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Houseguests were up late enjoying themselves when we found James and the current top target, Michelle Meyer, awake and chatting away in the back bedroom. Several minutes later Michelle mentions how Victor told her that everyone in the house is working in pairs.
Natalie walks in and asks James to make some food with her so he leaves and they go to the storage room.
James worries that Paulie may be trying to use Zakiyah to do his dirty work and go after him, Natalie, Corey, etc. To go along with canceling out Paulie’s James said he could either nullify the vote from Nicole or Corey. Yes I just read this article now and wow it would be good to blindside Paulie even though I have had enough of M’s bitchiness jealousy etc Only Jatalie and P can save her.
It would be in her best interest to go along with James this week, hopefully she can win HOH again and maybe put up Paulie and maybe even Nicole. Come on James, you have been saying you was laying low, time to let them know you are there to play the game. Just curious tho, once Z is evicted, will Nat stay faithful to James or she’s going to be touchy feely with Paulie? I found it quite hilarious to tell you the truth since 2 of the girls want 2 other girls and some guys out.
I’m going to need James to run his little mouth about what Natalie told him so that her skanky little ass can GO in the DE on Thursday. She may not have any intentions for her and James after the show, but she’s still a little sweetheart. Well I think she does like James, altho she might have settled on him once Corey and Paulie were taken.
And Corey might well be gay and still closeted because of the conservative nature of where he’s from. Is Nicole jealous than Nat snared that stud muffin James while Nicole could only snare the guy Natalie was crazy about at the beginning? Is Nicole jealous that Nat is NOT getting as much attention from the guys as she has been getting? You’re right about Meg and James, at no time did Meg lead him on that I knew about and was more or less firmly in the friend zone with him. I’m glad someone else remembers Meg being very clear about where James stood with her. I don’t want to say that a beautiful woman wouldn’t want him because who knows? There are a lot of nice, if rather plain women out there so that’s why I started to think his expectations were way too high. James does seem more confident in himself this season; sad to hear he let fame go to his head though.
Like you, I’m extremely confused how James thought he had a relationship with Meg after BB. She was always nice to him so maybe this confused him and made him think she was interested?
He has fallen for Natalie now and doesn’t seem to understand that all she wants with him is friendship in and out of the house.
I do try to keep in my mind how young these young women are this BB and don’t get too upset about all the love connections going on in the house. Poor Nat, 3 guys have turned her down already even though she’s ready to trade james in for a new partner. I just read where Nat said to James that as long as Nicole left before her she’d be ok. I see it as karma for being skanky enough to latch onto James when none of the others would have her. Her Nicole jealousy is just so typical of a chick who thinks she deserves all the male attention just because she’s pretty.
Since Day did tell lies about Nicole to all the other girls I can kind of see why Nat might’ve believed some of those lies, but Nat needs to start playing smarter and try to work with Nicole instead of against her.
I agree that Nicole should be thrilled that Corey likes her, but her insecurities that a guy that cute *could* like her are getting the better of her (as a female, I completely understand those insecurities, too – we ALL get that way when a guy that we think is really attractive is attracted back.
To be honest, I see nothing wrong with Nic preferring to see Nat on the block instead of herself BECAUSE they have no relationship. I think it’s obvious that Corey likes Nicole back, too, despite what all the internet haters say. A bloatfly slider is a food item which provides a moderate amount of health restoration over a relatively short duration. Bloatfly sliders are one of the first "large healing" food items that the player is likely to craft, owing to the presence of both Bloatflies and prickly pear fruit in the Goodsprings Cemetery, as well as the low skill required to craft.
Old World Blues (add-on) Bloatfly meat can be found on the legendary bloatfly in excess of 50 pieces.
James was sharing advice to Michelle on how to up her chances of survival while she made some comments that surprised James and gave him pause with a new idea. They’re starting out with light talk about how Michelle needs to work on the HGs this week. James is considering it and Natalie may continue to push to make it happen because she’s definitely liking the idea as we soon see her working on building support for it.

