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Today’s text points out yet another chilling resemblance of ancient Israel to America. Check them out on their website, YouTube, as well as check their event schedule for upcoming classes. Some 600 police departments and sheriff’s offices in Georgia have joined the many law enforcement agencies nationwide using military-grade equipment, once again raising concerns around local law enforcement’s need for such heavy duty weaponry. As I reported in 2011, the Pentagon gives away military equipment to law enforcement agencies under the 1033 program in addition to military robots provided by the Department of Defense, police use of armored surveillance vehicles provided for nearly nothing by corporations, law enforcement use of tanks and armored personnel carriers and drones. According to Georgia’s Department of Public Safety, the military equipment and weaponry owned by law enforcement agencies in the state is worth some $200 million, some of which is possessed by tiny departments with less than 20 officers.
Yet Pike’s department, with a mere 13 officers, acquired a grenade launcher for shooting tear gas, two M14 semiautomatic rifles and two semiautomatic M16 rifles all through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, according to the Journal-Constitution. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, which had 117 sworn law enforcement officers as of 2010, according to their most recent annual report on their website, similarly obtained four grenade launchers.
Highlighting the absurdity and complete lack of necessity behind these acquisitions, the Journal-Constitution reported, “Several local law enforcement officials said if their agencies had to buy the stuff, they’d just do without most of it.
In other words, they really don’t need it, but since the military is giving it away, they take it anyway and simply “find a place for it,” whatever that means. Once the military equipment is in the hands of law enforcement agencies, “we have militarized units going into the community in situations where they aren’t warranted,” Lynch said.
Lynch is also the editor of two books, has published articles in law journals and major newspapers, made appearances on national news shows, a member of the Wisconsin, District of Columbia and Supreme Court bars and is heavily involved with the Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. Indeed, it is only logical that the militarized training and military-grade equipment would create a military mindset officers who should be trained to protect and serve.

State records did not list a value for the rifles or grenade launchers, although one can assume that they’re not all that cheap. Unsurprisingly, proponents of the program claim they save lives – even though, as shown above, agencies say they could do without it if they had to actually buy it – and there is a waiting list of agencies itching to get their hands on armored vehicles and military weapons. Sherrod is the Director of Excess Property for the Georgia Department of Public Safety and overseer of the program for the Department of Defense. Excess Property also assists law enforcement agencies in purchasing equipment using Federal government contracts. While the Cobb County Police Department said their SWAT team uses their armored vehicles to remove people from a “hot zone” or get officers closer to a “volatile situation,” other agencies have not even used their equipment. Captain Craig Dodson of the Carroll County Sherrif’s Office, for example, said they haven’t used their grenade launchers or any of their 65 M16 rifles.
The Journal-Constitution cites several local residents who are quite concerned by this military buildup.
Please support our work and help us start to pay contributors by doing your shopping through our Amazon link or check out some must-have products at our store. Boats, golf clubs and fishing poles have replaced the Ashera poles and Baal idols of the Old Testament. Bones and Nurse Amy run Doom and Bloom- a website dedicated to medical information for those not sporting M.D. You will be issued a instrument kit (in which you get to keep), suture (you also receive a suture set to take home and practice with), and a pig's foot. Department of Defense values each of the armored personnel carriers at nearly $245,000 and each of the armored trucks around $65,000.

Go into the rocks, hide in the ground from dread of the LORD and the splendor of his majesty! During the time leading up to the event, NPS would send out emails detailing updates with the expo.
They also have a book called The Survival Medicine Handbook that has a plethora of information that could come in quite handy if things do take a turn for the worse. They dart in and out of traffic with little concern for their own safety and none for the safety of other drivers.
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