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Pocket guide on first aid for disaster management project, First aid icbse will help you to make your school project on "pocket guide on first aid" the first aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs to be. Pet emergency pocket guide - jones & bartlett learning, The pet emergency pocket guide is a practical reference for pet owners that provides complete planning, response and survival guidelines for both common and uncommon.
Pocket guide on first aid for disaster management introduction, Pocket guide on first aid for disaster management introduction " first aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury.
This Pocket CPR Mask is designed to provide protections for rescuers when manually resuscitating patients.

This Pocket CPR Mask combines a low resistance one-way  valve with a disposable 3M™ Filtrete™ hydrophonic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions between the patients and rescuers, with a greater than 99% viral and bacterial filter efficacy.
This latex-free CPR Mask features a pre-inflated cuff for a more effective seal around the mouth. This CPR Mask is  reusable and easy to clean, the one-way valve should be replaced after using. After detaching the valve or filter assembly, the mask could be attached to the resuscitator device.

All raw materials of the CPR mask conform to ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10, all parts are made from latex-free material.

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