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Notes: I have provided a lot of photos of this plant, so as to help viewers distinguish it from its poisonous look-alikes. These bracts that hang down underneath the flower umbel are characteristic of this species. With his signature black humor and candid on-camera style, Les documents his struggles as he overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles in real survival situations.
Handmade 1095 carbon steel blade with black linen micarta handle finished with brass and nickle rivets. Handmade 1095 carbon steel blade with ivory paper micarta handle finished with nickle rivets. Paul has a fairly extensive history in the survival circuit and has some great videos on YouTube that you should check out some time. I thought you would appreciate knowing about a small company that takes pride in what they do here in the good ol’ USA. As a former Marine I carried a Ka-Bar for several reasons (probably the most important to me at the time was that I could point at it in later years and say “I carried taht knife through a war.”).
I actually got the opportunity to compare the Becker and the OKC bayonet today side by side. Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.

I have to say that after seeing them next to eah other I will be purchasing the Becker simply because of the thickness of the blade. While some may build ultra-tiny houses for a few thousand dollars, others may be inclined to spend more for luxuries that still fit into the tiny house genre. Most elderberry is not toxic if cooked, and generally nothing to worry about in small quantities (certainly I would eat them before starving).
But be very careful not to confuse Wild Carrot with other similar species, some of which are DEADLY POISONOUS.
What are you thoughts on using a flat ground bayonet as a survival blade when also carrying a smaller blade for basic tasks and detailed cutting? I found it to be a good weapon and a versatile tool, however, I feel that the OKC USMC bayonet I was issued was a much better survival tool for many reasons. While it functioned as a bayonet, I found that secondary to its functionality as knife and as a tool. For Warwickshire, UK-based Tinywood Homes, building wood-fired hot tubs is part of their business, so it seemed inevitable that they would combine one of these luxuries with their high-end tiny home building service.Started by Aidan Reeve and a friend in 2012 who wanted to experiment with building a home out of a 20-foot shipping container, Tinywood Homes has since evolved onto building custom-made tiny homes, hot tubs and gazebos.
Juniper is not toxic, in general, and again is a LARGE family of 50-67 different sub-species ranging across the northern hemisphere, almost all of which are edible, so long as you don't eat the needles. Juniper is used to make jin and the berries and sap are commonly used in cooking and body care.

Yew berries aren't poisonous at all IF you don't eat the seed, in fact, most small animals get away with eating them because their stomaches don't break down the seeds outer shell. Also, the end of the grip is sturdy enough that you can hammer on it or use it as a hammer in a downward striking manner and not destroy it. I used my Ka-bar in this fashion on several ocassions and then had to stop because of the denting and pitting that was occuring to the end cap of the handle.
All the Tinywoods are small enough to be hauled by truck, and the Tinywood Three is offered in an off-grid version, equipped with composting toilet, water tank and solar power. It may also help to define the difference between "inedible", "poisonous", "deadly" and simply "unpalatable" because those are important distinctions to make, especially if you need to eat berries to survive. It is on the pricey side, and currently sells for ?35,000 ($57,000 USD), and is available only in the UK for now.

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