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The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. When considering building shelters in the desert, or any really hot climate for that matter, we need to think of layers and air flow. The open desert shelter is built by finding materials (such as rocks, boots, or bags) to hold the first tarp or poncho layer about two feet above the ground, while the area below may or may not be dug down some. In Modern Survival, all of the survival tips point everyone to the idea that one of the best ways to keep a home cool in the heat is to place your home in the ground.
Big advantage is that these shelters can be built quickly since two tarps are held by piling a bunch of materials up to hold them. If you like this and would like more, follow my RSS feed, and you will get updated content daily. I have spent many years learning wilderness survival, military survival, and urban survival.
Standing at only 30 cm (12 in.) tall, meerkats, also known as suricats, depend on group cooperation to survive in the Kalahari Desert.
These family groups, called gangs or mobs, are led by an alpha pair, with the female being the most dominant.

The meerkat is not currently endangered and is considered at lower risk of becoming endangered by the IUCN. You can help meerkats by spreading awareness of their vital role in the Kalahari’s ecological balance.
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One meerkat will stand on its hind legs, propped up by its tail, and act as a lookout while the rest of the mob is outside looking for food and frolicking in the sun.
Dark patches around their eyes help them be effective lookouts by reducing the glare of the sun, much like a baseball player who paints dark lines beneath his eyes. Their dark-skinned bellies are covered with only a thin layer of fur, allowing the meerkats warm themselves by lying face up in the sun. Their diet mostly consists of insects, which they sniff out using their enhanced sense of smell.
That said, by no means should they be disregarded; they play an important part in maintaining ecological harmony in the desert.

You can also support the Meerkat Magic Conservation Project, which uses funds raised through eco-tourism to subsidize landowners and farmers. You may also try to connect with me by following the link to my connect to the community page. Because survival of the pups is vital to sustaining their social unit, meerkats have been known to risk their lives trying to protect the young. They provide food for predators like jackals and eagles, and they curb pest infestation by eating insects. In this way, development and farming are decreased, allowing for increased preservation of meerkat habitat.

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