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The compact kit is small enough to fit in your pants pocket, in the back of your cycling jersey or attached to your belt through the use of the belt loops. Each item is labeled so you know what it is and there is a personal space section for you to include any additional items such as medications. We recommend the compact kit accompany you during sporting events including cycling, running, BMX, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering, caving, and endurance races.
The best Australia- wide compliant KIT for the home (and it is compliant if your home is a place of work). A world class leader, Survival prides itself in leading the first aid industry in design and manufacture.
You can rest assured that our products are 100% legit, shipped straight from the manufacturers warehouse. Survival Emergency Solutions has created innovative first aid kits and solutions for your workplace, vehicle and home in Australia.
The PLUS version of our workplace first aid kits provides you with everything you need to prepare your workplace for an emergency. The wall bracket means you can place your kit in a prominent and accessible area in your workplace.
Product arrived within 1 wk of purchase with tracking info supplied.Product is lt wt and durable - easy to hang on wall. The handy kit contains just enough first aid equipment to get you by until major medical help arrives.

No home is completely prepared until it has the right first aid component and knowledge on how to respond to an emergency. By purchasing this family bundle, you are preparing your family as best as you can for any emergency.
Formerly known as the Ranger Kit, the Explorer First Aid KIT is our Vehicle KIT with the addition of 50ml Antiseptic Liquid, Multi Tool, Instant Ice Pack, 2 extra Crepe Bandages, Ticked Off Spoon and Sewing Kit. The added components complete the Explorer First Aid KIT and make it so useful for anyone who has kids or works outdoors. This is the best kit in Australia for anyone who is active and is constantly in the outdoors. In the Explorer kit, you get the same first aid kit that is called the Vehicle KIT and you get the Bites and Stings module and an antiseptic liquid. This kit is perfect for you if space and weight are key priorities but you also don't want to jeopardise your safety. The PLUS kit also comes with a wall bracket and a copy of the award winning First Aid Emergency Handbook.
This First Aid Emergency Handbook contains detailed instructions for just about any emergency that you are likely to experience in the home or workplace. It contains 2 smaller first aid kits for the cars, 1 large first aid kit for the home and also includes our Emergency First Aid Handbook. It contains all the essential first aid components so that you can respond to a minor injury right through to a major emergency.

We keep the larger kit in the pantry, the 2 smaller kits in mine and the hubby's car and the handbook has gone on the fridge. We’ve included enough first aid components to get you by until you can seek further medical treatment at a hospital or GP. You can store the handbook in the wall bracket or on the fridge thanks to a large magnet on the top of the book. It is not until you are in the middle of an emergency that you will realise just how you will respond. Imagine being 200kms from help and being able to quickly find the right bandage for a snake bite or see clearly to apply burn gel to a serious burn. Having our emergency first aid handbook always accessible will give you piece of mind so that you can safely respond to just about any emergency that will arise. Every component has a label on it so that you can quickly find the right item during an emergency. This label also tells you how many of each components you should have and therefore makes restocking super easy.

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