If your comment does not add to the conversation or is insulting to others, it will be removed.
If Paulie wins next HOH, which is very possible, she doesn’t need to become a target of his for siding with the flip on him. She’s every bit as catty and nasty as she claims the others are and she would dump James in a New York minute if Corey or Victor gave her the time of day! During the epic 6 hour comp that James won, she’s shown cuddling a sleeping Paul, I was a bit surprised at the time. She was apparently interested in him after Vic dropped her like a hot potato and when Corey politely declined, her bitter betty kicked in. Then again, he held out hope last year when Meg REPEATEDLY told him clearly & kindly that there was nothing there.
And his confidence that he could attract what most people consider to be a beautiful woman is also attractive to some. I understand people can get insecure men women everyone but if Corey wanted Nat she would be his and they would be together! Lots of little things he says and does to and with Nicole tell the tale, NOT what he tells James, Paulie, or anyone else! It is also one of a minority of foods which provide more than minimal restoration to both the player's Dehydration and Starvation levels while in Hardcore mode.
Combined with the ability to make prickly pear fruit from Salient Green this consumable can become very plentiful and cost-effective, more so than stimpaks.
They usually wear them toRead More   Natural Hair Care TipsTaking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. Not only that but he points out that thanks to his Care Package power she would only need 3 votes if he was aiding her in the process. He says Michelle suggested she would make big moves and go after big players other than either of them. You’re concerned that Paulie could use someone to come after you but you want to look out for protecting them? Natalie says she’s onboard and has been working with Michelle to make this work if she stays. If they are gonna go through with this flip on him, she should continue to lay back, out of sight, out of mind like she is, and let them start targeting each other before she picks a side. Kept as a nom, assured safety by someone she trusts but evicted anyway because the house flips. They save Michelle this week, she’ll probably get back to her crusade to get rid of the nicest person in the house, Bridgette before anything else. She is super catty bitchy jealous and while mostly observant she knows why she is on the block with Z! Then he got mad when she started dating someone & outed their relationship on Twitter in a fit of jealousy.
He just needs to choose better, learn to pick up on cues, and listen to them for Pete’s sake! You’re suppose to accept it and say nothing when a grown ass man wants to go into the bathroom with little girls, because that is where he feels most comfortable despite terrified children. The wasteland needs you and there’s no harm in looking up a few hints on running Sanctuary or the Castle.Working hard to get your settlements up to 100 Happiness? If she had Paul’s vote locked up then he and Natalie could join in and save Michelle.
If you’re going to burn someone then really burn someone here and let him vote out Michelle who would stay.
She knows she had no alliance friendship or hardly any communication with V so why would he not put them up? LOTS of fans AND that prick Jozea!) need to leave him alone about it – it’s none of THEIR damn business how Corey handles his own!!
I think he simply chose to think that there was more to it or that Meg would change her mind and that’s on him.
Nicole has won that battle and is insecure about it as so what if Nat was interested in Corey at the beginning of the show.
I see it as trying to save oneself by trying to get someone else nominated – preferably someone NOT in your own alliance.
Looking to fashion an army that will wear whatever you want them to?You’re going to need all the Fallout 4 Settlement tips and tricks to make that happen. The rest of us engage in respectful conversation with one another despite not agreeing, so you can either be civil with us or go away.
Thankfully Non-Fiction Gaming has just the details you need to build a sustainable town.Unlocking the Benevolent Leader AchievementBenevolent Leader is a tough achievement to get in Fallout 4. The way she treated B never mind Tiff and the things she said about most people in the house!
Also just her comments with M about how Nat should not have gotten the 1st ACP with her gift of not being a have not anymore and lame socks and toothpaste really? She admitted to playing bad game and the things that M says plus her fake crying and is an emotional wreck she needs to go! They need to team up with others so why not M who is mostly alone besides her friendship with Z! Also even her family admitted she is a bully and her brother almost committed suicide because of being bullied!

Plus, Paulie is only concerned about Paulie anyway and would not want to get involved with another girl. Yes so much can be missed if you do not watch the feeds as that tells MOST of the story besides lots of guesswork.
If happiness falls too low, you can lose control of a settlement.Some structures such as defence posts and shops require you to assign settlers manually.
That is why it is good to have these posts to fill in each other about what us fans have missed?
James Natalie Corey and then Nicole would be the nicest people in the house probably in that order.
None of us know probably even half of what is truly going on in the house and not just game wise. The button to equip them is listed on the bottom of the screen in the trade menu and varies by platform. Yes I will agree about Nic getting someone out not in her alliance is a smart move but if I was Nat I would say listen we are not in an alliance so go ask someone else!
So if you have 20 settlers and want them to be really happy, have at least 40 food.Each settler can usually work 6 food worth.
I would even be thinking we are not friends but keeping your mouth quiet in that CRAZY house is tough.
Settlers will always drink from a local water source, then draw water that is needed from a supply line.
Mattresses make them happier than sleeping bags, and beds with frames make them happier than mattresses. These shops will also generate passive income over time and are a great way not to go broke in the Commonwealth.
Initial investment can be a bit steep, but it soon pays off.You have to have two points in the Local Leader perk from the Charisma tree (requires 6 CHA and level 14) to be able to build shops. Profit deposited into your workbench will be based on the number of settlers you have.DefenceYour settlement has chance of being attacked.
A base with less defence than the total of its combined resources is likely to be attacked.
A base with a 2X Defence to Resources ratio is almost never attacked.Make your defences high up and hard to access. Build or use natural choke points and defend them heavily.Defend the inside of your base, too. Enemies can and will spawn inside your walls.Put your generators well behind your defences. They are primary targets keep them safe.Supply LinesSupply Lines connect the workshops of settlements. Provisioners can not be killed, thought they may be mortal on Survival difficulty.Like all settler they can be equipped including guns, grenades, and Combat Armour. The key will be displayed in the list at the bottom of the screen and varies by platform.Power GeneratorsMedium Generators are the lowest net junk cost per power produced.
Use large generators if you are at your build limit and need space.Lights do not consume power but must be near a Power Coupler to work.
If your base is full, you can move a settler to another settlement, and that settlement can grow again.A Bell or a Siren will alert settlers to danger.
Your settlers will use it on their own when they see danger.Brahman might, one day, for a few seconds, hang out at a Brahman Feeding Trough. Do not believe their lies.Once your settlers are nice and well fed, assign excess settlers to the Scavenger Stations. Once your base is set up feel free to decorate liberally.Caravans can be added to your settlements by completing a quest chain in Bunker Hill.
First clear the National Guard Armoury for Deb, then talk to Kessler to get the quest Kill Zeller. This will cause the traders from Bunker Hill to stop at your settlements.Anything Missing?Do you know how I can tell if someone is a Synth?
They don’t leave a comment below when they have other Fallout 4 Settlement tips to add.
Medium generator take place of 6 small generators, and makes only 5 energy, while small generators placed on the same space, make 12 energy.
Big generator take place of 8 small generators, and have hight of 2 floors, so its basically 16 small generators, and makes only 10 energy, while small generators placed on the same space, make 16*3=48 energy. If you have WW DLC – just scrap all your generators and build one reactor for 100 energy (two, if you real energy waster, noone can waste more than 200 energy in this game).So i pass the sinth test, or i have to destroy all humans in this location?
If you turn it off without replacing it with a pylon your power grid will be broken at that point, only being powered on the end where the generator is located. Settlement was getting busy so I turned off the beacon for a bit… resources on the generator end continued to work.

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