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Like all other Survival Mode levels, there are a lot of strategies you can use that will help you win. The main threats can differ, but notable ones include the Zomboni, Ladder Zombie, and Gargantuar. Being a hard level, it has ten flags and much more zombies, being harder than its regular counterpoint.
Using plants like Spikerock, Pumpkin, and heavy hitting plants like Cob Cannon will especially aid the player into winning.

You must use Sunflowers to win and it is helpful to plant Pumpkins on a lot of your plants, due to the fact that Gargantuars will launch Imps and it's an easy way to stall zombies without using up more lawn space. However, the player should not expect to use the same strategy every playthrough, as zombies will change every flag. Being set in Day, and the first one to contain ten waves of zombie hordes divided by two flags for each and for every two flags survived, the player will be given a chance to strategize by changing the set of plants they chose from the previous waves.
Melon-pults and Winter Melons are very useful because of splash damage, especially its upgrade's freezing effect.

Also, your plant selection may change every time you play as the zombies are randomized, so you might have Magnet-shrooms and Umbrella Leaves one time, but Tall-nut and Blover the next.

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