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The Mayan calendar predicts that the end of the world is less than a month away - but there are some Britons who are taking the doomsday prophecy more seriously than most.
They have built emergency store cupboards filled with food with a long shelf life, are stock piling petrol, weapons, and even condoms, have secret remote hideaways, getaway trailers ready to escape in 15 minutes, nuclear and chemical weapon suits and even an inflatable canoe.
Retired soldier Michael Sanderson lives with his wife and two young daughters in Hertfordshire but has a trailer ready for them to escape to a secret Welsh hideaway at 15 minutes' notice. Mr Sanderson was prompted into action watching Hurricane Katrina unfolding on the news - one of the deadliest storms to hit the States which devastated New Orleans.Mr Sanderson said: 'My muma€™s 85 years old, you know, Ia€™ve got young children, how do I get the family out? The emergency larder, pictured, is filled with row after row of food with a long shelf life including tinned vegetables, gravy, and cooking oil'Youa€™re talking 70 million people on an island, all competing for the same resources. Everyone’s fascinated by the idea of the Apocalypse, but most of us stop at enjoying zombie movies and quietly worrying about nuclear bombs. The slightly clumsy title is obvious trying to pose the question – who’s really crazy? Even better is when Big Al tells the audience about the thousands of gallons of water he’s set aside, clarifying “I am not going to drink my own urine. Also in a starring role is Jason Beecham, a 15 year old who’s convinced the USA is about to dissolve into anarchy following an economic collapse. However, it turns sinister when we learn that Jason plans to leave his family behind should the shit hit the fan. Plant your garden during your climate zone using your survival seeds when you begin to notice that a food crisis is imminent.
So, it is definitely worth building up a stored seed bank, but why not actually start gardening now, and plant your vegetables and get used to gardening them for your family to eat.You are then able to save your own seeds, rotate your crops and get yourself used to doing this before the SHTF. This is the final part of a 3 part series on long term seed storage setup, seed storage bank and seed usage.
Personally I have the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ and this is my favourite and, I think, the best multi tool knife – it is quite thick containing some 32 different tools, but fits snugly into my hand and feels very solid.
One of the very good things about the Swiss Army range is that for most of the multi purpose tool they manufacture, they also have a very good quality knife pouch available as well.
All the pouches are riveted together and very strong, just slide onto your belt and they are very secure.
The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ has a main knife blade that can be closed and is under 3″ long, which means it is a legal knife to carry on you. This multi tool pocket knife is just about the right size to carry – fits nicely into your hand and has a lot of tools on it. In just about any survival situation or any emergency scenario, assuming you are not injured in any way, and where you are forced to fend for yourself, then your number one procedure is to ensure you can make a good shelter suitable to keep you out of the elements and as safe as you possibly can be. The average UK citizen is very much a town dweller and has probably only ventured out into the wilds of the UK’s countryside once in their lifetime anyway.
But for the UK prepper, who should have a bug out plan already in place, survival skills are an essential part of your prepping for such future events which, it would seem, are getting closer by the day..!
Building a good shelter that is suitable to give you protection from the elements is not difficult – getting it water tight and warm, however, can be a problem. These can all be easily constructed with a little bit of survival knowledge using basic materials and working with the terrain.
A selection of glass noodles with tempeh, blueberries and courgettes (top) and mixed greens with tuna, roasted carrots and hummus (bottom)Converts say it also helps them save money, as they know exactly what they need when grocery shopping and don't waste any food.
One 'prepper', Edward O'Toole, has already abandoned ship and is living 'off grid' in Slovakia.

