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Survival AnalysisA class of statistical procedures for estimating the survival function (function of time, starting with a population 100% well at a given time and providing the percentage of the population still well at later times). In this survival dataset, there are two types of treatment groups, denoted by 6-MP and control. Note: if you happen to click on the "Clear" button in the middle of the procedure, all the data will be cleared out.
Survival analysis is a statistical methodology to study the occurrence of an event over time.
A graphical representation of typical survival data is depicted in Figure 1, which shows study recruitment over time. Survival analysis regression aims at investigating and quantifying the impact subject and study factors have on the time until the event occurs. This example is based on a dataset from "Modern Applied Statistics with S" by Venables and Ripley, Fourth Edition, Springer, 2002.
As you start the SOCR Analyes Applet, click on "Survival Analysis" from the combo box in the left panel. It is referred to as survival analysis because it was originally derived in contexts where the event was death, but the event under study need not be death. These factors are often measured at study entry (t0) for each individual participant, and their effect on time to event is quantified via the hazard function of the survival time distribution.

This is done by "Mapping." Click on the "Mapping" button to assign columns to proper variables. Now we can let the computer show us the survival analysis results by click on the "Result" button. Examples from the social sciences where survival analysis can be used are studies that investigate time from marriage until separation or divorce and intervals between births. The hazard function models the rates at which events occur as a function of subject and study factors. If no event is observed during the study period, the last known event-free time point is marked with a circle. The RED and BLUE (dark blue) lines are the estimated survival curves, and the PINK and CYAN lines are their 95% CI.
The most frequently used model for analyzing survival data is the Cox proportional hazards model (a semiparametric model).
A censored observation can arise from the fact that a participant is lost to follow-up during the observation period or from a limited observation period, that is, the event might occur some time after the observation period has ended. It assumes that hazard rates are proportional over time but does not make distributional assumptions regarding survival times. Examples of parametric methods are the Weibull and accelerated failure time models, which assume specific statistical distributions for survival times in addition to assuming proportional hazards.

A right censored observation indicates that occurrence of the event, if it happens, will take place after the time that contact is lost with the participant or after the end of the observation period. Standard models assume independence between observations, but extensions of the models are available to accommodate dependencies (frailty models) between observations. Extensions also exist to accommodate multiple events, competing events, and factors that might change over time. On one hand the extension to multiple events and competing events is conceptually straightforward. Analysis involving factors that might change over time, on the other hand, are both technically and conceptually more involved. Survival analysis regression has been used extensively and successfully in various fields to quantify the impact of different factors on time to event.

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