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At this point i have like 7 PPSH mags and there is no way i can be outgunned in a firefight. When I reach the mine I hide next to the tunnel as I see two players a few hundred studs away. As time went by, i learned that the guys that werent on our team were in a group against us.
I brainstorm for what to do since they all had fully automatic weapons like an MK17 and AK74.
The group of 4 drove in on a Ural, doing the same as us, running over zombies and parking in an alley.
We edged around the buildings until we found an alleyway that looked out into the base’s entrance. I avoided the light from the floodlights as well as I could and turned them off one by one. A jeep (Probably the first people we killed) rolled in and 3 players jumped out, opening up at me with quickly scavenged weapons like a Fedorov, PPSH-41 and M3.
The jeep continued sliding down the hill and bullets hit it, popping it’s tires and breaking it’s windows.
So my friend Dragonswrath59 and I got into voice chat on Steam, and decided to play some Apocalypse Rising. So I was playing with my friends and one of them knew how to hack mags so while he was doing that we made a base in vernal.
So now its just me and the leader and we had already killed one of the bandits who said he could health hack ( he couldn't XD ) and then we were down to out last b-bags. So when the guy finnaly comes out I proceed to use mah sabre and hit him once and then run off. WARNING: CONTAINS LANGUAGE NOT SUTIBLE FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT KNOW WHAT SOME BAD WORDS MEAN. So me and one of my Apoc friends, CurruptCode (hes a bad potato.) are on a server, right, and im near THQ, and all of a sudden, i start taking damage. So I join a server, hear gunshots, the classical "ommpphh", and go to Party Chat and say "HURRY I HEAR GUNSHOTS". So we go back to F-Ruins, and we're on one of the walls, an Code goes like " Holy Potato, three Bandits near Kin" I be like "lets get em" then, they kick one of their own, kill him, and waltz right into Kin. So, i’m traveling in the MA, getting M4s and loving on it, until I come across a beautiful zombie, which I proceeded to shoot in the face. So I'm rocking out to some Queen on my Personal Radio, when I'm assaulted by another bandit group (Apparently I'm a bandit magnet.) I try to steer clear, but my car gets shot in the tire and pops.
They are also known as "Demon" from the mysterious Ural in DayZ known as the "Disco Ural" (As seen on Gusmanak's YouTube). There is a version with a roof, however it is unknown if it is still a technically called a Ural.
There was an earlier version of this knife, the Kitchen Knife, but it was removed from the game and replaced with the Combat Knife. With an integrated development environment, multi-platform support, and a global cloud of multiplayer game servers that auto-scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent players, ROBLOX is already one of the easiest and most opportunity-rich platforms on which to make games. Using ROBLOX Studio, you can design anything from a pocket-sized platformer to a sprawling post-apocalyptic survival game. We offer game developers cloud hosting, auto-sharding and auto-scaling game servers, distributed physics, multiplatform support, and multiplayer connectivity. The Officer's Sabre was, before the apocalypse, presumably left or dropped by either an officer or an ordinary survivor. Its hitbox is actually smaller than the Hatchets, making aim a necessity when fighting players and zombies. Yours will only be deleted if it has inappropriate content, deletion of the instructions, OR if you delete someone else's story. I move north and hit vernal, looking for stuff, and finding a black mili pack and grabbing it. Now this isn't me coming back to the wiki to become an admin again and start posting stories left and right. So i have a survival pack with two dual drum mags for my former SCAR-L along with 3 30-round mags as well as two 32-round mags for my uzi.
The jeep slams into the Ural and the Jeep explodes, destroying the Ural’s front tires, windshield and engine. When I get there I take a quick sweep of their stuff and I take an Officer’s Sabre and a Helmet, as well as black shades.
It was annoying because we couldn’t hit them while inside the base and our weapons were not the best for CQB.
I then planted my Anti-Personnel mine at the entrance of the base and hid as two enemies blew up. I climbed down the truss at the back of the building and ran through alleyways until I found our ambulance. We both spawned far away from each other, having to spend a long while searching for each other. Sprayed a group of freshys and then when we had finished building we each has a house of our own (the leader had one of the warehouses, the other was for storage) and we each had a reasonably good rifle. The leader sprints for the hospital and sprays taking out 2 of the bandits but dies and im like "Wow dude your epic!" but he couldn't hear cos he was out the group. So he joins, I inv him to group, and we're on the P-Station, right, and hes like "theres a dude" i see the potato standing behind a tree.
