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Solar Electric Technology design and install off the grid solar power systems, to suit almost any requirement i.e. Either submit the form above, call or email us and once we have designed a system that will meet your requirements, we will provide a complete free quote Off Grid Solar Packages Click here to see our off grid solar packages. As a member of the SEANZ, Solar Electric Technology can provide the assurance to our customers that we will design and install a quality sustainable energy system that exceeds current NZ standards. Off Grid Tiny House Deep In The Carolina Woods Built For $1000 – Built from recycled and reclaimed wood. Solar battery backup systems have become a popular way to save on electricity bills and gain more energy independence.
A battery backup system allows you to store energy while the sun is shining and use that energy at night or on cloudy days.
Is it common for the power produced by a solar power system to exceed the power being used during sunny periods.
In a grid connect system, that excess power can  be exported to the electricity grid, earning you a credit on your power bill. However, in most cases the amount paid for electricity exported to the grid is well below the price you pay when you buy electricity. With an on-grid battery storage system, that excess power can be used to charge your batteries. A second advantage of having a battery backup power system is that it provides you with a greater degree of energy independence.
The higher cost of a solar battery backup system must be compared with the savings made through avoiding buying electricity from the grid. The house can receive power now from three sources – the solar PV array when it is producing enough power, the battery bank, and the electricity grid.

The inverter is designed specifically for this application and for the given voltage of the battery bank. A regulator is usually installed to maximise the output of the PV array (by a process known as ‘Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT) and to charge the batteries at a controlled rate. Solar batteries are a specific type of battery designed for regular deep cycling so that you can draw the most out of the batteries on a regular basis while still maintaining a good battery life. Batteries are commonly bought as 2 volt or 12 volt units linked together to form a 12, 24 or 48V bank. A battery backup system requires some maintenance that a regular grid connect system does not.
SolarQuip - Your Renewable Energy PartnersHome solar installers - NE Melbourne, commercial installation Victoria, training & consultancy worldwide. Solar generation solar PV panels mounted on your roof, or on a ground mounted frame, use the sun’s solar radiation to generate DC (Direct Current) electricity.
The solar controller – The voltage and current generated from the solar panels is controlled by a solar controller. Battery bank – The DC electricity being generated is stored in a battery bank for use as and when required. Alternatively you can simply call or email us and we will work through the process with you. Please contact the head office for your initial enquiry and we will put you in touch with our local representative. It may be a home where you are out during the day or there is simply less demand for power.
So you may create power and sell it to the electricity retailer, only to buy back in the evening at a higher rate.

When you use power in the evening you are drawing on the energy stored during the day and may not need to pay for electricity.
The inverter must maintain the health of the batteries and supply the 240V AC electricity supply to the house.
Battery storage for solar PV systems is generally from gel type lead acid batteries although lithium phosphate batteries are approaching a price point where, with their longer life cycle, they may soon become cost competitive. The health of the batteries is a high priority due to the frequent use and the high cost of replacement.
Depending on the resources you have available to you, generation may include solar PV panels, wind turbines, micro hydro or a combination of these systems. This ensures the batteries are charged at the correct voltage, and prevents damage to the battery bank. The battery bank is sized so there is enough storage for at least 3 days without any solar generation. The energy generated is stored within a deep cycle battery bank, ready for use at your convenience.
Significant advances in technology allow people living in an off the grid powered home to go about their normal day to day life, without the concern of running out of energy. Solar Electric Technology can design and size a system to suit your requirements, based on your energy consumption and renewable generation resources available to you.
Off grid solar power systems eliminate your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, add value to your home and are often cheaper to install than connecting to the main grid.

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