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John has received plenty of press, from Lloyd Kahn’s “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter” to a 2011 New York Times Profile, for moving from upstate New York to the Texas desert to build an off-grid, 128-square foot home, and then blogging about it daily for years. John felt the land he bought in Southwest Texas was so cheap that his off-grid experiment didn’t agree with him, he could quit without losing much. John: I figured if I could rent my [New York] house in the summer, that would help pay some of the bills. I started digging online a little bit more about this area, and all of a sudden I just decided, “I gotta sell my house.
Learn more about my visit with John Wells and about his unique story in my Life in a Tiny House Ebook. If you enjoyed John’s little house you’ll absolutely LOVE our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more!
Billy Ulmer is the author of the Life in a Tiny House Ebook, a collection of photos and in-depth interviews with people who designed and built their own tiny homes.
I’m glad that society as a rule is beginning to see how ridiculous it is to work yourself to death, even with health problems from the stress is killing us. Watch for me John, I’m learning, gearing up, getting rid of life clutter, and will soon be your new neighbor.
Wonder how much he would have paid in Upstate New York if he drastically downsized on the land and square footage… Moved? When you read a headline, “Army quits tests after competing rifle outperform M4A1 carbine,” you might think that the Army took a cloak and dagger approach to canceling the tests simply because a rifle outperformed the M4. As The Washington Times reported, a competing rifle actually did beat the M4A1 variant in a couple of different fields of reliability. The Army and the military in general are littered with what troops constantly call the “good idea fairy.” These fairies usually have a product that is supposed to be the next wonder gear but it is often heavy, expensive and useless.
The AR 15 platform is one of the most popular rifles in American for defensive and recreational purposes, but it’s 50 years old.
The HK 416 has seen service with the United States Navy Seals, and most assume it was the weapon that put Osama Bin Laden’s lights out. FN SCAR is most famous for the amount of special operation forces carrying it overseas, from Green Berets to Air Force Para Rescue. The ARX 160 has been adopted by the Italian military, as well as the Albanian Special Forces and some police forces in Mexico.
Now, if you already own and have invested in an M4-based platform I’m not saying your choice was wrong. But if do not own a modern sporting rifle, perhaps you should consider a different weapon than an M4. The AR-15 platform is just a bit dated and has begun showing its age as more reliable weapons are stepping into the spotlight to fulfill the defensive rifle role. However, rushing into a new weapon system was what helped create the debacle in Vietnam with the M16, a scar on its reputation that still holds to this day. My local gun store said the release of the Tavor to the American market has driven down the prices of SCARs by a few hundred dollars. I would not buy an M-4 myself, but this article (and other similar ones) appear to be written with unquestioned acceptance of competition talking points.
Don’t know what your problem with Remington is,the ACR appears to be as well designed,and able to replace the M-4 as the rest.
According to Remington,they were involved along with Magpul and Bushmaster in the design and production of the ACR.
Everybody has a Stoner-type rifle (let’s give the man some credit), and the catalogs are glutted with parts and accessories.
The social divide over the Second Amendment rages over the country, much like the wildfires tear through the forests of the Southwest. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. What’s interesting about this language is that it states that the right to bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed. Until 2010, the significant weakness of the Second Amendment was that, in some minds, it did not apply to state or local governments.
This case held that the Second Amendment was “incorporated.” This legal term means that the states and local governments now must follow the limitations of the federal Constitution’s Second Amendment, and that state laws cannot be more restrictive than those allowed by the Second Amendment. And unfortunately, even though the federal Second Amendment is sometimes less restrictive than some state laws (like New York and California), the Supreme Court has no problems with the federal government infringing on the right to bear arms.
To summarize, my opinion is that no government entity has the right to infringe on possession of firearms. Federal law and some states, like California, prohibit convicted felons from possessing arms.
Not surprisingly, insane people or those adjudged mentally incompetent are barred from possessing firearms. Whether they are unconstitutional or not is immaterial, as long as we the people give in to their control. The US Constitution REQUIRES us to be armed and trained in the use of those arms because there is NOTHING within the Constitution for a governmental professional law enforcement – federal state.
So what powers, authority, did the US Constitution assign to those who serve within the judiciary? Article VI says that only the laws that are made in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution are lawful here in the USA. ALL justices – federal and state – MUST support the US Constitution and follow it or they no longer meet the contract, bound and verified by taking the Oath of Office, and would no longer lawfully be occupying the position they are serving in. Thomas Jefferson: “…To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.
