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ECAV delivers nationally recognised qualifications through the NSW Health Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
Although you can readily find babysitting courses in most communities, there are very few online courses geared for preteens and teens. The American Red Cross offers one of the most highly-regarded sitter training courses for students ages 11 year olds and up. You'll learn skills such as how to stay safe, playing with kids, handling emergencies, feeding and bedtime. Requirements: Since the lessons are via videos, you'll need a high speed Internet connection that can stream the videos.
Universal Class offers a course that's geared for future sitters and nannies as well as those who want to refresh their skills. You can earn continuing education credits (CEUs) for completing this course, if you earn a final grade of 70% or higher. Estimated completion time: Time estimates are not listed, but allowing an hour or so per lesson is a good rule of thumb. Expert Rating offers a certification course geared toward college-aged students and adults who are interested in pursuing babysitting as a career. The course is divided into seven sections that cover a variety of topics including activities and playtime, discipline, a plan to avoid problems, and your responsibilities as a sitter. With the purchase of the online course, you'll get all the same materials you'd receive for an in-class course. During August you can claim this course FREE when you enrol in any other course and make payment in full this month. The goal of the course is to help you develop your skills as a healer, teach you to balance the 7 main chakras, and see and work with auras, all the while healing and balancing them to ensure optimum health benefits for both yourself and others.

Our Career packages  are ideal for anyone wishing take more than one course and can save you over 50%. All qualifications for each course is included on successful completion so need to pay anything else.
To help spread the cost of learning you can select our easy payment option available for all package offers. This package is not to be missed at only ?399 inclusive of all qualification we guarantee you will not get this value anywhere else. COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous To Health) Awareness Safety training is designed to give people an understanding of substances which are hazardous to health. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator.AED training teaches how to recognise life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and treat them with a defibrillator. If you've never babysat before, it's a good idea to take a course that will prepare you for the very serious responsibilities of caring for a child. The course is available online, although you can also take the course in person at many local Red Cross locations. The course covers safety aspects of babysitting as well as how to run your service as a business. Review each chapter completely and take notes, because you must pass a final exam at the end. You can take the certification exam once you've studied all the course materials, and you must take the exam within one year of purchasing the course. The course covers babysitting basics , such as finding a babysitting job, how to care for kids of different ages, how to deal with a difficult situation and some safe and fun activities to do with the kids.
Included is the babysitters handbook (ebook), email access to Kidproof certified personal instructor, access to the online e-learning portal on Kidproof and a certificate of completion (upon successful completion of the course). Taking an online course is a convenient way to learn the skills you'll need to become a very qualified sitter, and it will also help you decide if you're mature enough to meet the challenge.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable training for holistic, alternative and spiritual healers and therapists. Using chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can put peoples ’health at risk, so the law requires employers to control exposure to hazardous substances to prevent ill health. Further information about the RPL process can be found in the RTO Participant Handbook and both the form and the Participant Handbook can be obtained from the ECAV Course Co-ordinator.
This is to ensure that all participants have the foundational knowledge required to develop skills in specialised areas. Fortunately, there are a handful of online options that allow you to learn valuable babysitting skills on your own time at your own pace.
The Red Cross has added some resources that will be very helpful to those seeking babysitting jobs, including resume and business card templates. The topics include everything from running a babysitting business to safety to appropriate forms of discipline. If you decide you're not ready yet, all you've lost is a minimal investment for the cost of course, and you can always go back and take it later when you feel the time is right. Simply choose your package and select the courses you would like from our drop down menu or email us your selection when you have had time to browse all of our courses. If you have not attended the pre-requisite course but feel that you have equivalent knowledge and skills, please contact the ECAV Course Co-ordinator for a RPL Form and send it in with your course application. You will still benefit from our full tutor support and access to our student video library for further helpful videos and advise.

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