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Where are all these nuclear power plants that have been the cause of so much speculation?  Maybe in your back yard.  A full list is available at Wikipedia.
Many of the older reactors have been shut down as they become too expensive to maintain, obsolete or go past their permit date without an extension.  The cluster of dots on many locations are to show the multiple reactors per location. The USA has 104 nuclear power reactors in 31 states, operated by 30 different power companies.
LEARN NC is evaluating its role in the current online education environment as it relates directly to the mission of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education (UNC-CH SOE).
A reenactor portraying a Union cavalry officer explains the weapons and equipment carried by cavalry in the Civil War. The life of a soldier in the 1860s was an arduous one, and for the thousands of young Americans who left home to fight for their cause, it was an experience none of them would ever forget. A soldier’s home in camp was a rectangular piece of canvas buttoned to another to form a small two-man tent or dog tent as the soldiers called them. Army camps were like a huge bustling city of white canvas, sometimes obscured by smoke from hundreds of campfires.
Cavalrymen drilled with their sabers, both on foot and horseback, while artillerymen drilled with their cannons limbered up to the team of horses and unlimbered, ready to fire. Leisure activities were similar in either army and most of it was spent writing letters home.
Free time was also spent in card games, reading, pitching horseshoes, or team sports such as the fledgling sport of baseball, a game which rapidly gained favor among northern troops. Despite orders to the contrary, many soldiers kept pets with them including dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife. LEARN NC’s digital textbook for North Carolina History uses primary sources and multimedia to tell many stories about the past, not just one.
Part six explores the political, military, and social history of the state during the Civil War and Reconstruction.
LEARN NC, a program of the UNC School of Education, finds the most innovative and successful practices in K-12 education and makes them available to the teachers and students of North Carolina - and the world.
Of course there’s no rules when it comes to tiny homes there are no rules, no right or wrong. To say that one must make concessions when living in a small home is not a small statement. While my heart adores the tiny house movement, my collecting tendencies are in direct conflict with them.
As far as electronic entertainment goes, you would have room for a laptop and a flat screen television and that’s about it.
A tiny home is definitely not in the cards for us anytime soon, but maybe someday as a summer home. Schiele Museum Acorn Classic Campers will be demonstrating "Kephart" camping, cooking, etc. Bushcraft is about learning, sharing and practicing both traditional and modern outdoor and survival skills.
In 2008, the country generated 4,119 billion kWh net of electricity, 49% of it from coal-fired plants, 22% from gas and 6% from hydro. Military service meant many months away from home and loved ones, long hours of drill, often inadequate food or shelter, disease, and many days spent marching on hot, dusty roads or in a driving rainstorm burdened with everything a man needed to be a soldier as well as baggage enough to make his life as comfortable as possible. First introduced in 1862, every Union soldier was issued one for use during active campaign and the men joked that only a dog could crawl under it and stay dry from the rain.
Camps were considered temporary throughout the year until the winter months when the armies would establish winter quarters.
Oddly enough, marksmanship on a rifle range did not take precedence over other drill the soldiers learned for several reasons — the military believed that each man would shoot accurately when told to and the war departments did not wish to waste ammunition fired on random targets.
Reveille was sounded to begin the day at 5 AM, followed by an assembly for morning roll call and breakfast call. The Provost Marshal of the army was responsible for enforcing military rules, but regimental commanders also had the authority to dole out punishments for minor offenses. One regiment from Wisconsin even had a pet eagle that was carried on its own perch next to the regimental flags. Many of the men attended church services on a regular basis and some even carried small testaments with the rest of their baggage.
While technically any home less than 1,000 square feet is considered to be a tiny house, most of these new tiny homes are less than 500 square feet. While discussing the lifestyle differences he told me “in Texas, we had a swimming pool. Most neighborhoods have a minimum amount of square feet for a home; unsurprisingly, tiny homes rarely meet these requirements.
It borrows equipment and skills from a number of native cultures from around the world as well as from historical explorers, pioneers and woodsmen. Nuclear achieved a capacity factor of 91.1%, generating 805 billion kWh and accounting for almost 20% of total electricity generated in 2008.
