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I got so mad at him because it turns out that the homework was given last Friday and he didn't even remember it.

I gave him a LONNGG ass lecture why homeworks are supposed to be written in notebooks and whatnot. Especially, if I'm supposed to monitor it, which is in the case of my brother (unfortunately, or fortunately? A little over a month ago, I voluntarily put myself to tutor my brother because I don't have a job and kinda don't want to work yet.Anyway, after hours of bitching at him, I managed to cool down and actually help him do it. Honestly, I HATE doing any homework which includes drawing, finding and cutting pictures and all that Home Economics thingamajig. For instance, we were asked to draw the pregnancy cycle per trimester for our Health class-- I totally flipped. But I thought, if I drew it, I would've gotten a much much lower grade and probably didn't get to sleep that night.
But then, sometimes I think that I am such a living irony because I took sketching classes when I was younger.

Maybe it's because I had a lot of friends who write prettier and can draw so much better than me?
Oh well, long story short, I had to draw like 95% of the food in the Go, Grow, Glow foods table. LOLBut because I love my brother and I just can't take it that he won't be able to pass a homework, I just did it.

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