for it time and time again. Regardless of which form of instant fire you prefer to use to ignite tinder, stock plenty of it!
Can’t go to the burned-out areas in the eastern and southeastern mountains (which burned areas now cover about of half-milion square acres). Many of the townspeople took it as a warning and fled to the countryside for safety, before the deadly quake hit on October 11th. The low lying land was quickly overcome by the waters devastating eleven large towns and hundreds of smaller villages. Nearly three quarters of the local fisherman perished in the storm while many of the survivors were left injured. Some 1,900 miners were fatally killed sleeping in their beds or from falling structures above ground. The strength of the eruption produced a tsunami responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.
Do not assume we’ll always be able to find motels with vacancies or that we’ll maintain a fast and predictable speed when using our vehicles.
If you don’t have a GOODIE bag, please make use of the many articles have been written to help you make one.
Being highly organized can reduce the amount of time you need to pack food from the pantry, clothes from the closet, supplies from the medicine cabinet, and gear from the garage or basement.
However, do not overload the vehicle to the point it becomes unsafe to operate or your vision is severely obstructed. Giving in to some minor demands at this point in time can spare some major disruptions of the family peace later on.
As a result, stored water is not only used for cooking, personal hygiene, and cleaning; but also in greater amounts for drinking and cooling off our skin.
The bed overhead you would suffocate even in the cold weather and would have to open the vent. The flood and ensuing disease and famine claimed between 900,000 to 2,000,000 lives.What can we learn from this? Just short of 80% of Tangshan’s buildings were flattened or condemned as well as collapsed bridges, destroyed rail lines, and damaged wells.
From the caldera left by Krakatau was a born Anak Krakatau, meaning child of Krakatau, in 1927.
Fear not zombie hunter, we’ve put together a few choice looks that should help you not only survive the zombie apocalypse, but turn a few heads (off?) at the same time.
A breakdown or traffic accident is the last thing you need to deal with during an evacuation (even if it is only a drill).
I want to give you one hint that will keep you in the line of traffic, as they will never let you back in when you pull off the side of the road. Their go bags are ready in less than 15 min with meds, papers, clothes and plenty of road food and water.
Presently, warning systems are in effect, allowing residents to flee to higher ground.What can we learn from this? They learned this by going 2 hours into an evacuation once and spending 8 hours going 50 miles. Following the disaster, survivors of the Shaanxi earthquake looked to wood and bamboo as a means of rebuilding safer dwellings. If you live in a coastal region, that has seen storms and flooding in the past, you may want to move inland, considering the likelihood of another major cyclone striking at some point.
Just 10 months following the earthquake devastation, a Cholera outbreak began and continues today. Several regions of the world are known for volcanoes, even if a few of those volcanoes are reported as dead or dormant. After conducting even one evacuation drill you’ll know how to better prepare for and respond to a real evacuation emergency. In a time of the world seeing increasingly worse weather events, coastal, tropical areas are all possible targets, and susceptible to massive flooding. When threatened with a major earthquake, it may be best to leave the area, even for many people in the modern age, rather than risk being crushed by crumbling buildings and homes.
If you live in a coastal area of possible flooding from a cyclone, typhoon, or hurricane, etc., a weather radio may be all the advance warning you may be able to get, and so a weather radio, and careful attention to your radio, may be what saves the day in this case.
In the modern age, there's also the risk of widespread fires from gas line ruptures, or in some areas, "inland tsunamis" caused by the destruction of dams and dikes, etc. Of course, many large earthquakes give little or no warning; we may want to watch for "foreshocks" in the day or even hours before that could then signify maybe a large earthquake is coming down the pike. Also, be sure to hide valuables you can't take with you upstairs as well, in case looters strike your neighborhood after the flood waters recede, before you can get back to your home. Hide these valuables behind wall panels, behind insulation if possible, under carpet and floorboards, etc.

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