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Some of my most cherished childhood memories are those in which my sisters and I trekked through the forests of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota on the heels of our grandpa as he pointed out wild animals, significant landmarks, interesting rocks, and edible plants.
Of all the things you can set on fire, nothing brings to mind the awesome and terrifying power of conflagration quite like liquid accelerants (Nuclear Bombs don’t count…because). Our earliest ancestors were gatherers that spent most of their time scrounging for bugs, berries and other edibles. Caves were one of the earliest dwellings of man, which is why we call our early ancestors who inhabited them cavemen. Over the next year we’ll be delving into ever more advanced sustainable living topics and off grid technology used over the eons as humans have evolved. People living in caves and cliff dwellings, mud huts and stone shelters have been living off the grid for tens of thousands of years.

He instilled in us from a very young age a profound love of and appreciation for nature and respect for the gifts the great outdoors provided us. From the burning oil fields of Iraq to the deafening roar of alcohol funny cars, liquid fuel means business when it comes to fire, and ultimately energy. Eventually they started to steal meat from larger predators and scavenge what they could, even breaking the bones and extracting the bone marrow. But considering the number of people at the time and the number of caves, the majority of humans had to live in another sort of shelter.
Off Grid Living magazine follows human ancestry and innovation throughout the ages from the stone-age beginning of time and well into the advanced technological cosmic future.
Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen took us to the moon, and just about any vehicle with wings, wheels or treads runs on one form of liquid fuel or another.

They must have noticed that when left in the sun the meat would dry up and turn to a hard jerky that would not spoil like raw meat.
He taught us how to remove pine nuts from pinecones, what berries we could snack on in the deep woods, and how to dig up the roots of wild licorice plants to chew on like gum as we hiked. It could be boiled and reconstituted as a soup, or carried around to eat as they needed it. What we want to know is how far back our fascination with liquid flame goes, and how we went from burning animal fat in a shell to exploding megatons of technology out into the stars.

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