Mr Sanderson, who served in the Falklands and Northern Ireland, said: 'Ia€™m preparing for a natural disaster. Me, and my total reliance on electricity, running water and shopping for food, or them, who will be prepared in case one day we don’t have access to these things?
At its core, it’s the usual faux-documentary crap that you expect from channels like this. If Brass Eye came back tomorrow, they could just broadcast this and no-one would know any different.
Because you can’t just plant seeds and expect them to grow if the season that you’re currently in would only end up derailing your plans.All of the seeds should be planted according to the hardiness zone of your area. And make sure you plant it before the time is at hand to need it.You can feasibly plant with your survival seeds and keep the garden producing for years. If you use crops that can benefit your pollination purposes, this can help your crops grow.
The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact hat they can be so versatile, offering a wide range of tools that are ideal in a survival situation. The basic model will set you back a measly ?3, whereas the top of the range is knocking on the door of ?700…! There is a toothpick, pen and a pin that are built into the sides at each end of the multi tool which have hard plastic heads with allow you to pull them out – you definitely need dry hands and good fingernails to get these out.! Unless you have a fear of hordes of marauding bunnies attacking you, then you’re pretty safe here in the good old British Isles.
Cooking huge batches of food and individually portioning it as meals to last the week is a great way to save time and keep on track diet plans - although you will need a lot of Tupperware. A You do need a good chunk of time to get the prepping and cooking done, as most people prepare up to five days worth of food in one go.
You know, an awful lot of people fighting for the same resources, you know, it's a dangerous place. Him and his buddies go out camping, and almost burn down a derelict building and kill themselves along the way.
You don’t want to rush and use the seeds too early - but you don’t want to wait so long that you miss out on the right time.
What this means is that your area will have a certain level of temperatures that make growing a garden with your survival seeds a viable option.Planting too soon or too late could not only diminish your crop yield, but you could end up not getting any produce at all - and you don’t want that kind of waste. Put the taller plants around in a perimeter to help shade crops that need less sun than other plants. People say to me "why are you a prepper?" And Ia€™m always baffled by it, because what I say to people is, I dona€™t understand why youa€™re not. What youa€™re talking about is the biggest, the toughest, the meanest, getting whatevera€™s going.'He would be prepared to kill to survive. He said: 'Ita€™s cost thousands of pounds to get to this point, but I actually will be topping up my food to the point where I have at least two yearsa€™ worth of food.
Come on, this is Nat Geo – you didn’t really expect the producers to select a bunch of level-headed pragmatists, did you? Plus, counting on having a food supply and ending up not getting it could be a major stressor for you. You’ll want to use your survival seeds to plant a garden that will sustain you and your family with as little fuss as possible.This way, you won’t be using any physical labour or any other means - such as having to bring in water or set up a water system.
The best way to learn how to have a successful garden using survival seeds is by going ahead and getting some seeds and planting a garden.This way, you’ll already know what to watch for, what didn’t work and what does work in preparation for the time that you do need to have the food supply ready.

Mr Sanderson said: 'The last thing you want in a serious situation is for someone to sneak up on you and steal all your preps. Even grandma might pick up a kitchen knife in order to actually get a loaf of bread from her next door neighbour because they may not have anything in the house.'A  The 'preppers' believe it is a form of 'physical insurance' and there are no shortage of Britons uploading clips and showing off their kits online on sites that get hundreds of thousands of views.
For example, China and Russia a€“ Have both been building vast bunkers,' he said.'Russia now has enough bunkers to house the entire population. You also want to make sure that you plant your seeds in a way that won’t draw attention to whatever it is that you have growing.If others see it, your garden could be a target.
I would do everything possible to avoid a lethal confrontation, but if we ended up in a situation without the rule of law, would I use lethal force to defend my family? Here we rely on Tescos, well if Tescos doesna€™t have any tills to work and therea€™s no money in the banks, nothing is going to happen. Ita€™s about actually having people around you who you can look after, they can look after you in equal measures, and ita€™s about just effectively rebuilding, and maintaining a level of society.A  'I can equip about a dozen people, all in all.
Pete Stanford, from Hampshire, is a personal development coach who has been 'prepping' for five years for WROL - a world without the rule of law. In America people are trying to build bunkers, but they cana€™t get the equipment and they cana€™t get the companies to do it, because the government has been hiring the companies to build theirs. This means that you can forget about the kind of gardens that you see that have perfectly uniform rows.
These are a really valuable means to refer back to and ensure your doing thing properly to get the very best yield.Easiest Ways To Ensure You Have A Good Seed SupplyStoring seed and creating a seed bank of various seeds to produce a good stock of essential vegetables is very important. I can actually create a community around me of like-minded individuals, people who can work, people who can actually help us build and construct.
Along with his inflatable canoe to get to his island hideaway eight miles out of town he has an NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical - suit. On a much, much higher level, there obviously is something in the works' He said: 'Ia€™ve probably been preparing since I was about fifteen, sixteen, in one form or another. Instead, plant a garden using your banked survival seeds in a hap-hazard way and let nature help you grow that garden.Nature is perfectly capable of maintaining crop growth with a minimal amount of effort from you.
Mr Stanford said: 'To control any civil unrest, nerve gas, tear gas and type of chemicals might be used to subdue whatever civil unrest there is. Obviously now I have a family, there are five of us, Ia€™ve got to think about feeding five people each day, day after day.
So if, for some reason, I had to clandestinely and stealthily go through that area, Ia€™d want to be protected.'Science fiction author Edward Oa€™Toole believed that the only way to survive was to escape our green and pleasant Isle so left his home 14 years ago and traveled over 1,000 miles to a remote corner of Slovakia, where he has been living 'off grid'. This means that you’ll want to plant seeds where the crops can grow together in companionship.You’ll also want to plant your seeds according to the height and sun ratio.
He met his wife, Renata, and now has three children who help him hunt and help him prepare. In Buckinghamshire tree surgeon Malcolm Bowler has been collecting weapons for more than 20 years. That means that you need to plan out your garden in a way so that each plant has access to the sun as well as to the right amount of moisture.

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