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The legacies of todays conflicts can be seen in the enormous populations of the world’s largest refugee camps. As one of Africaa€™s oldest and largest refugee camps, Nakivale currently houses 68,996 people.
Prior to arriving in Thailand, refugees and asylum seekers experienced human rights violations such as torture, rape, forcible conscription of their children in the military, forced labor, and forced prostitution. If you want to learn more about the Karen people and the plight, read "A Land Without Evil" by Benedict Rogers. A team from Bethany is on a mission in Thailand this week to bring hope to lost and forgotten Burmese refugees.
The United Christian School:  The United Christian School along the Thai-Burma border currently has over 160 students from pre-K to 4th grade.
IDP Aid and Church Plants:  Providing food, supplies, education and planting churches for those living in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps are important to the survival and hope of the Burmese.
Hope House:  Along the Thai-Burma border is the Hope House, which provides temporary housing for women and children, small business training, Bible studies, worship services and English and Thai classes.

Refugee Camp Young Adult Church:  We have planted a church for young adults with over 100 members in one of the refugee camps in Thailand. Coast Guard crewmen, who are learning techniques including shelter construction and starting fires.
The camp faces extreme unemployment, as well as a contaminated water supply and electricity cuts. The ongoing violence in South Sudan has prompted 20,000 people to flee to Kenya as of February 2014. The population of this refugee camp has been steadily increasing since March 2013 due to drought and famine in Somalia.
They also estimate there to be 83, 660 people seeking asylum from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Due to extreme poverty and genocide of the Burmese minority groups by their own government, one out of every 10 children living in Burma will never live to see his or her fifth birthday. Many came to Thailand after having lived as internally displaced persons for long periods of time, and only after having exhausted all possible means of survival.

This school provides the opportunity for refugee children to receive an excellent education and learn about a relationship with Jesus Christ.
With scarce local resources, the majority of the camps depend on external aid for survival. After a sharp increase in registrations in February, the number of new registrations isA slowly decreasing.
UNHCR reports there are 101,402 refugees currently in the camp and that number has been decreasing since February 2014. For $20 a month, per child, you can provide a healthy meal, milk and vitamins each day, purchase books and curriculum, pay teachers salaries and upkeep on the buildings. The camp has faced several violent protests since it opened two years ago, mainly due to poor living conditions.

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