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I would like to and my employer has a few telecommuters but I work too much with computer hardware that I couldn't keep at our place in the mountains. Flatwater, that sounds like their ~$80 package or do you get that fast of a connection with a less expensive package?
I absolutely HATE my Hughesnet-but it's the only thing available--their service is HORRID, India,wire coming out Vertically from satt gets the slightest bit wet---system is down till it dries out-some days Direct sun---it gets HOT same thing. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! It's nonsense to suggest you can sell electricity back to the power company when you are off the grid; the power company only buys back power from people who are on the grid--how else could it be delivered? You can pay to be allowed to 'net-meter'; where they give you credit for surplus power you produce and give to the grid. Problem is, paying for your space rental, foods, necessities, if using a ATM card, your whereabouts are automatically recorded. Unless you have a big burlap sack full of cash, you're not going to go anywhere that you can't be tracked. Unless you plan on leasing some land somewhere and living in the dark and taking baths in rivers and lakes, your whereabouts might always be known. You could try to hide away for awhile, but humans always make mistakes covering their tracks.

Some people who like living off the map or grid purchase solar panels that charge batteries for electricity.
Unless someone is fleeing criminal justice or fleeing some sort of civil judgment such as child support or back taxes, it seems to me only the paranoid would worry about being traced. Again, more fantasies: Some paranoid people like to imagine themselves untraceable, and indeed they can become so at enormous inconvenience to themselves, but what have they gained thereby?
Hi Steven,I'll take a short stab at some points but without more details on wiring distance, use etc it is really hard understand how you plan to use the system. Yeah but only difference is that the panels are usually 5-10 watts, and they charge around the same price for an eBay 120w here in Australia at our local farming stores. Pour obtenir un conseil deco, merci de faire une description la plus precise possible de votre piece, la couleur des murs, la nature du revetement de sol et sa couleur, le style des meubles, la luminosite de la piece et sa surface, des informations necessaires pour vous conseiller au plus pres de votre question. The Montello Foundation is creating a residency program for contemporary artists in the desert of northeast Nevada. Though I sell veggies in markets alongside others who do not have pensions or jobs in town.
That'll enable a person to stay in some state parks, and some National Forests and Grasslands and be able to plug your trailer into electric for your lighting and refrigeration. BLM lands are usually free and wide open, no electric, you could use oil lamps and eat military or survival type meals-add water.

I would rather have it all in the same system so I can just draw from the panel for the fence for lighting and such at the hut. The program offers each artist the privilege of solitary residence in the barren desert landscape for a brief period to reflect on the natural surroundings and to create new work in this serene and harsh environment. And whey you ask how they got this several thousand dollars they didn't get it from selling firewood, vegetables or animals (from off the land).
RV parks sometimes require a ID card for registration purposes, if cash is paid, that part mgiht be overlooked. The solar panel and battery are very much overkill for the fence alone, because most pre-made electric fences have 5 or 10 watt panels, and a 7amp hour battery. The project is a small off the grid complex that provides simultaneous immersion in and protection from the extreme landscape. Another monkey wrench is to file the LLC in a different jurisdiction [DC is good for that].

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