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While shopping for the perfect prepper retreat, do not be tempted by scenic soil, as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. Real estate agents specializing in rural land sales are common, but agents trained in survival real estate consultation are not. Make a list of the land attributes you will need to successfully live off the grid, raise livestock, grow crops, and maintain a secure perimeter before meeting with a real estate agent or browsing property online. Off the grid, homesteading, or prepper retreat properties should encompass 5 acres at the very least.
The property, unless it possesses massive acres (100 or more) should not border any major roads or highways for security and safety reasons. A heating system which would still function if the power grid failed, or to use immediately if going off grid, is also a top requirement for all properties toured.
The disposal of waste on both a daily an emergency basis should also be placed at the top of the priority list. The Frank Ranch is a self-sufficient home high in the mountains southeast of Montrose, Colorado, with its own water supply, productive garden, wood stove, food storage, propane tanks, large pond, water rights, and 40 acres of natural splendor. The owners of the Frank Ranch stock their freezers every year with game from the property itself and from other nearby parcels where they have permission to hunt. If you’re looking for a Colorado “bug out” property where you can bolt if the stuff hits the fan, this is a great one.
The home is on the grid, with underground power lines serving the property, but it would be easy to convert the home to off-grid use with a solar system and battery setup.
Water rights are everything in Colorado, and the owner of the property has filed on the large pond that occupies the east side of the property. Gary is a rancher and horseman with 22 years' experience as a wilderness outfitter, guiding fly-fishing and big game hunts. For sellers interested in marketing their properties, Gary's expertise in working on national advertising campaigns comes in very handy. As a buyer's agent, Gary has many years' experience guiding clients onto a trophy mule deer, a beautiful trout stream, or a horseback ride in the mountains.
In only five years, Gary has built United Country Colorado Brokers into one of the most successful real estate brokerages on the Western Slope of Colorado. A proud member of the Realtors Land Institute, Gary networks regularly with other land brokers statewide.
On a personal level, Gary is a horseman, skier, fly-fisherman, hunter, and dog enthusiast, raising Labrador retrievers and Brittany spaniels. We've uncovered a prototypical American prepper home -- designed with safety and luxury in mind. As the rest of humankind devours itself, a new owner can bide his time in the spacious climate-controlled lower level, which comes with a vault room, shelter pit, and workshop. Click here to view our in-house listings of real estate in the North Fork Valley communities of Paonia, Crawford, Hotchkiss and Somerset, Colorado. Click here to view MLS Listings of residential property, vacant land, ranches and commercial property in the North Fork Valley and across Western Colorado. Colorado location scout and animal wrangler locates animals for photo shoots, commercials, and film productions.
As a lifelong resident of Western Colorado, I truly appreciate the place where I live, work, and raise my family.

