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There are so many things to say about Simon Dale’s Hobbit House, that it is difficult to pinpoint where to start from. We wouldn't encourage kids to play beer pong, but that's essentially what Bounce-Off ($18) is (minus the alcohol). Some strong facts: the house was built by simon dale and his father, with a little help from his friends now and then.
Players have to bounce the ball into the grid to create a pattern while competing against other teams, making it fun for the whole family.

We could say something about building a home that does not leave you in debt for many years. In the first floor there is an open kitchen-dining-living space facing a courtyard with sliding glass door. The second floor contains an open office space, two bedrooms and a terrace over the courtyard. We could say a lot of things, but this house tells many stories, and it adapts its tales to the person that is looking at it.

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