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The Frank Ranch is a self-sufficient home high in the mountains southeast of Montrose, Colorado, with its own water supply, productive garden, wood stove, food storage, propane tanks, large pond, water rights, and 40 acres of natural splendor. The owners of the Frank Ranch stock their freezers every year with game from the property itself and from other nearby parcels where they have permission to hunt.
If you’re looking for a Colorado “bug out” property where you can bolt if the stuff hits the fan, this is a great one. The home is on the grid, with underground power lines serving the property, but it would be easy to convert the home to off-grid use with a solar system and battery setup. Water rights are everything in Colorado, and the owner of the property has filed on the large pond that occupies the east side of the property. Click here to view our in-house listings of real estate in the North Fork Valley communities of Paonia, Crawford, Hotchkiss and Somerset, Colorado.
Click here to view MLS Listings of residential property, vacant land, ranches and commercial property in the North Fork Valley and across Western Colorado.
Colorado location scout and animal wrangler locates animals for photo shoots, commercials, and film productions. As a lifelong resident of Western Colorado, I truly appreciate the place where I live, work, and raise my family. Meetups – When I first started in preparedness, I found a few groups in the Houston area. You might be interested in these posts too!Hurricane Preparedness: Making Sure Your Office is Ready! My personal blog is Ed That Matters, where I write about preparedness and from time to time, education.
What anyone does is their own business, but teaming, interacting, or socializing with anyone, anywhere, for any reason will get you killed. You also have the possibility that the husband isn’t on board with preparedness and instead of giving it to his wife, he was taking it out on you. To everyone else who may be looking for a group that teaches basic survival skills: Do you have kids? Position Yourself for Financial SHTF – Practical Steps for Paying Down Debt and Saving Money! In 1516 Sir Thomas Moore coined the word Utopia… in his book of the same name, he is describing a society possessing near perfect qualities….
Join Author DJ Cooper (Surviving Dystopia) every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Time for a live show about keeping those Dystopian moments at bay.
Many things happen in our lives and in the world we can’t always control…it could be anything from a minor setback, personal loss or even major catastrophes. Alfred Henry Lewis said, “there are only 9 meals between mankind and anarchy” this is a fact….3 days is all that represents… Looking more recently at Ferguson…how quickly did a simple protest spiral into anarchy? The message is simple “shit happens”…could be a job loss, could be illness or accident, maybe a hurricane or full on Armageddon, invest in your personal utopia lest it become a dystopia.

In case of a more serious doomsday scenario, you will want to have a bug-out shelter ready for you and your family to get out of the middle of the chaos for someplace safer until you can figure out your plan.
You likely already know what sort of natural disasters may hit your area so be prepared for them. In case of earthquakes, be sure and locate spots that are structurally appropriate near an interior wall and away from windows and any large furniture. You always want to secure your house but some disasters require it such as a hurricane or tornado. For the doors, you can obtain door sealer that you can install temporarily or permanently under the door which will help with light flooding.
But, no matter how hard you try, desperate people will try to take advantage of your preparation by taking your supplies and possibly injuring you and your family in the process. Your bug-out shelter will be the place you take your family when your home shelter is no longer safe. Regardless of how long you have to travel to get to your bug-out shelter, make sure that you have plenty of gas available to fill your vehiclea€™s tank before you go and if you need it, you should have gas to take with you. The ideal situation is to have gas stored close to your vehicle so that if a disaster catches you off guard, you can fill your vehicle and bug-out quickly.
Your remote bug-out shelter should be in a remote location that doesna€™t qualify as either urban or suburban. If you can plan for it, you should take advantage of one of the low-cost land opportunities you see in the low population spaces in between metropolitan areas. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more.
Situated in a mountain meadow dotted with aspen trees, the home sits on a rise at over 9,000 feet overlooking a lake and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison far below to the north.
It’s located 8 miles as the crow flies from downtown Montrose, which is a trade center for southwest Colorado, and 13 miles by road.
You can make some friends – How great would it be if you found someone in your town that has the same values that you have and believes in preparedness like you do? I just moved from Oregon to Texas and I’ve been cautiously looking for others who have a like mind.
OPSec has to be out the door for some of us (To a certain extent) because there’s so many people looking to connect with others. Dystopia is described as the opposite of that, often characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian governments, disasters or some other cataclysmic decline in society… George Orwell’s Dystopian novel 1984 was a classic example of such a society. With no set course and a plethora of topics to discuss, take your chances call in, and join us in the chat room.
Walking around thinking it won’t happen to me or the government will take care of me is a naive outlook at best.

It just makes sense to be aware of possible Dystopian moments and to keep your world from coming unhinged; one would think people would attempt to minimize the impacts.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The number and size of natural disasters seems to be increasing.  At first, I thought it was my imagination, but the number of natural disasters has been increasing. To the south is Waterdog Peak, a prominent landmark that is the site of several communications towers, ensuring good communications at the property. GMU 65 is an over-the-counter unit, where hunters can buy licenses for archery and second and third rifle seasons over the counter up to the night before the hunt. However, the last mile or two of the road is not maintained by the county over the winter months, so the owners have their own 2 ?-ton 4WD plow truck to keep the road clear. Get the computer out and watch old segments of true detective, court tv, or any related show as long as it is a true story.
There is a group they can join, and you can be as active as you would like to be – Scouts! I was excited to join a forum to learn from others, but it was quickly apparent that virtually none of the members was real.
I don’t like it stuffy and prefer a little entertainment with my learning so how about exploring the world of Sir Thomas Moore. Another good series believe it or not that applies is hunger games… where freedoms are taken and the elite are entitled…eventually chaos ensues..
It is funny but people worry more about protecting their money than they do their families…you buy insurance, invest for retirement…yet don’t keep a candle in the house in case the power goes out.
The home is over 2,100 square feet, with a large kitchen, sunny living room and sunrooms, a huge upstairs loft bedroom, and a bath with large tub and shower.
The terrain is a mix of open meadows, sage, and aspens, with a touch of oak brush here and there. The current residents live there year-round, but it would serve well as a vacation retreat or a prepper property in the event of economic collapse. Everytime without fail, the defendant is found guilty on the testimony of an accomplice, a freiend, or a family member. The property features a very well built root cellar with power, so that veggies and canned goods stay cool year-round without refrigeration. As well, the property has a “garage” and wood shed built from durable fabric stretched over a metal frame.

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