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Je viens vous presenter une carte pour Minecraft assez speciale car c’est tout simplement la Terre. Bonjour, cela fait 2 jours que je cherche comment telecharger cette maps mais je ny arrive pas. Three white men from Concord Baptist Church in Pickens, South Carolina (and we’ll tell you why their race is important in a moment), were in New York City this month for an annual week-long missions trip. The men allegedly stood at the public school’s front gate on Tuesday to hand out the invites during morning drop-off, a busy time during which children and parents flow into and out of the building.
What resulted was furor on the part of some who believe that it’s irresponsible and improper for missionaries to be taking such actions outside of a public school. While this may seem like an odd statement, apparently Heldring was uncomfortable with the racial differences between the three white missionaries and the diverse student body (67 percent of students at the school are African American). But the church denies these discriminatory claims and Concord Baptist Pastor Guy Roberts merely says that Jesus Christ is the message that the church wishes to spread. The pastor went on to say that the fliers in question didn’t contain scripture or Christian doctrine and that they were merely invitations for the children and families to consider. The school’s principal was apparently unaware of the dissemination of information for VBS, but Heldring later notified her. Comment what you think about it and maybe post a suggestion on what i should build in the future.This is not the hunger games map or something, so before you commenting!
If you want to use this build make sure you personal messege me the details or comment below.
I wish to use your amazing map for a roleplay on my channel, this will be my first video with an intro sequence, I'll be sure to put your name in the credits.

Hey could I use for for my minecraft roleplay its gonna be on my youtube channel and links to your channel and the link to map will be in description?
Hello, i'd like to use this map in a youtube video, full credit will be provided of course.
Hey i was looking to start my own server and make this the main lobby of it, of course credit would be given to you along with any videos the lobby would be in. Hello, I'm a builder of an anime server based out of Owari no Seraph server and would like to use this map. Using as my survival map, going to try and setttle up in one of the tall worn down buildings.Nicely done map Jellel. Is it ok if I use this map just to show someone an idea?A  I was just looking for a build to use.A  Dont worry, i'll credit you by including a link here. This is one of the questions following a controversy that erupted after Southern missionaries passed out fliers urging public school children to attend Bible school in New York City.
In an effort to help Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, a church in Park Slope, Brooklyn, bolster its membership, the missionaries stationed themselves outside P.S.
282 kids with gay parents and the fact that the school serves children of “Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Tenrikyo, Buddhist, Agnostic and Atheist parents,” he said. That’s why his parishioners have run a missions trip for young members to go to New York City and help out the community for the past 15 years.
Considering that this is a diverse public school and that young minds are impressionable, was the outside gate the most viable place to hand out fliers?

I have been looking for a good abandon city map to use as an adventure sort of server and this one fits perfectly. It is a city where most people are paying attention , because this city is the most prosperous city in the world.
I'm going to of course change it around myself (just because), but I wanted a 100% check with you first. And so far this is better than the new york city map i found, but im wondering if you could make one more modern, as in an abandoned version of a major city?
I use this place when I use feelsy music and just walk around like it's the end of the world.Thanks again for making it! Also i dont know if you know any mod developers, but it would be awesome to change all hostile mobs to fast vampire creatures that cant be in direct sunlight. Every build in this map has a interior aswell, (the game rules etc are on PMC) A big project this time :) .
Oh it took me about 3-4 weeks to make this haha but it was totally worth it and so fun to do!

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