There were long stretches of boredom in camp interspersed with moments of sheer terror experienced on the battlefield.

The tent could be easily pitched for the evening by tying each end to a rifle stuck in the ground by the bayonet or by stringing it up to fence rails. The soldiers would construct log huts that were large enough to accommodate several men, made of trees taken from any nearby source.
The average infantryman carried a muzzle-loading rifle-musket manufactured in American arsenals or one purchased from foreign countries such as England. After an hour of drill on that level, the company moved onto regimental level drills and parades.
Sick call was sounded soon after breakfast, followed by assemblies for guard duty, drill, or to begin the march. Petty offenses such as shirking camp duty or not keeping equipment in good order were usually treated with extra duties such as digging latrines, chopping wood, or standing extra hours on guard duty.
It was the only way for them to communicate with loved ones and inform the home folks of their condition and where they were. Soldiers also played a form of football that appeared more like a huge brawl than the game we know today, and often resulted in broken noses and fractured limbs. General Lee was purported to have had a pet chicken that faithfully delivered a fresh egg for the general everyday.
Images and other media may be licensed separately; see captions for more information and read the fine print. When you live in a 300 square foot home, you make to make choices like how many spoons do you really need to survive.
Some cities and neighborhoods fear what affect these small, inexpensive homes will have on property values. This traditional approach can be updated with appropriate modern technology, resulting in a kit and a skill set that includes the best of all worlds. While we are moving away from a focus on publishing, we know it’s important that educators have access to these kinds of resources. For these civilians turned soldiers, it was very difficult at first getting used to the rigors and demands of army life. Confederates did not receive shelter tents though some Confederate units were issued a variation of the tent, which they pitched as a lean-to or shelter. The logs were laid out on stones underneath the bottom log, in a rectangle and notched to fit tight at the corners and stones, brick, or mud-covered logs were formed into a small fireplace in one end. The bayonet was an important part of the rifle and its steel presence on the muzzle of the weapon was very imposing.
The soldier practiced guard mount and other procedures such as the Manual of Arms, which infantrymen learned for the rifle-musket. Drummers were also important on the march to keep soldiers in step during parades and to call them to attention.
Insubordination, thievery, cowardice, or other offenses were more serious and the guilty party was usually subjected to embarrassing punishments such as carrying a log, standing on a barrel, or wearing a placard announcing his crime. Thrifty soldiers sent their pay home to support their families and kept only a small amount to see them through until the next payday. Holidays were celebrated in camp with feasts, foot races, horse racing, music, boxing matches, and other contests. By far the most popular pets appears to have been dogs and their presence with a master in camp or on the march was often overlooked by high commanders.
These loyal officers also acted as assistants in field hospitals comforting the sick and wounded, and writing letters home for those who could not write. Many mobile home parks refuse to let tiny homes park there if they weren’t built by a certified builder. As the war progressed it was very common for a Confederate camp to be filled with captured Union tents as well as captured blankets, canteens, and haversacks.
When not in battle, the bayonet was a handy candle holder and useful in grinding coffee beans.
In battle, drums were sometimes used to signal maneuvers and give signals for the ranks to load and fire their weapons.
The arrival of mail in camp was a cause for celebration no matter where the soldiers were and there was sincere grumbling when the mail arrived late. But while on active campaign, the soldiers were limited to writing, cleaning uniforms and equipment, and sleeping. Chaplains held field services for their respective units and most accompanied the soldiers as they marched onto the battlefield.
And then I would need to get rid of the book, because it wouldn’t fit in the tiny home either. That said, we’re directing our resources into our newest efforts, so we won’t be adding to the archive or updating its contents. Discipline was first and foremost a difficult concept to understand, especially in the beginning when the officer one had to salute may have been the hometown postmaster only a few weeks before. Confederates especially prized the Union rubber blankets, which were not manufactured in the south and were ideal as a ground cloth or overhead shelter. The typical rifle-musket weighed eight and one-half pounds and fired a conical shaped bullet called the Minie Ball.

This formation was first devised when the single-shot, muzzle loading musket became the normal weapon on the battlefield, the close ranks being a necessity because of the limitations of the musket.
