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Italian architect Renzo Piano's new Diogene cabin is a tiny shelter with just enough space for one person to live and sleep. As for possible uses, Vitra suggests the Diogene cabin could be used as a small office or workplace, or that several of them could be erected in a cluster to be used as hotel cottages.
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From her Tiny House on the Prairie in Boise, Idaho, minimalist designer and dressmaker Kristie Wolfe dreamed of a mini vacation home in Hawaii. Kristie Wolfe‘s dreamy Hawaiian treehouse, which includes a bedroom, bathroom, and space for a kitchen, was custom-designed and built primarily from wood and bamboo. There are several types of home solar power systems available which can serve your energy needs in a variety of ways. Solar power electricity systems use the Sun’s light energy, the photons, to generate an electric current through the use of specific materials in solar cells.
Now that you know what’s out there take a look through the different systems available and find out more information about each to see which will work best for you.
And since we are a company that also has an environmental agenda, we take every opportunity we can to educate visitors to our site about green living and sustainable energy. And since we know not every one of our customers or visitors can come with us everywhere we go, we offer you a brief insight into the various road shows we attend.
So please sit back and relax as you browse through our Gallery, and enjoy our Solar Power Air Conditioners picture show! For the past 25 years, adventurer and author Dan Price has lived in a series of adorable tiny hobbit-like homes on two acres of breathtaking forested land in Eastern Oregon. Dan Price’s adorable hobbit homes are an inspiration to anyone who years for a simpler life.
An advocate for minimal living, Price is one of many who believe tiny homes can make for a happier life, without the financial burden that can come with larger homes.
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Price’s current home is an 80 square foot space that is partially submerged, giving him natural insulation for cooler summers and warmer winters. The top was capped with wood, including a cut out sky light for natural light, and then electric lines were connected for Price’s needs.
Price has even shared his years of making tiny homes, in adorably illustrated e-Books he has written to inspire other who seek the simple life. We are earthship enthusiasts here at Eco Brooklyn, and are currently speaking with a client who wants to build an earthship in New York State. On an empty lot between Delancey and Rivington in the Lower East Side, a local long time NYC resident wants to build a radically sustainable home called an Earthship. The result here is the first of many “Earthships in the sky” sitting atop multi-story towers leaving ground spaces open and light while lifting the living spaces up to the energy that comes to us free from the sun.

Michael Reynolds will be presenting the idea along with an all day sustainable building workshop on the Earthship concepts at the New School auditorium at 66 West 12th Street, New York, NY on November 1, 2014. We’re planning a similar greenhouse for Imani Garden at 1680 Pacific St at Schenectady in Brooklyn. So it's fitting that it's named after Diogenes of Sinope, an ascetic Greek philosopher who notoriously slept in a large ceramic jar in a town square and begged for his food.
He had been interested in the concept since his student days, and he began doing the work on spec, without a specific client. Inside, it features a pull-out sofa and a folding table that’s stored beneath the window. The funds she saved by downsizing enabled her to build a tiny off-grid getaway on the Big Island for just $11,000 - and it operates completely off the grid thanks to solar panels that meet all the tiny house's tiny needs, a rooftop rainwater catchment system, and a toilet-sink combo that sends used water from the sink to the flusher. The total dollar figure was $23,000—$11,000 for the home and $8,000 for a gorgeous plot of bamboo-laden land— and it took only two months to build. Guests can wake up from a swaying nap and walk the red cedar path on their way to such nearby attractions as Rainbow Falls and black and green sand beaches.
These solar cells are strong together in a solar panel to capture the Sun’s light energy and produce the electricity necessary to power your home appliances.
There are several variations of this system, so read up on these various systems so that you get the right one for your climate.
These systems can be integrated into your current pool filtration and heating system quite easily.
And our solar power air conditioners paint a pretty picture – even if we say so ourselves! You’ll be able to catch some awesome slides about how we, as individuals and as communities, consume electricity. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of our team hard at work preaching the Sustainable Energy gospel. His most recent structure may be teeny and off the grid, but it has all the comforts of home. Looking to downsize his life, he rented a plot of lush forest in 1990, and began building tiny homes on it, beginning with a simple tipi.
He spent years drawing plans and collecting materials to keep costs low, and virtually free. The roof was then covered in sod and plants, and collected rocks and bricks were used to create a patio.
Here are some ideas being thrown around between Michael Reynolds, Eco Brooklyn, and the client, that we may be able to help turn into reality.
I saved them to my collection for ideas and inspiration for when I get around to designing and building one. The cabin, which was recently built on the Vitra Campus in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany, has about 80 square feet of floor space -- enough space for a bed, a chair and a small table.

Behind a partition there is a shower, a toilet, and a small kitchen. The self-sufficient cabin features photovoltaic solar panels, natural ventilation, and triple glazing.
Two sliding glass doors act as portals to the wraparound lanai where solar-powered tiki torches light up the night. For more information about any systems just click on the link to read more about that specific system.
These are simple systems that are often overlooked when weighing one’s home solar power systems options.
A simple application of this is to use the normal laws of convection to remove the warm air trapped at the top of your home for cooling or use an air collector to pump warm air into the home.
These systems end of saving you lots of money quickly by reducing those outrageous pool heating bills to nothing. In this Gallery you’ll see  pictures of various Kingtec solar powered ACs and all of the products our engineers have worked hard to bring to you.
We’ve already attended a number of premier home and building events, and our Gallery will give you an idea of how well our solar power air conditioners were received. The tipi was followed by a willow hut which Price lived in for ten years, then a recycled material beach shack, and finally his current hobbit-inspired hideaway. After finding the perfect site, he spent most of his time excavating a space large enough for his needs with a simple pick and shovel. The schematic of this global model earthship shows an additional greenhouse that will provide greater temperature stabilization, which would be better suited to New York’s climate, and will provide additional grow space as well.
The shower is adorned with cork bark and air plants, and the rest of the property is filled with beautiful trinkets from a gramophone (no power required) to a signed copy of The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert, which inspired the look and feel of the spaces.
A more complex application involves installing piping throughout the flooring of the home to circulate hot water heated by the Sun throughout the home. We also have pictures of common home AC installations that show how our solutions can be installed to become part of your home or office. Hopefully, through our efforts and the pictures we have here, you’ll be convinced about reducing your own Carbon footprint. The simple home is also very portable, and it can be easily loaded onto a truck and relocated. And the best way to do that is to consider adopting one of the many solar power air conditioners that Kingtec has developed.
As a Brooklyn Green Contractor, this is a great project that we are excited to be involved with.

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