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Where do you find the restaurant that serves pure, delicious food or the shop that sells organic products?
After enjoying dinner at De Broers van Julienne we decided to also visit her sister, Juliette. We’ve put together some of those that not only have the best views, but also the best food to satisfy your hunger as well.
Megan is an awek Ampang who shamelessly collects Hello Kitty merch and would like to do more pilates and zumba in her free time. There is plenty of vegetarian food at the buffet: tasty salads and grilled vegetables, but you mustn’t forget the delicious dessert buffet! Food & Travel, it is our mission to show you where to enjoy pure food all around the world.
It’s a deli store in Antwerp where you can order take away or sit and eat at one of the tables.

Klang Valley has plenty of restaurants with scenic views ranging from city skylines to garden getaways. Indulge in soups, mains, and desserts that are beautifully presented with great attention to detail, and enjoy the view both on your plate and beyond the windows. Download the all new HungryGoWhere app and we'll even tell you where to find classy restaurants in both Malaysia and Singapore! Live entertainment in the evenings except Mondays.HGW Exclusive8 Types of Diners - Which One Are You?Hungry folks! We also help you contribute to a better world for people, animals and the environment.Copyright Pure! Eating alongside beautiful scenery is a completely different experience from dining in a solid square-box-of-a-restaurant, setting a certain tone and mood to compliment your meal. Situated on the 23rd floor, this fine-dining restaurant provides close-up views of KLCC as well as the KL Tower in the distance.

Choose to dine indoors to soak in Cantaloupe’s grand setting, or outdoors for a little sun and some cool breeze. Find out right hereMost Popular18 Best Places for KL-style Hokkien Mee in KL & PJDoes your Hokkien mee have enough wok hei? Naughty Nuri’s, the spiritual home of killer ribs and twisted martinis is all set to spread its wings within the region in the next few exciting years. Here’s 10 fun facts to arm yourself with before your next date with Naughty Nuri’sEditor's Pick10 Best Biggest, Baddest Banana Leaf Restaurants in KLWe get our hands dirty comparing the best thing Indian cuisine has given to us, banana leaf rice! Here are the most popular places you must visit for everything from crab curry to mutton varuval.What to Eat: Tokyo Street, Pavilion KLSavour teriyaki grilled squid, slurp up legendary shio ramen, and sip on tangy durian bubble tea with our guide to Pavilion’s Japanese food hubMalaysian Kuih 101How well do you know your Malaysian kuih?

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