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Here are 25 Great Chapter Book Series for 8 to 12 Year olds (and perhaps some precocious 7 year olds and their parents too).
Dear America This collection of historical novels has more than 30 books in the series by a variety of authors.
The Royal Diaries This historical fiction series of 20 books chronicles the lives of 20 royal women from around the world.
If you have checked out my other books lists in this series you know that they contain many series as well.
I am teaming up with 40+ other iHomeschool Network Bloggers to bring you this Day 10 Fall Hopscotch. The House with a Clock in it’s Walls (and at least 10 other John Bellairs mysteries). And of course, there’s always Harry Potter, which is an absolute favorite at our house.
I teach fifth grade and these series rock, bi put most of my students are struggling readers and wouldn’t be able to read these series by themselves. The Land of Stories series is great for this age and I believe struggling readers (though the books are large) will love them enough to read themselves if a parent reads the first 3 chapters to them. I taught 4th grade for many years and 2 series that they always loved were The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George (the boys especially loved this one). It takes the sisters a few minutes to notice, but when they do it’s just as we would expect. I thought we might take a break after that, but she’s diving into The Secret Series now and already planning to move on to The 39 Clues when she finishes. He sets off in search of more clues and finds himself journeying through alternate worlds and realities. Dan and Amy, two orphaned siblings, are on a quest to collect the 39 clues that will allow them to create the most powerful person on Earth.
Artemis, a genius criminal mastermind, is sometimes capturing fairies and holding them ransom, while other times he is joining forces with the fairy people. They all chronicle the stories of fictional girls who lived in America at different points in history. With funny illustrations and realistic portrayals of what it’s like to be a kid in middle school, these books are hilarious.
When two siblings discover the hidden world of magic, they are swept into a dangerous and exciting adventure. I loved these books when I was kid and still remember all of the comedic antics of the Hatcher family boys and their friends. Rowling These books hardly need any introduction and they are almost required childhood reading. Poor Miss Penelope Lumley is put in charge of three unruly children, but there is mystery, intrigue, and wry humor to keep the story going. The story begins when a peculiar advertisement appears in the newspaper for children to take part in a secret mission.
Some of the books focus on well known historical figures, like Mary Queen of Scots, while others highlight lesser known figures like Weetamoo of the Pocassets. These fast paced books will appeal to children because they will recognize all of their favorite childhood fairytale characters and see them in an adventurous new light. My siblings and I adored these funny books when we were kids and my girls are giggling their way through them now too. These books are set in a magical forest and the beautiful illustrations alone will keep you turning the pages. Welcome to Some the Wiser, where I chronicle my journey as a single mother with four hungry mouths to feed. Hop over to iHomeschool Network for ideas from veteran homeschooling moms on topics ranging from Learning with Board Games, African History, Planners, The Wizard of Oz and so much more!
The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter are two series that my daughter and I enjoy very much. When I first heard her read aloud, I was gob smacked by the audacious originality of her work.