After this, I receive an invite from a bandit group, as the bandit saw me epic snipe that Zombie from the firehouse in the MA to the tents on the other side. Apocalypse Rising, created by the development duo Gusmanak and Zolarketh, leverages many developer features to immerse players in a deep world where no one can be trusted.
With a click of a button, your creation goes live on ROBLOX, open for anyone and everyone to play.
Publish what you create to the #1 entertainment website for kids and teens in the world, and reap the rewards.
It’s all built in so you don’t have to build it yourself. Developers who want ultimate scale and flexibility in gameplay and deployment have it at their fingertips.
In just a year, we have paid ROBLOX developers collectively almost $1 million; many individual game creators have earned more than $10,000 each.
It was once thought to be found only near military areas but they (also do) spawn near and around Kin's Union Square, so trying to get it may be very difficult and risky, as both Kin and the Union Square are massive bandit hotspots.
I find a couple of bloodbags and MREs but no weapons (Though there is an abundance on M459 mags there) So i exit and notice the road into Kin is completely empty. I will not be on nearly as often as before and the same is to be said about me playing apoc. It goes flying backward and the I hear the “OOhh” of a player dying, followed by the sign saying he died. They enter a building and Teammate 2 positions himself at the entrance to the Capitol Building. So I served them in the face.I entered fort tower and found a white survival pack and when I found a frickin MP5!!

Since the ability to transport up to eight players is rather valuable, they are fairly rare. It ties for having the best swing speed out of all the melee weapons in the game (along with the Officer's Sabre.)  The Combat Knife is extremely short, so it should not be used in combat with other players, unless you are out of ammo on every gun, and it is the only weapon you have left. We’re continuing to enhance the developer experience and grow our audience so developers have the fuel they need to create exactly the engrossing games they envision. Deathrun 2, a game where players race against the clock and one devious person triggering traps, has kept players coming back for months on end — we’ve handled all the connectivity. One of the top earning games of all time is Sword Fighting Tournament, a simple but addicting battle game that has netted its creators more than $30,000 to date. Since this Melee weapon has a small hit box it is not recommended to use this against military zombies since it can miss the head.
He walks right past me and I quickly dispose of him, his only useful loot being a survival pack and some blood bags. I hit Kin and turn more eastward than south, then turn south when I think i have reached the radio tower, as I don't have a GPS.
I get shot a few times and my brother (Who seems to care about my loadout more than I did) hit Alt+F4 before I could do anything.
I leave the warehouse and find an Ambulance behind it, completely armored and in full working order.
The entire server, all 15 players (As the ones we had killed had come back in different groups) were in Kin. Then they said "WE'RE GOING TO LIVE HERE", and then I noticed that the Military Outpost was right in front of them, so I followed them. A group of 5 bandits came over vernal hill and started shooting my house (luckily I blocked it off in time). The work required to get one in operational state is also a a larger burden, because not only do they require six wheels instead of four, but also all the other components a regular car would need. You should never use the Combat Knife to kill more than 2 zombies at a time, however it can be useful for a line of zombies, as its high swing speed lets you kill them pretty fast even if your first hit missed.
When I get to the factory I founded a green mili pack and another Uzi mag as well as a PPSH mag.
I leave trinity as i have found nothing else (Except another PPSH mag, they are so common) and I head up to Dirk.
I will drop my guns and surrender.” One of them says “Get out where we can see you!” I run out and drop my CZ-75 and all my mags on the ground. I turned around just in time to shoot the driver of the Ural twice in the chest then uncrouch and jump off of the radio tower, luckily landing on a support beam instead of the ground. One of them has his head stuck in the truck bed so I shoot him a few times in the chest then follow up with four headshots, eliminating the other two.