When the dream of owning an off the grid property of the prefect prepper retreat becomes fiscally feasible, do not rush or become overwhelmed by the process and make a decision which could hamper the survival of your family. The list of wants and needs should include input from everyone in the family or mutual assistance groups. The home and immediate area around the dwelling, barn, and storage buildings will take up about 1 acre of the land.
The infamous marauding hordes will be far more likely to stumble across your garden, pasture filled with livestock, and all the preparedness stores you purchased or made, if you live near a major roadway. The property should either already possess a septic system or have the capability of having one installed. Situated in a mountain meadow dotted with aspen trees, the home sits on a rise at over 9,000 feet overlooking a lake and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison far below to the north.
It’s located 8 miles as the crow flies from downtown Montrose, which is a trade center for southwest Colorado, and 13 miles by road.
The pond does not currently hold fish, but with a bit of dredging to make it deeper, it would certainly keep fish year-round. He's been the production manager and location scout for photo shoots for ad campaigns for Bushnell, Federal Premium, UnderArmour, John Deere, Izod, and Remington Arms Company, among others.
He grows hay on 117 acres of ranch land near Crawford, Colorado, and his wife, Doris, trains quality horses for sale.
Set on a pastoral 29.3-acre lot in Jonesborough, TN, this ranch home is fully constructed from American-made materials and can hold fast for several months if (or when) society goes bust and the grid blinks out. Built in 2006 on a hill, the house allows you to watch the world crumble from a 2,032-square-foot, cantilevered wraparound deck dotted with square skylights. The en suite master bedroom is on the main level, while the wood-and-granite kitchen with skylights sits on the upper level.
While picturesque sunsets are wonderful, if the land is unable to grow crops and is prone to flooding, the family will go hungry during a long-term disaster.
If contracting with a professional off the grid living or self-reliance expert is not in the cards, do your homework and research before ever even thinking about signing on the dotted line at the end of a purchase contract. In order to grow enough crops and raise enough livestock to be a sustainable homestead, a minimum of 4 acres must remain. If the real estate agent warns you that the property is a few miles past the last paved road and has a “hidden driveway” you are on the right track. If no such water source exists and the property fits all the other requirements for sustainability, hire an expert to discover whether or not the property is suitable for a well.
To the south is Waterdog Peak, a prominent landmark that is the site of several communications towers, ensuring good communications at the property. GMU 65 is an over-the-counter unit, where hunters can buy licenses for archery and second and third rifle seasons over the counter up to the night before the hunt. However, the last mile or two of the road is not maintained by the county over the winter months, so the owners have their own 2 ?-ton 4WD plow truck to keep the road clear. A ranch broker with a wide-ranging knowledge of ranch and resort properties all over Colorado, Gary has worked in the resort and construction industry, and has a strong working knowledge of luxury resort real estate, as well as ranches, farms, vineyards, orchards, and commercial properties in western Colorado.
Sellers can be assured that their listings will be presented in the best possible light by a true marketing professional.
Gary's two sons, Reed and Jake, are students at Hotchkiss High School, where they're getting top grades and participating in sports.

Please include your email address if you would like access to the digital version immediately. The property offers abundant space for end-of-the-world storage: Besides the prepper shelter, there's a 2,400-square-foot barn and a large unfinished attic, which can hold emergency rations and water. The educational tips garnered could help prevent making a very expensive and potentially fiscally crippling mistake. Allowing waste to leak into the ground or the water supply can cause illness to both livestock and the family or members of the mutual assistance group. The home is over 2,100 square feet, with a large kitchen, sunny living room and sunrooms, a huge upstairs loft bedroom, and a bath with large tub and shower.
The terrain is a mix of open meadows, sage, and aspens, with a touch of oak brush here and there.
The current residents live there year-round, but it would serve well as a vacation retreat or a prepper property in the event of economic collapse. While there are intricacies to the local market, our buyers are looking at properties statewide. Gary enjoys volunteering as a youth wrestling coach and chairs the local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
So, if you're in the market for a house to own at the end of the world in Tennessee, make your move. If they have a well that has functioned properly for decades, drilling for one on your potential new home will also likely be successful. If faced with a long-term disaster or teotwawki, buying additional propane will not be an option.
As previously reported by Off The Grid News, recent and proposed EPA guidelines governing wood stoves may soon make purchasing a suitable heating device extremely difficult.
Review the new rules and do extensive research about the output of wood stoves if you are unfamiliar with heating in this manner. The property features a very well built root cellar with power, so that veggies and canned goods stay cool year-round without refrigeration. Talk to someone who has heated in this manner to estimate how much wood you will need annually. As well, the property has a “garage” and wood shed built from durable fabric stretched over a metal frame.
Mature trees on the property will defray the cost of having wood delivered and provide an emergency source of fuel when such deliveries may no longer exist.
The hilly nature of the property and southern exposure should be reviewed thoroughly if planning on heating primarily or solely with solar power. Water heating systems are becoming more commonplace and should also be researched as a possible heating or backup heating source for the retreat.

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