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With the start of a Northeastern Derecho storm front I thought it would be a good time to discuss how to prepare for a severe thunderstorm and derecho windstorms. Thunderstorms affect relatively small areas when compared with hurricanes and winter storms, but can have an expansive area if it forms a Derecho windstorm. Discuss severe thunderstorms and other severe storms with your family and store necessary provision in a family go bag, also known as a Bug Out Bag (BOB), in case you have to vacate your home.
If you see or hear a thunderstorm coming, go inside a sturdy building or car. Sturdy buildings are the safest place to be. If you can’t get inside, or if you feel your hair stand on end, which means lightning is about to strike, hurry to a low, open space immediately. Stay away from tall things like trees, towers, fences, telephone lines, or power lines. They attract lightning. Stay away from metal things that lightning may strike, such as umbrellas, baseball bats, fishing rods, camping equipment, and bicycles. Lightning is attracted to metal and poles or rods. If you are boating or swimming, get to land immediately. Stay away from rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water and get off the beach. Turn off the air conditioner and television, and stay off the phone until the storm is over. Lightning can cause electric appliances, including televisions and telephones, to become dangerous during a thunderstorm. The use of candles should be kept to a minimum and only be lit in rooms that are occupied by an adult.  Do not light candles in bedrooms or in areas exposed to high traffic or left unattended. DODGE CITY, KS (AP) — Authorities say at least two people were critically injured and rural homes were damaged in Kansas amid severe storms that swept across the Plains.
A statement early Wednesday from the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department says the storms downed trees and power lines and damaged outbuildings and rural homes. The statement says emergency management officials in Ford County reported two people were critically injured and taken to a hospital in Dodge City. Authorities say one person drowned when a vehicle was swept off a road in central Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the drowning happened early Wednesday near the small town of Davenport, which is about 50 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. The highway patrol says the vehicle was swept into a drainage culvert, and one person was pinned in the floodwaters and drowned.
The National Weather Service says three to six inches of rain fell in parts of Oklahoma, and a flood warning is in effect through Wednesday afternoon. SKYWARN is a nationwide network of volunteer weather spotters who are trained by and report to the National Weather Service (NWS). SKYWARN dates to 1965, when the NWS survey team formed to investigate the April 1965 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak found a lack of coordinated severe storm spotting networks. SKYWARN spotter networks are usually activated whenever there is a threat of severe weather, which is usually preceded by the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Tornado Watch, Flood Watch or some other type of watch. No matter how much you and others plan, something may happen that you don’t expect and don’t have the tools to deal with on your own.  After a catastrophe, connecting with others to share information, identify those who need help, provide first aid and pool resources will increase your abilities to make it through until emergency services are available. You can become even more prepared to help yourself and others by participating in a training or getting involved.
Monthly seasonal safety topics it is important to address seasonal safety topics so people practice safe and healthy habits throughout the year many public and. Archived monthly safety topics 2014 safety topics january navigating isnetworld, pics, pec & other prequalification processes february fall protection in the. March safety awareness severe weather • know your emergency plan on where to seek shelter in case of severe weather, tornado, or a fire • if you hear thunder. Listen to audio replays of the bureau of primary healthcare's monthly technical related topics : hospital disease a new jama viewpoint by patient safety. Copyright © 2016 Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Flood zones by zip code search com Search results for flood zones by zip code from search com do you have questions about flood zones by zip code Flood zones by zip code search com.