I then grab a jerry can and place it in the storage along with a lot of stone walls and wood planks. I saw in global chat (group chat was broken at that time) that they were aware of one of their teammates was dead. So a go to group chat and im leik "OMG BANDITS ON HILL" and then one of my friends says "yea right" but then get's sniped. There were these huge wonderful walls with perches surrounded the entire city, with ammo and loot, and it was just amazing.
Urals can spawn in both Military and Agricultural zones, such as the Refugee Camp, or the Mansion. Our platform is being populated constantly with quality ROBLOX titles that push their respective genres to their limits. I rejoin a server, take a bloodbag and go back to the military tents, finding another Uzi mag. We are at the warehouse in the hamlet next to Fort Ruins and we are heading to the Radio Tower.
We jumped from the building we were based in onto another and aimed down at the enemy base. I swerved between buildings, glad they weren’t shooting at me anymore, as the armor was almost gone. I quickly run to the storage and get a ppsh out of the crate just incase something went wrong.
I say "dont c the other" so we walk into THQ like we own the place (we practically do), go upstairs, and next thing I know, I hear gunfire. I saw a heli crash but maddia said he looted it.I then took out a bunch of zombs using a base wars CQC sniping tact using my model. Quickly grabbing all of his loot, I take some drinks in a nearby house and sprint towards Dirk. And with an ever-expanding developer feature set, we’re giving you more tools than ever to start a career in game development.
Like other melee weapons, it should be used for silent zombie kills or to conserve ammunition, but it may not be the best weapon for killing players, seeing as they could get a very clear shot at you. I can see there is a custom set of walls and barracks on the warehouse roof, and bridges connecting the roofs of the houses. Then someone must have said something in group chat and the driver says “Stay put.” And he leaves. I drop all my weapons and replace them with an MK17 with 5 drums (Obviously these guys were spawners) an ACOG sight, Foregrip and Silencer. I drive north to Vernal and build a base inside the church, then begin stockpiling loot inside. The group of 4 from the base and the 1 still patrolling met up and retreated out of the square. I then go outside and drop my mk48 and then say in global "GG im leaving now" and they then proceed down the hill to the mk48. I drive to Vernal for my daily loot fix, when I find a guy with an MP5 in the big yellow building.
These cars will also come in great use if engaged in a gun-fight, as players can use it for cover. Sabres spawn at locations where you usually find ammo, attachments, military packs, etc, but never at places that spawn military weapons. So i leave the hamlet and find the server I joined has too little players and too many zombies. I jump into the backseat as getting in the driver’s would probably result in him shooting me. Suddenly I hear extremely loud gunshots and find that the two in the back of the Ural are shooting toward the Radio Tower. A couple of people come wandering in and I sneak up behind them, ask them if they want to be in my group and they say yes. I remember my C4 and we continue jumping from building to building until we stand on top of the building the enemy group is in. Teammate 2 ran upstairs, located the enemy and planted an Anti-Personnel mine at the base of the stairs leading to the floor below him.
We followed, me in the shadows behind them and my teammates jumping from building to building. I hit the top and then the ambulance lost it’s balance and began rolling down the hill, taking damage as it went. So we go there, get supplies, and I say "we storm THQ at sunrise, 0700 Hours" he just be like "k" "painkillers before battle" he be like "k".

I see a single player run into the building next to the radio tower as the MK 48 pommeled the area he had been. We then exited the building and shot out the windows near the enemy, causing him to descend, and blow up. I jumped out just as it exploded, taking enough damage to have killed me if I didn’t have Spec Ops Camo. So one guy rushs to the mk and then I rush out with a sabre and slap his ass down to leik 1 hp. We use our epic rifles and scare them off, but of course, and most jealous nubs, they scurried back and shot out our (Second) best sniper. I make a group and invite them, then give them better gear then they already have and assign them to stuff like looting and base defence. It was difficult to find a window not lit by the floodlights the groups had placed around their base. After a long battle of sniping and zombies, we finally cave in and have to wall of a portion of the base, as the enemy overpowered us (8 guys with military weapons < 3 guys with rifles =???) At the end we were with 6 men, and they were with 4.
I quick glance into the chat sends shivers down my spine, as someone announces they're arriving in Korri with some loot.
I look around and find a vacant Ural (Completely armored like a boss) a few hundred studs away from the player.