Each book in this series is a compilation of fairy tale retellings by Gail Carson Levine, author of Ella Enchanted. A charming modern classic about four motherless sisters, their absentminded professor father, and their exploits and misadventures. Every Tuesday, the castle changes: adding a new room or hallway or an entire wing, and the only person who keeps track is Princess Celia.
On his 13th birthday Alcatraz receives a bag of sand from his long lost parents, and on the next day his grandfather arrives to tell him why the sand is important and how it will help him defeat the evil librarians, who have taken over society. In the world of Erdas, each 11 year old child must discover if he or she has a spirit animal, a bond between human and beast that brings great power.
When Emily meets a pegasus who has crashed during a storm, she is thrust into a battle between Roman gods and stone warriors. Septimus Heap disappears the night he is born, and his father brings home an abandoned baby girl on the very same day.
Thanks to new technology, five teens are transformed into holograms to direct people through Walt Disney World.
Four bored children stumble through an old wardrobe into a magical land in the midst of an eternal winter. This timeless fantasy series begins when Taran, a lowly pig keeper, has a run in with a sinister horned rider. In a future where only 2 children are allowed, third child Luke spends his life hidden in an attic, until one day he discovers he may not be the only one in his situation.
Brian is stranded in the Canadian wilderness after the pilot of the small plane he’s on has a heart attack and dies. Miri never expected to live anywhere but her small village on a mountain, but when the king’s priests decide she may be a candidate to marry the prince, she is sent to princess academy, where she must prove herself and save her friends. When 15 year old Will is chosen as an apprentice to the mysterious rangers, he doesn’t realize they protect the entire kingdom. Precocious orphan Anne ends up with elder brother and sister Marilla and Matthew by mistake, but they decide to keep her anyway. Marcus travels to Farworld, a place where everyone has magic, except Marcus’ new friend Kyja.
Meg’s father disappears while doing secret work for the government, and a mysterious strange appears with information for Meg.
This fast paced pirate adventure tells the story before the story of Peter Pan, filling in all the questions you never knew you had: where did pixie dust come from and how did Peter get to Neverland in the first place?
Children respond to an ad in the newspaper to take mind-bending tests; the few who pass are sent on a mysterious mission.
Cole is unjustly sent to a youth detention center, where the warden makes the boys spend their days digging holes in the desert. The incorrigible children in this book were found roaming the woods on Ashton place (they actually were raised by wolves!), and it’s up to their young governess (Penelope, age 15) to teach them manners, geography, and Latin. All the Bellairs mysteries are deliciously creepy adventures set in places like haunted castles or mansions with secret passageways, and feature evil wizards, mummies, and more. If, by some miracle, your kids haven’t read this series yet, 4th or 5th grade is the perfect time to start. A brother and sister go to visit their grandparents and discover that they are the caretakers of a nature preserve for magical creatures, both good and evil. I would add to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians set the other series by Rick Riordan: The Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, and Magnus Chase. They are written in a diary format and although they are quite educational, they are also really fun to read. These books hold a special place in my own childhood memories, and I hope they stick with my kids in a similar way.
What could be better than reliving the pioneer and frontier days of the 19th and early 20th century. These 14 fiction books, though nothing like the famous movie, are magic and adventure at their best. Series are great, especially for reluctant readers, because if you can find one your child likes, chances are he or she will want to start on the next one as soon as they’ve finished the first. As always, if you have any great recommendations for this age group, please let us all know in the comments!

Set in Utah in the early 1900’s, these boys have plenty of adventures and get into plenty of trouble. When her parents go missing, will she be able to use her knowledge of the castle’s every twist and turn to find them?
When he reads aloud from a book called Inkheart the villains appear in his world, while Meggie’s mother gets trapped in theirs. The heaps raise the girl as their own, but who is she really, and whatever happened to Septimus?
When it turns out that Disney villains are threatening the park, the teens must figure out how to save The Magic Kingdom. Soon Percy finds out who he really is and sets out on a quest to the Underworld to prevent a war between the gods. He’s joined by a minstrel, and princess, and furry little Gurgi in a quest to save Prydain. He deals with questions of survival as he struggles with his feelings about his parents’ recent divorce. She travels through space and time with the help of her little brother Charles Wallace and new friend Calvin to try to save her father. But the slippers are more than they seem, and it may be up to Creel to save the entire kingdom.
My 4th grade son has learned so much about mythology (Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse) and just loved all those books. The fantasy series of 5 novels takes the Clock family on adventures afield, aloft, afloat, until they are finally avenged. They are set in the magical world of Narnia where mythical beasts, talking animals, and a few ordinary children play out battles of good versus evil. They have three things in common: they are all honest, all remarkably talented, and all orphans. The ThunderClan is in danger from a rival clan, and Rusty (renamed Firepaw) must do what he can to help his new family.
Other favorites are the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger and The Five Kingdoms series by Fablehaven author Brandon Mull. They must go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened where the only rule is that there are no rules.
I think they are the sort of book that you enjoy as a kid and grow to understand as an adult. From brief four-line snippets to lengthy three-page narratives, her wise insights reflect a fine writer at the peak of maturity.
There is so much information here that the book belongs in every Ontario classroom studying the lives of the Loyalist settlers. Robbie Racoon and the Big Black Blob is a great addition to a classroom library and is just as much fun to read as it is to hear. More Irene Davidson Fisher’s debut Robbie Raccoon is a charmer that will be especially fun bedtime reading for anyone who’s camping, at the cottage, or who wishes they were. MoreEdward Kay Author of Sink and Destroy, STAR Academy, and Dark Secrets Susan Ioannou’s latest collection Looking for Light includes poems about travel, artistic inspiration, the wilderness, aging, God, and the mysteries of existence.
Franklin Carter, editor, Toronto For those of us driven by dreams and imagery, where the veil between worlds constantly shifts April’s poetry is a door. Way in redirection: the prime sonnets and other poems showcases a writer who cares as much about form as language. He is a poet who revels in the various modes of expression available in everything from sonnets to haiku.

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