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First Aid, CPR and AED recertification courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid. Refresh your knowledge and learn new techniques to keep your training up to date. Prerequisites for a Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation recertification’s require candidates to have award issued within 3 years. Recertification’s at Vancouver First Aid are offered frequently, at convenient locations and at competitive prices throughout the Lower Mainland.
We understand that most people require recertification’s in order to remain employed.
Our instructors are excited to teach you and we look forward to teaching you in any one of our first aid, AED or CPR recertification courses. Click on one of the tabs in our menu for more information about our first aid and cpr recertification’s.
Recertification of Standard First Aid is achieved by attending an 8 hour Standard First Aid Recert Clinic. Successful candidates that have shown all pre-requisites will be issued a temporary certification card on the last day of course. Candidates can recertify any time, however, if it has been more than 5 years since your last recertification, it is recommended (but not required) to attend a full Standard First Aid course to ensure success. All standard first aid courses, if provided through a credible provider, meet Health Canada regulations and standards. We offer standard first aid and CPR courses throughout Canada at convenient and comfortable locations. Remedies for an ingrown toenailAugust 5th, 2016An ingrown toenail is a condition that usually affects the big toe.
Workplace approved standard first aid is one of the most popular first aid and CPR classes available to Canadians. All of our training partners have the highest standards in cleanliness, convenience and knowledgeable instructors. We are partnered with St Mark James standard first aid training providers throughout the Country. The standard first aid course providers listed above meet several important criteria that customers value in terms of registering, learning and receiving workplace approved first aid certification.

With these criteria in mind we have partnered with the best workplace approved first aid and CPR providers throughout Canada.
All of our workplace approved standard first aid providers also offer individual and private courses for groups and business. Take the most comprehensive course available by taking workplace approved standard first aid. Renewal courses are available in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Delta, Richmond and Coquitlam. Our recertification courses are rarely cancelled and we rarely have a maximum number of candidates as we have large facilities with a lot of highly qualified instructors. Without quick intervention from trained individuals in first aid and CPR the chances of recovery are almost zero. Participants have the opportunity to select from a variety of CPR level’s to partner the course. Certificates last for 3 years and re-certification courses are available to candidates that want to renew expiring or expired awards. It is also one of the most comprehensive courses that many workplaces and school requires students and employee’s to possess certification in. All providers offer the certificates to successful candidates that meet government legislative requirements and workplace and academic standards. To inquire or to book a certified workplace approved course in your area select your location from the main menu or from the highlighted section above. This course will teach candidates to be prepared to deal with almost any emergency that can occur with a loved one, stranger or family member.
Recertification courses are affiliated through the Red Cross, Lifesaving Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation. Some locations, such as Vancouver and Surrey, have several training locations to help serve you better.
However, with training from a workplace approved standard first aid course the chances of recovery are significantly raised.
The average standard first aid class takes approximately 16 hours but it is dependant on the skill level of the class, the province in which the course is provided, and ultimately the workplace approved instructor teaching the course.

Cost of the course includes workplace approved certification fee, first aid manual and all applicable taxes. We are partnered with a number of workplace approved standard first aid course providers that are located throughout Canada. All certificates provided through our workplace approved providers are current for 3 years.
To register for any course candidates can visit our training partners websites and either call, email or register on-line. Standard first aid is one of the most comprehensive courses that St Mark James Training has to offer.
Included in the training is knowledge and skill in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) which drastically increase the chances of survival for patients that require CPR. Learn a variety of skills and comprehensive first aid and CPR by taking a standard first aid course. To register for a course select your location from the side bar and fill out the registration form to guarantee yourself a spot in the class.
All courses include training in the application of advanced equipment such as automated external defibrillators.
Our standard first aid training partners are located throughout Canada in almost every major city. This website will outline the topics covered in the course and some additional information for the advanced rescuer. To register with any of our high quality, low prices standard first aid training providers select your area from the selection above or from the menu.

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