After Vernal is cleaned out we begin taking trips out into other hot spots like the Prison and the Cemetary.
I plant the C4 on top of the building and we all run and jump across more buildings to get away.
I took cover in a building and watched as the 3 remaining drove out of the alley in a Jeep. Around 3 or 2 people rushed into the house, only to trigger the mine, causing them to all die. I go like "Well, GTG, got some personal business to take care of" hes like "bai" and i say "if you get what i mean" he be like "nope" i facepalm myself, say bai, and take care of that personal business in about 2 minutes. Apparently, someone joined them, so we were now a little worried, as that guy had good military weapons for everyone.
I suddenly see a Heli crash and i rush over there, PPSH out so i am not killed if the player is there. Eventually my team was equipped in this manner: One player got an M14 with two 30 rounds mags and 3 20 round mags which had the same attachments on it as my MK17 along with an Uzi with 3 32-round mags and a Kobra Sight.
HAXOR!!!!1!!11" and then the guy who is now in the church is leik "He's not in the server though" and that was because my friend had taken my name away from the leaderboard and I invited him to the group.
With a quarter of the town lost, zombies got a large amount with no one to take them out, and we were shoved in a small corner. I find a gray mili pack and exchange the green for it (gray blends into the night better) and then I hit the jackpot.
All four players come out of the building and I open fire, landing two headshots before they could react.
The second player got an MP5 with 5 mags, a Holo sight and a Laser along with a HK45 with a Laser and 3 mags. One of them escapes the rubble and starts running but I mow him down on full auto, then aim down at the collapsed building. Me and my first teammate (He didn’t want his name given) did a marksman competition and it was close, but he won.
My teammates came out of a nearby building and we opened up, sending bullet after bullet into the smoking vehicle. The bases structure resembled cells, with each a ladder into the next, and about 12 of them to cover the whole town. I only have a little more than 200 rounds and i remember an M249 mag back in the mansion so I drop my PPSH and grab the machine gun, turning just in time to see the player who shot me (He had a revolver) running toward me. I search around a little bit and Find a small room separated from the rest of the warehouse. I turn the jeep around, knowing it won’t survive much more and begin driving back toward the players. And then we decided to do something everyone has wanted to do (Or at least I have wanted to do it).
The point of this is to take out the way out of the cells to try to quarantine intruders and then exterminate them, it’s said to have worked before, but I don’t trust them on that, and still don’t. I try to shoot him while ADS but the recoil makes me miss so I go hip fire and slam him with 49 bullets. So, we lost 9 cells, and the guy with the military stuff traded the leader his stuff, then he rushed into our base and shot at us, in which 2 people died and 1 of those rage quitted. Teammate 1 was primary sniper, I was secondary sniper and Teammate 2 (Who didn’t care about his name) was our close-range defense. A few more players came in and got owned and eventually we got most of the server against us. Teammate 2 was blown up in front of us (By a quickly placed mine) and we each lost 50% health but we continued moving.
Were down to 5, as the other guy is back, but the leader says he has to go to “bed” (Totally scared) and I am the new leader. They try to stop the car by shooting a few shots, but they weren't as accurate as last time. We abandoned our church fort and drove down to Kin, where we ran over a ton of zombies and stopped in an alley.
The bandits run around everywhere, trying to get back to their base, but I shot them once, and they dropped their loot. After about an hour or so, we got a decent cell in a small town close to amend, and were looking not so shabby.
I get my back my stuff, and their base filled with epic guns like the RPK and the FAL, and their loot. I use third person to peek around the corner and find four players (The only others in the game at the moment) entering with the last killing some zombies. Then we said in the chat: “Who will challenge us in Kin?” Hoping a group of players would come to fight.
However, night fell and I couldn't see in the dark without the light, and I accidentally crash it near kin. Our group rushed over and shot out a front tire, causing it to veer off and hit a building. So everything seemed ideal, living in luxury in Hark, building a big base, and living in the ideal communist land.
After using another bloodbag, I looted his corpse, looted the nearby fire station, and logged out. Instead of stealthily climbing the hill to recon, he charges straight into Lib and offers her food.

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