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2 Day Team Building Wilderness Outdoor Survival Courses, Wilderness Survival School offer Wilderness Outdoor Survival Course Scotland, learn Outdoor Survival Skills Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman have used, How to Survive with Bushcraft Courses, 2 day Survival Courses, 3 day Survival Courses, 5 day Survival Courses, Corporate Team Building Courses, Family Weekend Getaway.
We offer bushcraft and natural outdoor survival courses to individuals, families, businesses and organisations in the Highlands of Scotland. We have trained instructors to support and help individuals of all abilities to feel safe and secure in the outdoors.

So make sure you let them know that you found them through Adventure Eyes and give them the Adventureeyes10% discount code! Learn to light fires, build shelters, carve spoons, forage for natures foods, and learn to take as little as possible into the wild and survive.

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