When you are picked up on a violation of corporate stature, you are trapped or tricked into unknowingly entering into a contract. Once you are tricked into accepting responsibility for the other corporate entity, you become its agent, and now its possible for you to interact with that first fictitious corporate entity that wants to try you for the violation of its corporate stature. Got a question, if you’ve been deemed incompetent and are really compotent and have a culpable mind set, and served in the military; how does that work? It’s a horrible feeling to know your federal government has too much power at hand over the citizens of the United States. The Founders were very clear on why the people had the God Given Right to own and bear arms. When the people fear the government you have tyranny but when the government fears the people YOU HAVE LIBERTY!!!!!!

At Alpine Solar Sales, we provide expert guidance with design and application at no additional cost. It can be challenging to provide for your own needs for energy, water and other resources, but for John Wells, it’s preferable to the challenge of working a traditional job so he can buy those resources from someone else. I visited him personally to understand more about how he made that transition, and what makes an off-grid life work.
Living in a little house works for him partially because most of his life takes place outside. I can’t afford this house anymore.” It was 2,800 square feet, 35 acres in upstate New York. Now I don’t have to think about my bills when I get up in the morning, which is a really nice feeling. When I met him, his upcoming “projects” included taking powered paragliding lessons, trying to grow coconuts, and building a solar-powered water pasteurizer to filter the water he catches on the roof of his greenhouse and make it safe to drink.
I am 63 and share with two absolutely quiet well mannered people who have been here for four years. Any building must comply with the 2003 International Building Codes which does not include Green Environment rules. This was not a test the Army actually wanted to do, but was pushed by Congress — and I doubt that many in Congress has ever pulled a trigger for a living. So it’s hard to make a lot of people support a change in gear, especially when an outside source like Congress is pestering it. Not many people are driving 50-year-old vehicles on a daily basis, yet the ever-adaptable AR 15 doesn’t show its age when topped off with the latest and greatest tactical gadgets, gizmos and wizzows. While it is a relative newcomer it has met favorable reviews and has been adopted by a few militaries.
Some folks do find it hard to let go of a specific weapon they’ve trusted for so long, but often this keeps a military or an individual from truly seeing the potential for an improved system.
I suggest you choose a system that is being utilized by a current military force — like the HK 416 and FN SCAR. Wouldn’t you expect a rifle that is to replace the M-4 to be able to shoot all the ammo that the M-4 shoots? And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth! Fed by school shootings and liberal lies, it’s difficult to rationally answer the question of whether restrictions should be placed on gunowners.
These governments were free to make any regulations their state supreme courts held acceptable under the state constitutions. In the mid-20th century, when the Supreme Court finally held that school segregation was unconstitutional (an unpopular decision to many at the time), schools did not magically desegregate.
While superficially this may seem like a good idea, it suffers from the flaw that many laws that liberals make suffer from — it only affects law-abiding people. On this objection it might be observed, first, that there may be instances of usurped power, which the forms of the Constitution would never draw within the control of the judicial department; secondly, that, if the decision of the judiciary be raised above the authority of the sovereign parties to the Constitution, the decisions of the other departments, not carried by the forms of the Constitution before the judiciary, must be equally authoritative and final with the decisions of that department. They exist in the jurisdiction of Contract Law… also known as Admiralty, Maritime, or Corporate Law. The actual answer is to educate ourselves on this system of scams they use, and learn how to avoid the tricks and traps. The Founding Fathers said no man or group of men can take your Rights away, nor can you sell or give up your Rights. When his bills and mortgage were more than he could handle in New York, he rented his house to summer vacationers and moved into a travel trailer in his backyard.
After living in an Avion travel trailer two summers in a row, I discovered it was really nice to live that way. My property taxes alone were $1,000 dollars a month, and the mortgage on top of that, heating oil, and all the bills…My nut was like $4,500 a month up there.
He’s frank about the challenges of the area, like frighteningly intense storms and the lack of good paying work.
The Army even cheated midway through the contest by changing the ammunition used for testing without warning the different rifle developers. They represent the latest designs and technologies in weapon designs, and most have learned from the success of the M4 and built on it. The pistol-driven 416 is incredibly reliable, and has been adopted in an enhanced model as the M27 IAR for the Marine Corps.
The SCAR is a lightweight, modular weapon that features a folding stock and excellent controls.
It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box.
They knew the difference between an outright prohibition and the providing to the federal government the ability to place reasonable restrictions on a right. That’s why states like New York and California could virtually ban their citizens from bearing arms. First, the liberal media ignored it, because it did not fit in with their narrative of ever more restrictive gun laws. It took 50 years of litigation in federal courts to slowly desegregate schools through court judgments and federal receiverships of schools.
So, removing the discussion from basic constitutional law to public policy in light of the Supreme Court’s view, let’s discuss a few limitations on firearms that make sense. If someone is convicted of a crime where a gun is used for violence, such as murder or assault, it makes sense that person can’t be trusted to use guns responsibly.
