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In all of my survival courses at True North, one of the priorities that I most stress is shelter craft, and, likewise, the skill on which I most focus is the ability to quickly make a windproof and waterproof shelter. To give credit where it is due, I think that Peter Kummerfeldt, a former US Air Force SERE instructor and now civilian and government survival instructor, put it best in a lecture of his that I once heard.
Second, while it is possible, it is darn near next to impossible, to construct a shelter that is actually waterproof and windproof. For those of you who are Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certified, consider another limitation of debris huts: Are they the best shelters in which to assess, treat, and monitor your patient? I could spend another hour making a more comprehensive list, but let’s get down to brass tacks.
After all, the goal of survival is being able to stay alive until your situation improves or help arrives. Would you like to learn more about shelter craft and the other priorities of survival in a wilderness emergency? Wilderness survival skills safe wilderness travel, Learn wilderness survival skills and ensure you can take care of yourself and your loved ones on your next wilderness excursion.. Wilderness survival tips outdoor skills, Wilderness survival tips help people survive in the outdoors weather the aftermath of natural disasters and build greater connections with the natural world..
Offgrid survival – wilderness & urban survival skills, An online resource for survival information.

Learn how to use what nature has provided to make primitive tools that are better than today’s technology.
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A primitive arrow quiver is a must have if you going to be primitive bow hunting.To solve this problem you are going to need primitive bow quiver. There are many different varieties of primitive bow quivers, the world over, but the quiver we are going to make today is a basket quiver.

I prefer to use willow for this type of quiver, at least for the spokes, but you can use nearly any type of flexible twigs or vines.
The reason I prefer willow is because you can bend it sharply without it breaking and it looks nice.
Now you can make primitive arrow quivers out of a lot of primitive materials such as elm bark, birch bark, leather, vines, flexible twigs, or even roots.
Check out the Elm Quiver to the right!The steps to making a primitive bow quiver are pretty simple.
You wrap the cross with your thinnest willows, over the north and south and under the east and west spokes several times, to hold it in shape.
Of course this is an overly simplified explanation but you can find the details in our attached video.
Please share your successes and failures with us and feel free to ask us any questions.Watch the video for exact details on how to build this nifty little bow quiver!Good Luck and Good Hunting from us here at Sigma 3 Survival School Joshua G.

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