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Scrivi una nuova recensione su Backpacker magazine's outdoor survival stories and the lessons learned e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. Outdoors Survival Strategies And GearThe downed plane, the busted ATV, the wrong turn on the trail--each can land you in a do-or-die test of will and know-how. Most PopularLocate your starting point on the map, then rotate the map in your hands until it conforms to the landscape.
While many will choose to bug in during a SHTF situation, just as many will want to bug out. With the popularity of camping, hiking, and trailing at an all-time high, there comes a great demand to known even the most basic of survival skills before heading out on your next outdoor trip. Thurner survived with minor injuries--but he was 15 rugged miles from the nearest main road, and had violated protocol and common sense by failing to file a flight plan. Too late," says Don Davis, a search and rescue manager in Larimer County, Colo., and owner of the Wilderness Survival Institute.

If you're with your car, you can reduce the area the heater needs to warm by partitioning off the back seat using plastic trash bags or a space blanket and duct tape. Run the engine 10 minutes each hour.If you're in the backcountry, skip the elaborate Daniel Boone-style log cabin and instead crawl inside a 55-gal. There's a new, more practical set of priorities, say experts, derived from what's being taught at the leading edge of military survival schools.
In the mountains in summer, that means toting wool or fleece hat and gloves, moisture-wicking long underwear, a fleece jacket, and windproof and waterproof jacket and pants. In the following pages, PM dissects case studies, compiles lists of always-bring-it gear, and constructs an eight-step plan for making it through those first critical 72 hours. You may never wear any item in this ensemble, but they add up to an insurance policy.It's a good rule of thumb that cotton kills by becoming damp and chilling the skin. Rescue logs are filled with cases in which victims' abandoned planes and cars were found days before their corpses.

Create rafters by laying branches against the pole at intervals, and pile more boughs, leaves and duff on top.
But loose-fitting light-colored cotton clothing works well in the desert in summer, repelling the sun and trapping sweat that helps cool your body. In a review of 800 lost-person reports in Nova Scotia, only twice did victims intentionally remain in place.
Build an insulating floor out of evergreen boughs or by piling dried leaves, grass and moss atop a bed of sticks. Find an area visible from the air and create a giant letter "X" using rocks, newspaper or spare clothing.

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