Firearm ownership and use requires responsible use, and some people don’t have the mental capacity to make reasoned judgment about responsible usage.
If someone is intent on shooting classmates or gunning down the opponent in a family support hearing, that person cares little for the law. Forced to deal with that reality, the only gun control laws I favor on a public policy basis are those that prevent either those who have proved they can’t use firearms responsibly, or are mentally incapable of it.
But the proper answer to the objection is, that the resolution of the General Assembly relates to those great and extraordinary cases, in which all the forms of the Constitution may prove ineffectual against infractions dangerous to the essential rights of the parties to it. Corporate stature applies only to those within that organization… and to those who enter into a contract with them. In short, if there is no living human soul as the injured party, there has been no crime committed. The most common is the judge will ask you to enter a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty (even though there are other ways you could plea… but they will not inform you about them.

In fact these type of contracts that they trick you into are what is called a unilateral contract, meaning only one side knows the terms of the contract.
Learn how to not consent to the contract, and they can pass all the corporate stature they wish and it will effect no one unless they wish it to. Saying that a normal citizen doesn’t have the right to have power over life and death is just retarded.
But this life works for John because his days now are filled with what he really likes to do: independently pursue a broad range of interests that provide tangible results.
It costs around 2600.00 per month just for what amounts to a sleeping room, kitchen and bed. It’s reported to be extremely accurate and doubles as a suppression-based weapon and a designated marksman’s rifle. FN made the machine gun I carried in Afghanistan and it was the most reliable piece of kit my squad had. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion. Second, just because the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment was incorporated, does not mean that all state and local gun laws violative of the amendment are removed from the criminal codes.
However, laws that prohibit all felonies from possessing arms, like federal law and California law, seem excessive. Unfortunately, there will be no armed, responsible people to help (other than law enforcement, which may or may not be present). But I can’t favor the nearly 20,000 gun control laws that merely make gun ownership and possession more difficult (if not impossible) and more expensive for law-abiding citizens. Each state’s Militia is, and they are made up of “We the People” protecting our own interests, homes, states, nation, and enforcing our governments. In fact, once you contract, you can be held in contempt of court if you even mention your rights. As a living human soul, you cannot interact with a fictitious corporate entity to injure it within the real world where Common Law is the rule.
Contract Law courts are not about justice… they exist solely to generate money for those who run it… that is all!
You have just said that a person in his home does not have the right to defend his home and family from criminals armed or not from being raped, murdered ,or robbed. One Founding Father said we should shoot a bunch of politicians every twenty years or so, so they remember who has the power and whom they serve. The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided.
Absent voluntary removal from state and local criminal codes, the laws remain in effect until each individual law is challenged in court. The only difference is that now each one will have to receive scrutiny under federal constitutional law, not just state constitutional law.
If someone is convicted of lying to the SEC about a securities insider trading law, I’m not sure that has anything to do with gun usage. The more citizens they can run through the system for violations of corporate stature such as gun laws… the more money they make. Even common law says we have the right to defend ourselves in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The Founders were strong in their belief that the people could fight back against tyrant if they were armed with the SAME WEAPONS AS ARMIES!
This means that a person has to break the law, begin to suffer the consequences, and then have the patience and resources to challenge the law in court. Any prohibitions of felon firearm possession should be directly related to a crime that involved violent use of firearms. In that jurisdiction you are tricked into taking responsibility for another fictitious corporate entity that has a FIRST NAME and LAST NAME similar to your Given Name and Surname. If you pick one or the other as your answer, you have just consented to the contract the court offered to you by asking you to plea.
Frankly, talking will never keep us free, only another revolution, and the planting of a lot of politicians and their ilk, will.
During the revolution the British tried to seize guns and canon but the Americans were able to get to the weapons before the British could. Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated. Remember, during this time, the person will be a convicted felon, in prison, possibly with a destroyed career and absence from family. If you don’t protest it, the courts view it as your permission to go ahead and try you.
I always find it amazing that reading the Second Amendment is not enough for the cowardly and the anti-gun types. Our Founders knew that for the people to be able to fight off a tyrannical standing army that the people should have the same weapons as the opposing army.
That Corporate name can be found on your Birth Certificate, your Driver’s License, and any other legal document. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away.
If I want a fully automatic rifle or a rocket launcher I have every right to own them, as long as I pay for them.
A tank or a fighter jet as long as the military has access to these weapons so shall the people! Someone can break into your home and kill you in any number of ways and leave in far less time. I am a normal citizen and I have the right to have guns to control my life and death from another person criminal whatever. Because gun laws will not stop a criminal from have and using guns against a law abiding citizen.

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