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Reason #2: Combo decks are weaker, which clears the way for creature decks, and creature decks are Survival's favorite matchup.
If you decide to play a Survival of the Fittest deck, though, your decisions are just beginning.
Every turn with a Survival deck offers more options than with any other deck in the format. When Urza's Destiny introduced Academy Rector, Survival of the Fittest decks took on a whole new spin.

What makes these Survival decks different is their heavy use of blue spells, especially permission. Invasion doesn't have many creatures with come into play effects, which is Survival's signature mechanic. An excellent sideboard card against mono-color decks, particularly those which do not share a color with Survival decks, like white, red, and black. I don't really think these will make the cut, but they're fun to think about as the heavy hitting Fatty in Rec-Sur decks.

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