Did you know that kathy sabine scott crawford is one of the hottest topics in this category? Did you know that small beach weddings in california is most likely the most popular topics in this category? Crews installed a siren near sports fields on the campus of Cape Central High School and the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center in fall 2013.
Cape Girardeau is fortunate to have recently added 5 more outdoor warning sirens paid for by casino revenue. With springtime severe weather potentially around the corner, the increased number of outdoor sirens will be beneficial to our community and especially those attending many outdoor sporting events. Cape Girardeau’s outdoor sirens are tested at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. Circles overlay this Cape Girardeau map to show the reach of existing outdoor warning sirens. Sirens currently are sounded for weather alerts by city emergency personnel in Cape Girardeau if the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a tornado warning for anywhere in Cape Girardeau County.
Contrary to popular opinion, there is no official “tornado season.” Tornadic storms most frequently occur in the spring and early summer months, but severe weather of all types can occur any time during the year – including fall. Tornadoes often move from southwest to northeast, but have been known to move in any direction. For alerts from the National Weather Service, tune your NOAA weather radio to station KXI-93 at 162.550 MHz.
Knowing what to do and where to going in a severe thunderstorm can greatly reduce your chances of injury or death.
Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people each year than tornadoes.Heavy rain from thunderstorms can lead to flash flooding. This should be a place where there are no windows, skylights or glass doors, which could be broken by strong winds or hail, causing damage or injury.
Make yourself the smallest possible target for lightning and minimizing contact with the ground. Crouch down on the balls of your feet, place your hands on your knees and lower your head. Make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize contact with the ground. Show them how to place their hands on their knees and lower their head, crouching on the balls of their feet. Never stand underneath a single large tree out in the open, because lightning usually strikes the highest point in an area.
They use standard AA or AAA batteries which can easily be found within your home or office. Spotters are asked to report any occurrence of significant or severe weather to their SKYWARN Emergency Coordinator, SKYWARN Net Controller or directly to their local National Weather Service office. While many SKYWARN spotters are amateur radio operators, anyone can become a SKYWARN spotter. SKYWARN spotter reports can be relayed from whatever your location may be - your home, office, on the road or in your neighborhood. In addition, $78,000 from casino revenue paid the 25 percent share of a grant that will help Cape Girardeau County, Scott City and the city of Jackson to fund 18 additional sirens in the smaller neighboring communities. Outdoor warning sirens’ main purpose is alerting people in exterior areas to oncoming weather or other potential dangers. The last of five sirens purchased with revenue from the casino were installed in late 2013 are shown in yellow on the map.
Regardless of whether or not Cape Girardeau city limits are included in a warned area, if you hear the sirens sounding use an alternate warning source (described above) to take cover and gather more information. Southeast Missouri and the surrounding region is historically more susceptible to night-time severe weather and tornadoes, making the need for alternate warning sources, like NOAA Weather Radios, more important.
Because of the highly erratic nature of these vicious storms, it is imperative that citizens and their families are prepared in case such a storm does occur.

Additional information is available here on the NWS’s website, or contact the Cape Girardeau Fire Department for assistance. The City's Public Information Office is committed to citizen engagement and access to information. Of the estimated 100,000 thunderstorms that occur each year in the United States, only about 10 percent are classified as severe.
Contact your local emergency management office, local National Weather Service office, or American Red Cross chapter for more information regarding your area’s risk.
Lightning current often enters a victim through the ground rather than by a direct overhead strike. Spotters report many forms of significant or severe weather such as Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hail, Freezing Rain, Heavy Snow and Flooding.
Joining is easy, and you will find that providing valuable weather information is both an educational and rewarding experience. Information is relayed to the NWS via Amateur Radio, Packet Radio, Telephone (800#s) or the Internet. But in this post i will explain March safety awareness severe weather • know your emergency plan on where to seek shelter in case of severe weather, tornado, or a fire. We had taken this picture from the net we consider would be probably the most representative pictures for kathy sabine scott crawford. We took this image on the internet we believe would be one of the most representative images for small beach weddings in california. We had taken this picture from the web we think would be probably the most representative photos for malaya wa zanzibar.
Check out the following Q&A and links to help answer questions you might have about the sirens in Cape Girardeau. When you hear the sirens, consider what you would need to do to keep you and your family safe. You may not be able to hear outdoor sirens in a building’s interior since their main purpose is alerting you when you are outside. According to research by Northern Illinois University (NIU), nighttime tornadoes (midnight to dawn) are 2.5 times more likely to be deadly. Assume a crouched position on the ground with only the balls of your feet touching the ground, place your hands on your knees, and lower your head. Use a NOAA Weather Radio with a tone-alert feature to keep you aware of watches and warnings while you are indoors. Because these reports contain actual readings of what is being detected by radar and satellite, they are of tremendous assistance in assessing the status of the current storm as well as post-storm damage. All that is required is attendance at an interesting 2- to 3-hour training session offered by your local NWS office.
However, the steel frame of a hard-topped vehicle provides increased protection if you are not touching metal. Each year people are killed by nearby lightning strikes while in or on the water or on the beach. The training courses are offered most often in the spring and fall of each year and are held throughout the New York State.
Although you may be injured if lightning strikes your car, you are much safer inside a vehicle than outside. Upcoming SKYWARN sessions are announced in a variety of ways including NOAA Weather Radio, Packet Radio, SKYWARN newsletters, and NWS homepages as well as through local media outlets.

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