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Having a basic car first aid kit in their cars should be something that all drivers here in the UK should aspire to. You can put your own basic car first aid kit together using the list shown below, or you can buy one of a number of different vehicle first aid kits that have been assembled in accordance with BS8599-2, as approved by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). A basic car first-aid kit containing these items should ensure you are prepared for dealing with most minor emergencies.
If you are looking for anything specific and you want to check if it is in stock, call us on (+44) 020 7382 0505. Contains first aid emergency notes card, emergency foil blanket, 10 plasters, large and medium dressings, 1 pairs of nitrile gloves, 2 alcohol free antiseptic wipes, 6 safety pins, 4 blister plasters, crepe bandage, tough cut scissors, hypo- allergenic tape, 1 pack of gauze swabs and a pen. FIRST AID is the application of limited care for an illness or injury,using the equipment of the First Aid Kit until professional medical help can be accessed. Sterile Medical Emergency Absorbent Combine ABD Pads Dressing For Wound Care Description : Medical combine ABD pad is a sterile , highly absorbent dressing .
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Ideal portable first aid kit to assist in the provision of basic first aid for minor injuries, including appropriate safety items to protect the first Aider. A good starting point for putting together a camping first aid kit is to purchase a kit that's the size you like.

Also, most basic kits are pretty skimpy on large gauze pads or even athletic tape for taping an ankle or fashioning a splint.
You can pretty much count on having to supplement your basic kit with other rudimentary devices and treatments.
Obviously, one needs to consider those you camp with, as laxatives, ammonium or allergy medicine might be appropriate for certain people. And finally it's good to know what to do with all that stuff, so at least read the information that comes with your basic kit, preferably before you need it. If you haven’t got one already, call us or drop in to our walk-in GP clinic in-house pharmacy today.
Almost everyone will need to use a First Aid Kit at one point.Be prepared to prevent further injury and save a life. Great use for travel which is easy to carry and equip various first aid components that are needed for first aid. The combine ABD pads have a moisture resistant barrier which provides padding and protection for large surgical wounds . I sort of prefer a pouch type arrangement so it's easy to stick in a day pack should you want to venture out on a hike or two.
I start by transferring a little rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to some smaller containers.

If you find yourself as the coordinator for large functions, like scouts, you might want to take a first aid class or ask your local fire department or EMT's if they would do a little basic first aid training for you and even your troops.
Many new vehicles have them fitted as standard kit, and they are becoming a popular aftermarket accessory on many used vehicles. It's likely the kit will have an array of non prescription medications, bandages, sterile wipes, anti septic etc.. Also good to have, are Carmex or lip balm, eye drops or better yet an eye wash kit, and antacids (especially if the cook is in to green chiles ;-) In the tool department, toenail clippers, scissors and tweezers will prove to be handy.
I also thread a needle somewhere into the wall of the inside of the pouch, just in case it becomes necessary to mine out a splinter (although, you first want to try soaking a splinter in hot salt water for 10 or 15 minutes, as sometimes, they will just pop right out with a little squeeze.) Not pictured is something I keep in my vehicle, an eye glass repair kit. Cayenne pepper is good for stopping bleeding and you want something that can be used for a sling just in case you need to immobilize an arm or, god forbid, fashion a tourniquet.

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