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Filed Under: Cabins, DIY, Homesteading, RV Camping, Sustainable Living, Tiny Houses Tagged With: back country tiny homes, back country tiny house, basecamp tiny house, mountaineer tiny house, tiny houseFALSE! Apr 4, 2016 by Off Grid World A small tiny house village for the homeless in Eugene, Oregon goes solar with portable solar systems. Dec 15, 2015 by Survivor This is a new version of the modular or mobile homes of the past. Jul 9, 2015 by Off Grid World The Wohnwagon is a cute little solar powered off grid tiny house with it’s own solar power system, battery energy storage and a travel trailer all rolled into one.
Nov 23, 2014 by Off Grid World Couple built this cute modern tiny house on wheels for less than $23k.
Filed Under: Cabins, Homesteading, Sustainable Living Tagged With: tiny cabin, tiny house, vastu cabinWould You Live in a Tiny House? Jul 11, 2014 by Shannon This unique take on a tiny shipping container home was built by Hartman Kable in Seattle, inspired by a New York architect.
May 29, 2014 by Shannon Most of us are well aware of how expensive it can be to buy or build build a house or cabin, which is just one of the reasons that tiny houses are an attractive alternative to larger dwellings.

In this March 26, 2015, image provided by Randall Brown of Multnomah County Animal Services, a pair of chickens, dyed pink, are photographed in Portland, Ore.
Why not just dye all your chickens different colors and have tons of colored chickens running around your homestead farm?
Everything but the entrance is covered in soil so the surface of the ground can be replanted with grass or trees. The steps taken to build this shelter by installing the concrete cap and keeping water and dirt away from the walls will ensure it will stay relatively rust-free and last for many years. If you’re looking for the perfect tiny house with everything you could ever ask for this is it. The Opportunity Village is a tiny house community for the homeless which helps them with life’s necessities.
It is a very modern prefab home.  The unit is movable via a crane which can place it almost anywhere. Christian and Eric Hoffman are the father son team who created and built this cute tiny cabin.

Now this could brighten your day and provide a great Easter for some folks who want a more colorful holiday.
The animals were picked up earlier this week running loose in the city’s waterfront park. I know I’d feel less stressed if there were a rainbow of chickens running around the farm.
Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. Building your own sawmill not only gives you that sense of satisfaction of doing it yourself, but it saves you money.

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