The artillery and cavalry relied solely on buglers who were as important in their roles as the drummers were to the infantry. In the artillery, the guilty person might be tied to the spare wheel on the back of a caisson.
Both the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry and the 1st Maryland Infantry (CSA) had singular dogs that followed the men through the most difficult campaigns including Gettysburg.
Father William Corby, the chaplain of the Irish Brigade, is best remembered for his granting of unconditional absolution to the members of the brigade before they marched into battle in the Wheatfield on July 2nd.
A vacation or leave of absence from active duty for a person enlisted in the military.artillery n. The tall ceilings give both the illusion of being larger then they are, and are often home to lofts and additional storage.
It is not unusual in a tiny house for the bedroom, the living room, and the office to all be the same small room. Everything in the house has multiple uses: couches have storage underneath, kitchen counters become kitchen tables, desks fold into walls, and stairs hide cabinet drawers.
This means that as the North Carolina Standard Course of Study changes in the future, we won’t be re-aligning resources.
Uniforms issued in both armies were not quite as fancy as those worn by the hometown militias, and soldiering did not always mean fighting. Bullets were made of very soft lead and caused horrible wounds which were difficult to heal. Yet, by 1861, new technology had made the old fashioned smoothbore musket nearly obsolete with the introduction of the rifle musket. When not playing for their respective regiments, musicians were often combined with regimental or brigade bands to play marching tunes or provide field music for parades, inspections, and reviews.
Desertion, spying, treachery, murder, or threats on an officer’s life were the most serious offenses to which the perpetrator was condemned to military prison or shot by a firing squad.
Packages from home contained baked goods, new socks or shirts, underwear, and often soap, towels, combs, and toothbrushes. Sallie, the 11th Pennsylvania’s unofficial mascot, is remembered in a bronze likeness on the regimental monument at Gettysburg and symoblized there for its loyalty to the dead of the regiment. Father Corby was immensely popular with the men and in the post-war era became president of Notre Dame University. Permanent tiny houses often contain traditional plumbing and electrical solutions, while the mobile kind more closely resemble camper trailers and often utilize things like composting toilets and solar panels. Our full-text and tag searches should make it possible for you to find exactly what you need, regardless of standards alignment.
The artillery was composed of both rifled and smoothbore cannon, each gun served by a crew of fourteen men including the drivers.
By the time of the Gettysburg Campaign, the rifle musket made up the majority of infantry weapons in both the Union and Confederate armies though it took much longer for the tactics to change. Crimes committed against civilians were also punishable by the army and felons were executed by hanging before a formation of soldiers.
Union soldiers often spent their free time at the sutler’s store, comparable to the modern post exchange, where they could purchase toiletries, canned fruit, pocketknives, and other supplementary items, but usually at exorbitant prices.
The canine that accompanied the 1st Maryland was regrettably killed in action on July 3 at Culp’s Hill, after having participated in the charge of the regiment. Metal fittings had to be polished, horses groomed and watered, fields had to be cleared for parades and drill, and there were water details for the cook house. The role of the artillery was to support the infantry while the infantry role was to either attack or defend, depending on the circumstances. Even with the advance of the rifle musket, the weapons were still muzzle loaders and officers believed that the old-fashioned drill formations were still useful to insure a massing of continuous firepower that the individual soldier could not sustain.
Struck by the animal’s gallantry and loyalty to its human companions, a Union officer ordered that the animal be given a proper burial alongside the dead of 1st Maryland. Guard duty meant long hours pacing up and down a well-trod line, day or night, rain or shine, always on watch for a foe who might be lurking anywhere in the hostile countryside. The result of this slow change was a much higher than anticipated rate of casualties on the battlefield. A furlough was hard to come by as every man was needed in the field and few men ever had a chance to visit home. Instead they depended on the generosity of folks at home or farmers and businessmen near the camps. The role of mounted troops had expanded by the time of Gettysburg, with cavalry divisions acting as skirmishers and fighting mounted and on foot in pitched battles such as Brandy Station, Virginia on June 9, 1863. Other branches of the armies included the signal corps, engineers, medical and hospital corps, as well as supply organizations including the quartermasters.

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