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There is a region of six groups of islands, commonly referred to as The Six by the inhabitants.
Now, the new discovery of the illustrious Skyworld has sent the most powerful tribe in each island group in a mad dash to claim it for their own. The reason that Skyworld is so renowned is because of the minerals that it has within its mines.
The recipes in-game are not entirely realistic as we all know, so try and incorporate as much realism as possible into them as possible.
The blacklist is a private list kept by me that has the names of those that are not allowed to join any of my role-plays. If you are planning to use one of the horses, make sure that you have read the information on them (I will know if you don’t).
If you are still interested in joining after all of that reading, fill out the following form and send it to me in whatever way you please (just not on this thread).
I don't expect this role-play to be used frequently, as I know that many of you are back to full-time classes, as am I. If you have any questions regarding this role-play, please direct them at my message wall and I'd be happy to answer them. Banana had to hurry if he was to successfully collect the mithril he needed before sunrise.
His people lived on basin, living off the deer there and largely relying on bows and arrows, as other weaponry was too heavy to carry during flight. As the two men left the room, they were replaced by a tall, thin man, who looked the kind of person who would feel no remorse after stabbing Banana in the throat with a blunt stone knife. Coal island was the mountainous island of Nara. It had all of the resources to survive, and even though food was scarce, trading steel and and heavy armour was worth it. She spends her afternoon in the library, seated next to a table reading her father's journals. Marceline reads about alchemy, history of some fighting techniques she was taught by her mother, and some about her father's explorations. She has no interest in exploration; living peacefully in her castle with her sister is all she wants now. Back then, things were different; life for her was very exciting as she was a prankster and a sadist to the tribes around them.
After eating dinner, she clumsily walks into her bedroom and accidentally jumps into her sister's bed. Being a seasoned seafarer and a man of many friends, I have heard many stories about mysterious and unknown lands. We planned our trip, my wife and I, and set out before daybreak bringing along our three beautiful children. Looking oustide the window, she realizes that it must be very late, and she's already feeling sleepy. After quickly suiting up Ambroscus and herself, the pair charged out into the rain, straight toward where the boat was docking. One of the four walked over to her and Ambroscus, and instinctively, Animia gee the cue for the horse to back up.
I am getting back into the role-play swing of things since the previous two that were started here have been popular. Being rude to other users will not be tolerated, and will also get you blocked from the wiki.
If you leave the role-play, you will not be allowed to rejoin, because you’ve shown me that you don’t want to be a part of it.
You can choose any island group you wish (except for Skyworld), and you can start out anywhere you like. If there is a rather large event that will take place that will alter the course of the story (eg; destroying a tribe) it must be taken to me first.

I do not like blacklisting people, but in order to maintain that my rules are enforced, I need to have it. Then, send me the information (found in the breed sheet in the information link) regarding the horse so that I can draw up the import sheet (as all horses used in this role-play will also go on deviantART as immortal group horses). As well as that, I also know that there are other aspects of life where you need to focus on, as I have them too (like writing my novel). Sitting on her bed, and looking at the bed beside her, knowing that there used to be someone there.
From the kitchen, she could hear the chickens' loud clucking along with the echoes in the cave beside her. She climbs up the lighthouse and shoots the dummies all around the castle using her crossbow.
His blue wings shined brilliantly in the moonlight, his Harpy background was a good way to start out life.
They were a formidable force, although prefered to stay hidden after the last time humanity found them. Animia had lost track of how long she had stayed at the island, but her solo settlement was nearly complete.
Ambroscus had been the first Crysos Warhorse that she had found, and he had bonded with her quickly.
On any other day, at this time, she would have been taking Ambroscus out on a run, but with the rain, it was too risky. When she turned back, she got the adrenaline high, seeing that there was a ship fast approaching her island.
We had supplies enough to last us three months; the estimated length of the trip is at two months maximum, including the possibility of storms and lack of winds, so that should suffice. Animia had one hand holding the reins of her horse, and the other one lying on the hilt of her heavy sword, which was the best tier of steel weaponry that Nara had to offer.
Still, Animia didn’t trust any of them, and kept her hand on her sword under the table that they sat at. This time, I decided to create a really awesome backstory to this one, and it will be much grander in scale.
Many people fled from Nara once those from the huge Tyrianis tribe attacked the entire colony. Coal, tin, copper, and the elusive magnite can also be found (listed in order of least rare to most rare).
Therefore, anyone who violates these rules will have their character removed, will be blacklisted, and will not be able to join any of my role-plays again, so read these carefully. Creating arguments inside of the story is fine because that is what it is based off of, but going to the extent to insult someone is too much. Small typos are fine, but purposely disregarding these things shows a lack of caring, and tells me that you do not care for the role-play, and will have no problem with me removing you from it. I can see if you are away for a day, but if you lack the spirit to post, then I’ll remove your character for inactivity. A poll will be set up under the Current Events heading and left up for a week, or however long I feel that all role-play members have voted (give yourself time to role-play consistently thorough that time so there isn’t a time gap). After that is done, you have freelance ownership until this role-play dies, or if you leave the role-play, when I reclaim them back. I understand if this role-play isn't very active, which is why I'm updating the time manually.
She looks at her from the distance, as her sister is grabbed by the tribesmen and pulled into another ship.
As the Snowpeak tribe dawned closer, he started to drop lower and lower, making sure to land in a secluded area so he could prepare for the theft he was about to pull off. That was a dark time, and one Banana had to push out of his mind as he carefully inserted his wings into a fake backpack, so as to hide the identity of his race should he be seen.

