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In part 3 of our four-part series, we find out if we can really believe all the bad things people say about food.
For example, eating a cup of cooked pasta is fine, that’s the standard healthy portion size for an adult.
Weight gain does involve monitoring portion sizes, but don’t skimp on your daily recommended serve of carbohydrates. Grains, bread, cereal, rice, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy are all core food groups. Cutting out any of these groups from your diet could compromise your health and well-being. If you’re eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, eating white bread may not be a problem for you, says Ms Dart. And fibre is something we can all have more of because it helps us stay healthy and alert throughout the day. For example, a person who only has a small drop of milk with their two cups of tea everyday, should be alright having whatever milk they like as it won’t make a big difference. From a professional and scientific point-of-view, there isn’t any convincing evidence that organic is better. You can also buy frozen pizza bases with no toppings, then add your own mushrooms, capsicum, grated cheese and browned mince for a quick pizza with nowhere near the same amount of fat and salt you’d get at a takeaway store. Unfortunately, Ms Dart says the same can’t be said for instant noodles, which have no fruits, vegetables or protein, but are extremely high in salt.
In summary, fast food can be healthy and nutritious as long as you take that extra second to really look at what you’re buying. And don’t forget to check out part one and part two of our series for more food truths. Many international students live in or around the city because of the proximity to their colleges and universities, and that was where we decided to focus our efforts first. If there is one item that Australians (properly pronounced ‘strialians) do take seriously, its their coffee. As with most successful businesses, diversification is key, and Little Bossy Boots has now expanded its range to include leather moccasins.
Baby moccasins come in range of contemporary and classic designs, with an elastic opening so they slip on easily.
The moccasins start at size one, which covers babies from three to six months, and go up to a size four, to suit 18 to 24-month-olds.

The gorgeous leather moccasins are $40 each, and the uber cool cheetah version is $45, from Little Bossy Boots. Anita lives in country Victoria and devotes her time to two beautiful, boisterous boys, writing for Babyology, working as a television journalist and possibly the best husband in the world (usually in that order). We also have special newsletter-only offers and competitions that are exclusive to Babyology subscribers.
As always, Janeane Dart, Monash University’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics senior lecturer, helped us on our quest. But if you go to a restaurant, they’ll often give you two to three cups of pasta plus a creamy sauce full of ingredients such as bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Carbs are a really good source of fibre, vitamins and energy, so Ms Dart discourages anyone from cutting them out from their diets completely…which brings us to our next myth. Most people think cutting carbohydrates out of their diet is a quick solution to weight loss, so they overload on fruit and veggies instead. So if you only walk for about ten minutes every day, consider doubling that or tripling it. But Ms Dart says if it means a lot to you to eat organic food, then by all means, go ahead.
Avoid anything fried or drowned in salt and always go for meals that have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
I happened upon a slow foods street fair where I bought a lamb sausage on a slice of bread and I have been craving another one ever since.
Supposedly named after the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova after she did a tour of Australia (I am waiting for the “Homer”), this dessert is a piece of heaven.
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This home-grown label ticks all the boxes when it comes to incredible, stylish and supportive footwear for babies and toddlers.
They’re hand-made in the Little Bossy Boots workshop in Melbourne from soft, supple leather.
She can decipher the handwriting of a preschooler and stop brotherly brawls single-handedly, all while masterfully sipping freshly brewed Earl Grey.
That’s sure to make your calorie intake go up, especially if you have a dessert or a glass of wine with it.

Our editorial team is made of both local and international students, and it has worked to our advantage in providing local content in every sense of the word.
But don’t let this fool you, their food is damn good—it’s always fresh and carefully prepared.  I have just spent three weeks traveling around Australia with Sharon and the Daps.
The coffee is consistently stellar, whether  in an airport or a fancy cafe.  Almost as satisfying as the coffee itself are the names of the drinks.
At the Little Creatures brewery in Perth (pronounced puth as in pudding), they brew some mean pale ale but they also make some corn on the cob with butter that will make you homesick (if you get good corn on the cob at home). They are similar to chicken pot pies, but they usually come as individual little pies and there are a variety of filling options. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Today I did some shopping at the Queen Vic Market, took along my trusty camera and wanted to capture some candid moments and present in black and white. We had to stop our van in the road to allow a Koala to cross, we learned to surf, and, of course, we ate.  What follows is a sampler of some of the foods that have been consumed over the past three weeks. At the top of the list is a “flat white”, which is a shot of espresso with milk but no foam.
In Sydney, I happened upon a fancy little restaurant called Bill’s where they serve up corn fritters with bacon for breakfast (pictured below).
When you get the beef one, you must douse it in ketchup, which is known as tomato sauce out here.
It is topped with some whipped cream and strawberries and is basically the best thing ever. These are bona fide fritters (the chef’s name is Bill Granger and I picked up one of his cooked books.
Thank you Ian Mcinnis and your lovely wife for making us these lovely pavlovas and a full on barbeque out in Albany.

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