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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Seeds may be started inside; however, a complicated schedule of lighting, temperature fluctuation and bottom heat is required for indoor germination and is usually not worth the effort of the regular gardener. Planting cleomes from seed usually results in a vigorous display of the tall, fragrant cleome spider flower. The cleome spider flower, sometimes called spider leg or spider flower, is so named for its tall, leggy appearance and the shape of its leaves. Planting cleomes in the vegetable garden helps attract beneficial insects and may deter some of the bad bugs which damage crops. View DetailsThe yucca plant is native to the high deserts of the southwesternA united statesand Mexico.
The Kentucky Coffee-tree is rare throughout its range, which extends from the southern Great Lakes region east to New York in scattered localities, south to Oklahoma and Arkansas, and west to Kansas and Nebraska.
The greatest threats to the Kentucky Coffee-tree are lack of suitable or good quality habitat and poor seed production. The Kentucky Coffee-tree receives protection under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act and the federal Species at Risk Act. Consult the Ministry of Natural Resources for information on provincial regulations and best management practices when working around forests.
Volunteer with your local nature club or provincial park to participate in surveys or stewardship work focused on species at risk.

Pollinators, such as bees, are in steep decline across the globe and they play a key role in the survival of many of Ontario’s rare plants.
The Carolinian forests of southern Ontario support an amazing diversity of plants and wildlife, including many species at risk. The leaves and seeds of Kentucky Coffee-tree contain a toxic substance, the alkaloid, cytosine, which may be fatal if consumed. Part of the Latin name for the Kentucky Coffee-tree (Gymnocladus dioica) means "naked branch", because this tree spends up to nine months of the year without any leaves.
The only other species in the genus of Kentucky Coffee-tree is a tree that grows only in China. Because no native herbivores consume the toxic Kentucky Coffee-tree seeds – and since elephants devour similar seed pods in great quantities – it has been hypothesized that the now-extinct Mastodon may have consumed Kentucky Coffee-tree pods. It’s a real treat to find these flowers in the morning with the Primrose moth visitor still hanging out in the blossom.
Watch this video about Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) to learn more about how this biennial plant grows and to see close views of the flower’s X-shaped stigma. Planting cleomes is often necessary only once, as this attractive annual flower re-seeds prolifically and returns year after year.
Be aware as well that older cleome plant cultivars are sometimes difficult to transplant and may wither away, never to return if you try transplanting them. Newer cultivars, some in dwarf varieties of the cleome plant, have no fragrance and do not produce next year’s flowers as seeds are sterile.

Once established, they are drought tolerant and hold up well during summer’s scorching heat. Now that you’ve learned how to grow cleomes, you may find them a welcome addition to your garden or flower bed.
Yucca glauca is found from Canada down to Arizona and Texas in a central band through the plains. Male and female flowers occur on separate trees, and unless both sexes occur in close proximity, trees will not produce seeds. Seed pods may be removed before bursting for use in planting cleomes in other areas of the flower bed and garden. Older varieties of the cleome plant are useful as background plants for shorter, sun loving flowers and as stand alone specimens when planting cleomes in masses.
They may be bi-colored in pink or lilac colors with white or they may be only one of these colors.
Kentucky Coffee-tree may grow singly or in larger groups where multiple trunks emerge from the same root system.

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