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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. After you kill the first zombie, start adding another column of Puff-shrooms and Sea-shrooms in column five. Co-op Mode is a game mode that only appears in the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of Plants vs.
Co-op is similar to Survival Mode, but the normal Co-op levels have two or three flags instead of a full Survival level, but Co-op hard levels are exactly the same as Survival Hard levels. No matter how many seed slots the player has, they and their partner will always have eight slots total.
Perhaps this is because it would be unfair to the player or their partner to have less seeds than the other, when the player has an odd amount of seeds (seven or nine). Dado este pequeno resumen de que se trata Plants Vs Zombies vamos a lo que nos interesa: Los trucos. Ask Me About Mustache Mode: Activando el modo Mustache e introduciendo el codigo Mustache. Trofeo Oro: Consiguiendo todos los trofeos del modo Aventura, de los mini-juegos, del modo puzzle y del modo Survival.
Gloom-shroom is a plant that fires fumes in all directions but with short range that heavily damage all zombies nearby. The Gloom-shroom causes normal damage with every shot, attacks for a second and stops for half a second, and while its range is the surrounding patches in all eight directions, the attacking speed is very fast. Note that they can hit zombies that are eating Wall-nuts on any of the squares in its range, but not Tall-nuts (unless a Pole Vaulting Zombie, Pogo Zombie, or Dolphin Rider Zombie jumps into it). The Gloom-shroom deals four damage per second to any given target in its range, which is the same amount of damage a Gatling Pea deals. One tactic for Pool and Survival: Endless levels is to build a two by three area of Gloom-shrooms in the right-hand side of the pool, all covered by Pumpkins. Another effective use is a row of Gloom-shrooms in rows two and four or five, with two Garlic at the very end. They can also be used in Survival: Endless (in the column second furthest to the left, on land) in order to dispose of Digger Zombies (and Imps), as there is generally not enough room for Split Pea.

This plant is ideal for mini-games where the zombies are in very high numbers or have high toughness. This is also the time to start planting your Sun-shrooms in Pool columns one and two, and NOW plant Scaredy-shrooms on land in column three. Right away, your Tall-nuts should be ready to be planted, so plant them on rows two and four to column six. You also need to replace your Fume-shrooms with Repeaters to deal with the Dancing Zombies! It will paralyze the normal Zombie that is highlighted, but the butter won't damage the zombie. It can be purchased from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $7500 and is an upgrade for the Fume-shroom. Its fumes can also hit every single target in its range, like the Fume-shroom, even if they have shields. Use it for mini-games like ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2, because Peashooter Zombies and Gatling Pea Zombies could kill your regular plants without being near. Slowly replace the Puff-shrooms with plants like Fume-shrooms, but you can keep some Puff-shrooms as delayers. Your Cattail should be ready to go too, so dig up one of the Sea-shrooms on column four, plant a Lily Pad, and then a Cattail. It can take down a Conehead Zombie in an adjacent lane, though it can barely do enough damage to do so by itself. This strategy has the side effect of leaving zombies in rows one and six mostly unscathed, so although these can generally be handled with Cob Cannon shells or consumable plants, such as the Jalapeno, a better idea is to put Gloom-shrooms in the fifth and sixth columns in rows two and five, plus using Fume-shrooms in rows one and six in the fourth and fifth columns. Snorkel Zombies and Dolphin Rider Zombies will make it necessary to add a two columns of Pumpkins on Lily Pads in the pool to allow time for the Gloom-shrooms to destroy them.
Your next job is to plant Planterns in rows one and six, column six (you could do this slightly earlier). You should be able to have planted two Cattails before the huge wave, and if you are lucky you could have three. The heavy fumes can even pass through a Screen Door Zombie's screen door just like the Fume-shroom. Optionally, Garlic can be placed in rows one and six to funnel zombies into the Gloom-shroom's line of fire (although this obviously will not work against Gargantuars, Catapult Zombies and Zombonis), while a Spikeweed or Spikerock can be placed in rows two and four or five.

This strategy is perfect for the mini-game Last Stand, since it can handle all of the zombies encountered.
Keep in mind that using three of these in rows two and five costs 1500 sun (not factoring in Garlics or other plants).
Being set in the Fog, the objective is to survive five waves with one flag given to the player for each wave.
You can try placing the Gloom-shrooms on the first flag, but it is preferred to do it on the second. You also add any plants needed to counter some zombies, like Cattails or Blovers against Balloon Zombies, Umbrella Leaves against Catapult Zombies, land Gloom-shrooms close to the left against Digger Zombies, etc. But remember to upgrade the Lily Pads on column four before the ones on column five, so they do not get eaten as quickly.
They are just like a short-ranged Gatling Pea that can attack at three lanes and damage all zombies in that range like the Fume-shroom. Their effectiveness is hampered by their short range, which makes them vulnerable to Gargantuars when planted on land which will cause them to be smashed.
A common Gloom-shroom related strategy is called the Gloomwalk, which involves Garlics funneling down zombies into two or three lanes with the other lanes being full of Gloom-shrooms.
In both pool lanes at columns six, seven, eight, and nine, place Gloom-shrooms with Pumpkins.
Since all zombies that eat are forced to pass through a narrow bottleneck (formed by the Garlics diverting them to the same lane) while being bunched up together, the Gloom-shrooms are able to dispose them relatively easily.
Finally, replace the Puff-shrooms with Fume-shrooms and replace the Sea-shrooms on column three with Scaredy-shrooms, then you are complete for the first flag! Be mindful, however, that a stray Jack-in-the-Box Zombie can ruin this setup if left to his own devices, as its explosion can take out plants on adjacent lanes as well.

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