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As a result of both this and the mithril version having the same chance of mining, this is less seen as the mithril pickaxe has a shorter reload time, and the fact the bluesteel pickaxe only does more damage makes the mithril pick far better, as defensive weaponry is already filled out by the sword.
A fully-lit lantern lasts 10 minutes, longer than any other type of non-admin tool that brightens caves. Lanterns are unique in the aspect that when they go out, you can click on a burning object while holding it and it will be re-lit. When they are equipped, there is a large circle of light that surrounds the player, as shown in the picture.

Lanterns can be dropped on the ground by hitting backspace while equipped, and they still provide the same circle of light.
For this reason, some use them to light up their housing areas during the night or in caves, or they are placed on lighthouses.

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