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On this episode of the Dining at Disney Podcast, Bubba and Kristen discuss their TOP 5 entrees to share at Walt Disney World and Disneyland eateries.
Visit Dining at Disney for the latest Disney food news, reviews, recipes and more from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line! The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs has moved to a new location near Once Upon A Toy. Please note that Jedi Mouseketeer, Aljon Go and Sorcerer Radio are in no way part of, endorsed by, authorized or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm or it's affiliates.
The November ballot measure will ask voters to amend the city's charter so that San Diego High School can remain in Balboa Park. The Russ School, which sits at the current site of San Diego High School in Balboa Park, is shown in this photo from 1882. San Diego High School is pictured before it was torn down in 1973 to comply with earthquake safety regulations. The ballot measure will ask voters to amend the charter with a simple majority vote so the school can stay. Councilman David Alvarez, who graduated from San Diego High in 1998, said it's important to create long-term certainty for parents with children who live downtown and in greater Logan Heights and North Park. Opponents of the ballot measure say the city and school district would be skirting the law and their responsibilities if they continue to keep San Diego High in the park. Eric Bowlby, who advocates for San Diego's open space, said the effort undermines parkland protections.
Alvarez, his council colleagues and San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten said the school has always been part of the vision for the park. He countered arguments from the public that the school district might turn around and sell the land for profit. At the meeting, school district officials said they would reimburse the city for the cost of the ballot measure and look for ways to make the campus more of a public benefit.
The men's basketball team, made up of 12 highly compensated NBA stars, has a tradition of opting for upscale digs ever since professionals were allowed to play in the Olympics in 1992.

Meanwhile, Olympic organizers have been dealing with complaints of incomplete or malfunctioning facilities in the dormitory-style apartments that will house the more than 10,000 athletes at the Games. Many players, including LeBron James, a veteran of the past three Olympic teams, but not this one, took part in off-the-court events, attended other competitions and hung out with athletes at the Olympic Village.
Miller confirmed that the male basketball players aren't the only ones who'll be staying on what's now been identified as a cruise ship with nearly 200 rooms.
We contacted USA Basketball's women's team to ask about their housing arrangements, but got few details, with a team representative citing security policies about lodging. Flickr image by Gary GarciaWhether you have a large or small garden or yard, you’re bound to see a snake at least once during the summer months.
The City Council voted 8-1 on Tuesday to put a measure on the ballot that would amend the city charter so the 134-year-old campus could remain in Balboa Park.
The school's first iteration, the Russ School, was built at the Park Boulevard location in 1882, several years before the charter was drafted and decades before the state said schools were not an appropriate use for parkland. She said she is in favor of extending the school's lease but is wary of setting a precedent that opens parkland to more uses. By using a charter amendment to keep the school in Balboa Park, backers of the measure avoid a process outlined in the charter that requires two-thirds of voters approve any non-park use of parkland.
Early on, prominent San Diegans suggested it should go on the hill, and residents approved a bond measure to build it, Alvarez said. As Merrit Kennedy reported for The Torch, the Australian team has dealt with several problems, from plumbing and lighting issues to a fire and theft. He says the ship was retained by computer network giant Cisco, which sponsors both USA Basketball and the International Olympic Committee.
However, due to the numerous amounts of snakes living all over the country, it’s difficult to remember what they all look like. I find it’s much easier to know at a glance if I’m dealing with a poisonous or a non-poisonous snake. Here’s a few tips on how to do just that!Does the tail taper abruptly or gradually?Poisonous snakes have tails that come to a point rather abruptly, making them appear rather fat.

A non-poisonous snake tends to have a longer looking body where the tail tapers gradually into a nice, fine point. This is a warning sign rattlers use to let you know you’re getting too close!Is the snout pointy or rounded?Many venomous snakes have an upturned nose, while non-venomous have a rounder snout.Prefer amphibians? Rounded pupils are usually found on non-poisonous snakes and slit-like pupils are seen on poisonous snakes.Is the snake brightly colored or muted?As with most reptiles and amphibians in nature, bright colors are usually a sure sign of danger. This is how you identify a Coral Snake best, since they have rounded pupils, and a long tapering body, just like non-poisonous snakes. Also, many venomous snakes come in an assortment of browns, so don’t think all brownish snakes are approachable.An exception to this rule is the Scarlet King Snake, who is brightly colored, but harmless.
The colors are the same as those on a Coral Snake, but the yellow bands aren’t thin with wide black bands next to them. The Scarlet King Snake has bands of black, yellow, and red that are all about the same width and none of them are straight lines. Poisonous snakes will inflate their lungs when going for a swim, allowing them to swim on top of the water.
Non-poisonous snakes will have only their head above the water as they swim.How are snakes useful?Snakes are great rodent removers, making them excellent friends to have on farms where grain is kept.
Having snakes around to keep the rat and mouse population down sounds like a huge help to me. Younger poisonous snakes are also more likely to release venom when they bite, while an older poisonous snake tends to save venom for when it’s needed most.
More snakebites happen when someone tries to move the snake, instead of simply leaving it alone and walking away. She spends most of her time playing with the animals at home, studying, and learning new things to share with others.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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