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Remember, however, that you should always seek medical advice and guidance before taking action in case of emergency. This online training is purely for guidance purposes only and does not replace practical training.
This online children’s first aid course is suitable for anyone who lives or works with children, for example parents, carers, after-school club workers and sports team coaches, helpers and volunteers etc.
The course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn new first aid skills or refresh their existing knowledge.
If you are looking for a course to comply with Ofsted's requirements, please contact your local authority.
If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button.
Secondary Areas Part 1 – putting a child and an infant in the recovery position, choking, wounds, bleeding and shock.
Secondary Areas Part 2 – burns, eye injuries, head injuries, fractures, spinal injuries and amputation. Care for children suffering from allergic reactions, bites, nose bleeds, diabetes, epilepsy, high temperatures and hyperventilation. Deal with and respond to fainting, sprains and strains, poisoning, smoke inhalation, hypothermia, electric shock and croup.
An online course designed to train individuals who will be taking on the role of designated fire warden in their workplace. This advanced safeguarding children course is designed to help managers develop the best practice through effective management skills and understanding of roles within the child protection system. Safety Training Seminars offers the lowest price EMSA Pediatric CPR and First-aid classes in the Bay Area.

It only takes a few minutes from the time of ignition before a fire develops to a point where it cannot be controlled effectively with a fire extinguisher.  Time is therefore crucial if fire damage is to be limited and people evacuated from a premises in a safe and controlled manner. On completion of the course candidates will be issued with a certificate in Fire Awareness Training, which is valid for 1 year.
This floating storage bag can be worn around the waist for quick access and comes complete with waist strap and quick release buckle.
It all started on Monday when my wife and two of her friends met to check out one of the local secondary schools. After about an hour, plenty of coffee and reassurance that she didn't look "too bad" the girls brought her home. At 11pm that night we got a text saying that she was admitted to casualty with a broken nose and suspected head injury as the doctor thought spinal fluid came out of her nose. A friend of ours who has also 4 children asked - surprisingly calm - for some First Aid advice for her 7 months old baby who was twitching and became very floppy. Siobhan taped the fingers together to give them support and applied an ice pack to reduce the swelling.
Even though this was the most minor incident this week you can still learn something from it.
If you are interested in learning more essential First Aid techniques then come and join us at one of our 1 day First Aid courses in Bewleys Hotel Newlands Cross, Dublin.
If you are interested in finding out more about upcoming First Aid courses in Dublin or how we can tailor a course for your school, creche or club please contact us. The level and type of training that is appropriate will be determined by the company’s risk assessment. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo!

Upon completion, they will have a strong understanding of fire safety and their specific duties, including upholding fire safety arrangements and managing evacuation procedures.
Nominated Fire Wardens, with an understanding of fire safety and their duties so that they are able to act in a competent manner in the event of a fire. Within the last 6 days we had to deal with a smashed face which included a broken nose, a 7 month old baby having a febrile seizure which lasted over 20 minutes and to top it up a suspected broken finger. As you can imagine this scene attracted some local attention including some passing Garda who offered her to bring her to hospital. Well equipped with our First Aid kit in our car she cleaned her up as much as she could and drove her to our house. One of the last things Siobhan mentioned to her was to keep an eye on  the swelling of her face, headaches, drowsiness and potential vomiting.
As it turned out the little boy had a bit of the temperature that morning and wasn't himself. However when the paramedics arrived the baby had an oxygen saturation of less than 50% (you and I have at least 95%).They administed anti convulsion medication via the nose. She told her mum to keep an eye on the swelling and if in any doubt to go to hospital to get an xray done. The xray revealed that one the fingers had a hairline fracture - which is very common in children as their bones are still relatively soft.
They all sat quietly on the kitchen table (quietly doesn't happen very often in our house) when the phone rang.

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