She lived in a two-story house that she had built herself on the top of the mountain, and had high walls built around the two top areas of the mountain.
His long horn glowed in spots, as well as the tips of the mountain-like markings on his sides. Even though he had lived forever in the mountains (as he was a rare immortal), Animia still didn't trust herself to ride when the paths were slippery. She stood up, trying to contain her emotions within herself, but she knew that she had five minutes to arm herself and Ambroscus to defend their territory.
The zeal and malevolence in her smile was replaced by happiness that seeing her family brought her.
She puts the pillow away, uncovers the mattress and looks for the object that hit her head. It is rarely heard of, and those who do know it have looked for it to the extent of most of the realm, and are still looking. The only people I had discussed it and got sufficient answers was the tribe in Equus; they told many stories of their explorations to the said place.
She halted Ambroscus so that they were standing abut twenty feet away from the group of four. The fire that she had in the fireplace was going strong, warming all of them up, and Ambroscus stood in his sturdy hut. Tin and copper can be combined to create bronze, iron and coal can be combined to make steel, and steel and bronze can be combined to create durabronze, which is stronger than bluesteel itself. Even though I am in a different timezone than some of you, I am very vigilant, and not much passes by me. Since there is a bias between sides, I will RNG the results, screenshot it for proof, and action will be taken.
I know that this wiki tends to stretch the rules as much as they can, but I am not going to tolerate any god-modding with the horses. She wears her belt and sheaths her knife on the left and a fighting stick on the right along with her quiver.
She sprints often, and leaves her exhausted by the time she has done three full laps around the walls, including above the crenellations and up and down the towers. As she climbs down slowly and in complete silence, she throws her knife to the dummy beside the door resembling a guard; then she knocks its head off with her stick as she takes her knife back. He found his way into the storehouse, and started to take the mithril he had been tasked with obtaining. One area had her chicken and deer, as well as a storehouse, and another area had her magnificent farm of berries, apples, and cotton. They warned me about other people wanting that knowledge(which they only gave me since I was a close firend of the tribe leader.) and that they would do anything to have it. There is a section on one of the islands within Nara that is completely torched because of the attacks. If I see any, you will be blacklisted and the horses will be removed from the role-play altogether. I am doing this because I want to see how others perceive the horses, not so that they can be used to demolish entire islands. Banana looked on in fear as two burly men walked up and grabbed him by the arms, and threw him into a cell. There are skills that simply help you like Foraging (makes you forage faster) and Swimming (makes you swim longer). Other skills like Architecture, Masonry, Cooking, Carpentry, Smithing, Fishing, Crafting, Engineering, Chemistry and Carpentry have to do with the type of stuff you can make.

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